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Rebtel Free SMS Voucher Code : How to send SMS using Rebtel

Rebtel is world's second largest voip provider and a very popular one on this blog. We have so many readers who only use Rebtel for all their calling needs, many just consider it way better Skype. Good thing about them is that they keep on bringing new promotions and offers for both old and new customers. Infact not only people use Rebtel for making cheap international calls, but also for sending international text message (sms). In this post, we will be discussing about a its latest promotion for sending free SMS, named "Free SMS Campaign by Rebtel".

Gone are the days when people used their telecom network for sending sms. Now a days prefer using instant messaging applications on their smartphones (which allows you to send free message to person also using the same app). Interestingly Rebtel also has that feature in its smartphone applications. But the problem is this works only if you want to send message to person also using the Rebtel app.

What if you want to send sms to a normal mobile (not a smartphone). You will be charged heavily if you use your normal telecom for sending international message. The only choice you have is to shift to voip and use services like Rebtel or Localphone.

All new customers have a chance to get free sms from rebtel. Lets see this in detail.

Rebtel Free 100 SMS Campaign [Expired]

If you check the text messaging prices for most voip providers and telecom companies, then SMS are way to costly and if you are sending international text message, then you have to shell out good amount of money. That is where Rebtel is handy. It offers very cheap international sms as compared to your telecom provider. SMS rates of Rebtel are cheap compared to other voip providers as well. And now they giving away free text messages as a first deposit bonus.

With Rebtel you can save up to 65% on your international texts , the only restriction is that their SMS service only works from the US. This may not entirely true (as we at FPPC have a solution for that : simply use Rebtel for PC or Rebtel for Smartphone application). If you are not looking for sms option and just want cheap calls, then you can also consider using Rebtel Double Money Promotion, where it is giving free $10 credit when purchasing $10 credit.

SMS Campaign Details
  • This offer is valid from now through July 25th 2012
  • It requires minimum deposit is $10.
  • The offer is valid one time and only for new customers.
  • The $10 deposit can of course be used not only for calling, but also for sending SMS.
  • This is indeed a great offer for people who prefer texting over phone call. 
  • Super clear quality calls.
  • Sign-up takes just few minutes
  • You get a 5 min free international call for testing their calling quality
  • Rebtel works fine on WiFi, 3G and 4G networks
How to Get Free 100 SMS from Rebtel
  1. Visit Rebtel
  2. Click "claim offer" and register with Rebtel, and fill your details.
  3. Buy credit worth $10.
  4. Use the voucher code called "100freesms"
  5. You will get $10 credit (what your purchased) and 100 sms in your account. 


How Rebtel SMS Works : How to send sms from Rebtel

Send SMS from Regular Phone : It works from US only. Simply add the number of your friend that you want to message. Rebtel will give a local number for you to use instead and send it to your phone in an SMS. To make it easily accessible in the future, you can save it to your address book. Sending an international text with Rebtel is just like sending any SMS. The only difference is that you send it to a cheap local number instead of an expensive international number. By giving you local numbers to SMS your friends, you can also start saving on your international texting, just like your friends with fancy smartphones. No internet connections or downloads are needed!

Send SMS from Computer Log into your account, click Web SMS, type the name of a Rebtel contact or enter an international number, start writing your text message and click send.

Send SMS from your Android, iPhone or Blackberry If you’re a smartphone user, rebtel mobile apps are sure to satisfy all your texting needs whenever you're on-the-go. Simply tap on the SMS tab and start sending sms.

Its time to signup with Rebtel and save money! If you have doubts on how rebtel works, then check the video below.

Skype Vs Oovoo : Skype Alternatives for Video Calls, Video Conference

I am pretty sure that you are aware of Skype. It's the world largest voip provider. Many people which includes many of our blog readers use Skype for making video calls. Skype is a very popular voip application for making voice and video calls. The good thing is that it is available for almost all devices like PC, Android Mobiles, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablets etc. However that does not mean, Skype is the only good video calling application. Oovoo is another very popular voip application used by many for making video calls. It also offers application for all the platforms. I am also a regular user of Oovoo.

Since ooVoo has gained so much popularity, it is giving tough competition to Skype. Many are calling it as Skype killer and it is being rated as best Skype Alternative for voice and video calling. So, we thought to have a one on one comparison of Skype Vs Oovoo. Though both of them are offering video and voice calls, still both of them have many different features. You will only know the difference when you try both : Skype and OoVoo. ooVoo is certainly one good Skype alternative.

