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Viber for Nokia | Viber Nokia Download for Free | Release Date

Nokia does not seem to be adopting android on its mobile phones and thus the cool voip apps which are easily available for android mobiles are not present for Nokia mobiles. One such app is Viber! People using Nokia mobiles are eagerly waiting for Viber Nokia Application. Well actually people with Blackberry are also waiting for Viber Blackberry application. Nokia user customer base is very large, specially if you consider India! Nokia has launched some good smartphones like Lumia (window based phone), E series mobiles and N series mobiles with Symbian OS. However the lack of voip apps on these devices is costing them a lot with many people switching to android!

Just a few words on Viber : Viber application allows you to make calls to other viber users for free. Its a multi platform voip application that allows you to call from your Android mobile to a Nokia mobile, or from Pc to Nokia mobile or from Nokia mobile to iPhone. Just every combination on which Viber works! And all it requires it internet on mobile.Well that's what smartphone are!

A lot of people have shared their opinion about switching to Android mobiles from these Nokia phones. Well if you are also planning to switch to other mobile just because Viber for Nokia is not launched, then just wait for sometime. Viber for Nokia is expected to be launched very soon.

Viber people have confirmed that they are working on Viber version app for Nokia, specifically for Symbian. This viber app is expected to work on all Nokia phone : Viber for Nokia N8, Nokia E71, Nokia C7..all Symbian phones.

For Nokia Lumia which is a windows based phone, you still have to wait as it will depend on when Viber launches it window application. This post updates about Viber on Symbian Nokia mobiles.

According to Viber team, they are currently working on the Viber for Nokia app and it will be released very soon.

Viber for Nokia Mobiles

Viber team is currently working hard on a version of their App for Nokia. Yes we are talking about Nokia for Symbian/MeeGo-Harmattan N9 or both. Though we are also not sure whether it is just limited to Symbian based Nokia mobiles or all mobiles.

Viber for Nokia Download | Viber for Nokia Release Date

As like Android and iPhone, Viber for Nokia app is expected to be free of cost. Yes making free calls on Nokia mobile will be very easy once you download Viber on Nokia mobile. The release date is still a mystery, however we will try getting answers from Viber about this!

Viber for Nokia Features

These are expected features. We will update this space once we have the actual app for Nokia phones.
  • Call and text anyone, anywhere.
  • Viber users can call, text, send photos and locations with each other worldwide - for free.
  • Viber is completely free with no advertising
  • Simple to use : clean interface.


Viber Nokia Top User Questions

Well this is the most important section of this post. A lot of our readers have questions about Viber for Nokia mobiles. Below is a list of top questions and answers (either by Viber team or by us).

Q1. What is the exact date of launch of Viber for Nokia application.
Ans : Yet to get the answer from Viber team.

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June 27, 2012 at 4:40 PM

I am waiting for it desperately !! ^^

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