Skype Vs ooVoo

  • Skype : Skype allows calls only to other Skype users. If you have Skype however your friend does not have Skype app then you won't be able to call him.
  • OoVoo : ooVoo allows to make calls to your friends who have not downloaded the Oovoo app. This is possible from their web browser with the Web Video Calling feature. This is one great feature, because many times you are traveling, or at a public place, using office laptop, friend's computer where you cannot download the application.

  • Skype : Skype allows video calls from Facebook as well. That is, you can make calls to all of your Skype or Facebook contacts. A great feature by Skype.
  • ooVoo : ooVoo does not have Facebook integration!

  • Skype :  If you are in US, then you must be aware of Skype hotspots, allowing you to get online anywhere there’s a hotspot using Skype credits, paying only what you use.
  • ooVoo : Does not offer such hotspots.

  • ooVoo : allows to embed video on your blog, websites or facebook. That is, it allows video recording which you can upload to youtube or any other site. 
  • Skype :  I guess Skype does not allow any video recording feature.

  • ooVoo : It is the best software for video conferencing. It allows twelve-way video chatting. This is a ideal software for business people.
  • Skype : Though Skype offers video conference with multiple people but the thing is that it is a premium service and you will have to shell out money to use it. However you can voice chat with upto 25 people for free.

  • Skype can be used on a PC, android, tablet. You can install Skype on your mobile phone, laptop or on TV as well. You can make video calls direct from contact list. For TVs, you can purchase a Skype-ready television (Samsung TV are also providing this feature). Skype-to-Skype calling is free, but you can call anywhere in the world on Skype and pay from 1.2 cents a minute (via credit or subscription).
  • ooVoo is also available for your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. The app is very easy to use, the best part being web based video calling. The only concern is calling plans which ooVoo offers. ooVoo also offers app for Mac.

  • Video Call Quality : I have tried both the software and video calling experience was equally great on both of them. It would be difficult to rate one higher on another based on call quality.
Skype and ooVoo are both equally great with many unique features. ooVoo is preferable only if you're using group video chat. If you plan to video chat one-on-one or group chat without video, Skype is superior.

VoipWise Rates and Review : Download for Android, Mac, iPhone : Make Free Calls

Voipwise is another popular betamax program. If you are familiar with betamax services and have used them in the past, then you can consider using Voipwise as well. For others, betamax services are some group of different voip providers like Jumblo, ActionVoip, Rynga etc. Each of these service offer very cheap rates to some countries. The only problem with them is that they tend to change the pricing very often! Some people also face problems while making calls. However that said, many people still like betamax (if it works for you, then it is the best), and the calling rates offered by betamax services is just too good. So, today we will review Voipwise.

Voipwise is offering unlimited free calls to about 30+ countries in their calling plan (freedays). You can use Voipwise on your computer, iPhone, Android, Nokia or any other mobile phone. Call quality depends on the internet speed you are getting. Normally the call quality is good (not too great!). Its a very old service, and many people have been using it for a long time now. So lets take each of important point about Voipwise!

Free Calls by Voipwise

VoipWise is offering free calls to following destinations :

Australia Austria Belgium Canada Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Japan Latvia Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Portugal Russian Federation [moscow] Slovenia South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom United States (+mobile) 

I checked the free call page of Voipwise and they have not mentioned anything there. However on rates page, they have mentioned that "FREE CALLS are available for users with Freedays." So yeah, its the same old Freedays thing with Voipwise as well. Registered users get max 300 minutes per week of free calls, measured over the last 7 days and per unique IP address. Unused free minutes cannot be taken to the following week(s). If limit is exceeded the normal rates apply. During your Freedays you can call all destinations listed as 'Free' for free. When you have run out of Freedays, the normal rates apply. You can get new Freedays by buying credit. As long as you have some minimum credit in your account, calls to these countries will be free. 

VoipWise Calling Rates | Voipwise Rates

Clearly calls to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh are not free and you will have to shell out some money to make calls to these destinations. Calls to India are at 3.5 cents per min, Bangladesh at 3.7 cents per min, Calls to Pakistan are at 9.2 cents per min.

So Voipwise aint cheap for calls to other countries apart from free destinations. I would then prefer Jumblo over voipwise : simple because it offers cheap rates and free calls to some countries as well (similar to voipwise).

How to make Calls using Voipwise
  • Download voipwise voip software PC application. It is free to download.
  • Configure SIP on SIP client / Voip Device
  • If you don't want to install the voipwise software, you can set up a voipwise call directly. That is Phone to Phone Calls. First they call you then connect you to your destination.
  • Use a cheap local access number instead of the expensive international number you're trying to reach.
You can also make SIP calls using Voipwise.

VoipWise SIP Settings
  • SIP port : 5060 
  • Registrar : 
  • Proxy server : 
  • Outbound proxy server : leave empty 
  • Account name : your VoipWise username 
  • Password : your VoipWise password 
  • Display name/number : your VoipWise username or voipnumber 
  • Stunserver (option) : 
Voipwise on Mobile : Download Voipwise on Mobiles

Voipwise For PC/Laptop
Voipwise provides a pc application which can be downloaded from their website. Using it you can make free calls from Pc itself. This is good if you do not have a smartphone.

Voipwise For Blackberry
Having a blackberry, and not finding many voip apps for blackberry mobiles. Don't worry voipwise is available for blackberry mobiles as well. You can Download Voipwise from the blackberry app world and start making free international calls from blackberry. The app is free to download.

Voipwise For iPhone
Download voipwise for iphone and start using voipwise on your iphone. iPhone is one mobile, for which every other voip provider gives its app. So, yes just download voipwise and start making free calls on iphone.

Voipwise For Android
Voipwise can also be downloaded for android mobiles. Just download their Android app.

Voipwise For Window's Phone And Nokia Symbian
The voipwise app can be downloaded on both Window's Phone and Nokia Smartphone . Simply download, register with voipwise and start making free calls. 

If you are facing any problem and have any question, please post it in the comment section.

Free 30 Minutes of Calls on Android Mobiles by SaviiPhone Android App

If you are having a smartphone (be it iPhone (iOS based) or Android mobile), and still paying heavy phone bills for international calls, then you are surely losing a lot of money. Its high time you should consider moving to voip for all your calling needs. With so many different voip application available for your mobile, making cheap calls is so easy. Every other voip provider is now offering its voip app for mobile. Today we will discuss another such voip provider offering a voip app for Android mobiles : SaviiPhone Android App!

free calls on android mobileThe best part about SaviiPhone android mobile application is that it is also offering free 30 minutes of international calls to try their service. If you are having a android mobile, then this app is a must have application as mainly because of the free calls! I would also prefer making free calls directly from my android mobile instead of using the traditional PC to Phone calling method. So, if you are in India, Pakistan, USA, Canada or Bangladesh or any other country, as long as you are connected to internet on your mobile (android), you can use SaviiPhone and make free calls.

Lets get into detail about this SaviiPhone application. With the SAViiPhone app, you can very easly make local and international calls through the Internet using your 3G/4G/LTE data plan or WiFi.

As claimed by SaviiPhone, they use some different technology to provide these calls. The calls are of great quality even on slow internet. So, you won't experience the difference between normal calls and voip calls by SaviiPhone. It will be just another call!

SaviiPhone Android Application Features
  • Cheaper then telecom provider : – You will soon experience the reduce in your monthly phone bills.
  • Easy to use – SAViiPhone integrates into your mobile’s existing phone so calls are effortless; no need to open an app or type in additional numbers
  • Highly flexible, high quality application customized for android mobiles.
  • Convenience – you talk when you want and where you want, without worrying about running out of minutes or long distance rates
  • Simple and affordable – inexpensive plans and great rates starting at $0/month
  • No Contract – you can change or cancel a plan anytime, no charge
  • Free 30 minutes of international calls anywhere in the world
What we can suggest you is to atleast try this voip application, consume the free minutes. Now if you like the service, then stay with it (buying credit), else just move to some other.

How SaviiPhone Works   
  1. Using your Android mobile device, go to Android Market.
  2. Download the free SAViiPhone app. 
  3. Register with SaviiPhone to activate the app.
  4. Once activated, enjoy 30 FREE Minutes of calling anywhere in North America*. 
The current version of SAViiPhone is in BETA. Not all devices are fully tested yet. Please note that free minutes are based on calls to Canada and the United States. Other locations are included but the duration of the free calls may vary depending on the rate/minute. So, in short : you will be able to place calls to other countries as well, however the free call duration will vary!

I have checked the calling rates to many countries, and found most of them expensive as compared to others. Like :
Calling Rate to India : 4.6 cents per min
Calling Rate to  Pakistan : 14.5 cents per min
Calling Rate to Bangladesh : 13.5 cents per min.

The interesting thing about SaviiPhone pricing was its monthly plans (postpaid plans). As this post is already very long, so we will discuss the SaviiPhone Monthly plans in some other post!


Rebtel Father's Day Offer : Wish your Father at cheap rates

Its the occasion of father's day and every son or daughter would like to make his or her father special. You can make your father feel special buy buying him gifts, visiting him on this day and if that is not possible, just give him a phone call and talk endlessly. A phone call to him will certainly make him feel special on this day. And to help you with this, Rebtel has launched another cool offer just for this special occasion.

I am simply in love with Rebtel for this festive promotions. It has already surprised us with Ramadan promotion, Diwali promotion and now Father's day promotion. Rebtel (which we consider as one of the best voip provider) has launched "Doubler Your Money Offer", for this special occasion.

With this exclusive promotion, they are offering $10 Free Credit (Extra talktime) on your first purchase of $10 credit. So if you buy credit of $10 then Rebtel will give you extra $10 credit, that is total of $20 credit. This Rebtel exclusive Father's Day offer only valid for two days. Once you get this free credit , you can use this at your pace.

Rebtel Fathers day

Rebtel Father's Day Double Money Offer [Expired]

  • Register with this special link
  • You will get free $10 credit on purchase of $10 credit : total of $20 credit. 
  • Offer valid for new customers only
  • Once you purchase this credit, it will never expire. 
  • Father's Day offer is a voucher code called fathersdaybonus, and it gives all new customers a 100% bonus on their first deposit.
  • This offer is valid from 17th June until June 19, for $10 deposits, and only for new customers.

Calling Rates Rebtel (With promotion) 

  • India - Effective calling rate of 0.9 cents/minute
  • Pakistan - Effective calling rate of 1.8 cents/minute
  • Philippines - Effective calling rate of 4.1 cents/minute 
Its a great option for making calls to countries like India, Pakistan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc. So make sure to use this special rebtel promotional offer.

Ways to make calls from Rebtel

  • Use PC to make PC to Phone Calls
  • Use Rebtel Smartphone app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Android Tablets.
  • Use Rebtel local numbers
So just don't miss this offer. What I can suggest is to at least register with Rebtel and buy this credit. Since the credit never expires, so this is a great chance to double your credit.

Free Calls to Croatia Landline : Call Croatia For Free by Localphone

Localphone is now back again with another round of free calls offer. Localphone is back with unlimited free calls offers to all its users, this being a weekly free calling offer. In the past, Localphone has already provided offers like Free International Calls to France, Portugal, Ireland. And the deal of the week by Localphone is unlimited free calls to Croatia. Yes, one whole week free calls to Croatia landlines. Croatia is one of the most called destinations, so if you also make calls to Croatia, then its just right time to make endless calls! This Localphone free calling offer is sure to be a big hit. Localphone unlimited free calls to landlines in Croatia is valid from 12pm GMT 15th June - 12pm GMT 22nd June. Customers can call for as long as they want to as many people as they want.

In order to make free calls to Croatia landlines, all it requires is to be just a localphone customer.

If you are not yet a localphone customer, then JOIN LOCALPHONE NOW!

The best part about this localphone offer is that it is valid for both new and old customer. If you are already a member of Localphone then head straight to making free calls. If you are not yet a localphone customer, then just follow the simple steps below before you actually make Unlimited Free Calls to Croatia. If you like to buy minimum credit of $1 then you can buy the credit as well (to make calls to other countries apart from free destination). Otherwise, if you want to call only Croatia, then no need to spend even a single penny. Lets see how you can make Free Calls to Croatia.

Steps to follow : Join Localphone and Make Free Calls

  1. Visit Localphone special page where it offers free calls to Croatia. 
  2. Click on "Sign up now and get first call free"
  3. Enter your details and simply register with Localphone.
  4. Verify your account and best part again : You will get a 5 min free calls. You can make this call to ay country of your choice (offcourse conditions apply).
  5. Once you have verified your account, then you can easily make unlimited free calls to Croatia landlines. Please note only landline phones.

Making Calls with Localphone

Localphone offers variety of ways to make calls. The customer care is also great. Lets see ways to make calls with Localphone
  • Make PC to Phone Calls using PC Application.
  • Use SmartPhone Apps : Use Localphone on iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc.
  • Use Local access number (if you don't have a smartphone)
  • Make calls from landline (using local access number)
  • Make SIP Calls : Localphone offer SIP settings as well.
  • Make Calls directly from web using website. 
Just use any of the method explained above and start making Free Calls to Croatia.

Calls to Croatia : Rate Comparison

Below are the calling rates of various voip providers to call Croatia.

Calls to Croatia Landlines

  • Rebtel : 5.0 cents per min
  • Localphone : Free for now!
  • Jumblo : Free under superdeal.

Calls to Croatia Mobiles

  • Rebtel : 21.9 cents per min
  • Localphone : 15.9 cents per min
  • Jumblo : Free under superdeal


Clearly, Localphone is a good choice for making calls to Croatia. Offcourse best option among above three voip providers is Jumblo. If you have any concerns please post in comment section, we will try answering asap!

SIPmee Offers $0.5 Credit to Make Free Internet SIP Calls

With the smartphones getting popular, making SIP calls from mobile phone is very easy. We have reviewed so many different voip application which allows you to make SIP calls on your mobile. Even if you do not have a smartphone, you can still make free sip calls using the sip client available for PC. The famous SIP client for PC as well as with a smartphone app is Nimbuzz. Well if you know how to make SIP calls, then we have a offer for you. Rather this is a offer by SIPMee.

SIPMee is a voip provider or a SIP provider with good infrastructure to provide SIP calls. SIPMee offers cheap international calls with any SIP client. The calling rates of SIPMee are quite competitive and the best part is that they are offering free trial credit worth $0.5 to try their service. You can use this free trial credit by SIPmee to make free international calls. This credit is worth approx 30 minutes to many countries like China, USA, Canada etc. For calls to India, the calling credit will lasts for about 15 minutes.

Lets first check SIPMee calling rates before we discuss how to get free credit from SIPMee and make free SIP calls.

SIPMee Calling Rates

  • Calls to India : 2.4 cents per min
  • Calls to USA : 1.9 cents per min
  • Calls to Canada : 1.9 cents per min
  • Calls to China : 1.2 cents per min
To check calling rates to other destinations, click here

SIPMee Registration : How to make Free SIP Calls

  • Click this link and sign up or register with SIPMee.
  • After the signup, you will get the message "Your account has been created and an activation link has been sent to the e-mail address you entered. Note that you must activate the account by clicking on the activation link when you get the e-mail before you can login."
  • Check your mail for details from SIPMee. You will get a vefication or activation link in the mail. Just verify the account. 
  • After the verification, you can login into your account at !
  • Just enter your username and password. 
  • Now click on SIP Profiles --> Profile Settings.
  • You will see the SIP Username and SIP Password. 
  • Configure any SIP client on your mobile or PC using these settings.
    Username : Your SIPMee Username
    Password : Your SIPMee Password
    SIP Proxy : 
If you face any problems in making free sip calls, then please let us know by posting a comment. If you have iPhone/iPad/iOS device, just search for "SIP" in the apple store. You will find many SIP clients for iPhone. You can try Fring or Nimbuzz. For Android users, you can try SIPdroid for making SIP Calls. I personally use that app and it work great on my Samsung Galaxy!

If you don't have smartphone, then you can try installing Nimbuzz on your PC itself for making SIP calls. Nimbuzz is a good app for making free sip calls. So just try SIPMee and enjoy free calls!

    Nokia Lumia 610 release in India : Features, Review, Specs

    iPhone and Android mobiles have captured almost all of the smartphone market. Nokia is trying to gain back its customer base by launching the new windows based mobiles phones! The latest entry in the smartphone market by Nokia is the range of Nokia Lumia phones. Nokia launched the series of lumia phones sometime back : Nokia Lumia, 800, 710, 610, 900 etc...

    Nokia lumia 800 and 710 have already been launched in India market and are easily available on flipkart. But the much awaited phone in Indian market is the low range phone (approx 10K-11K) Nokia Lumia 610. Nokia Lumia 610 has some good features and the price is also less. This phone has created a lot of hype in the market and many people are eagerly awaiting for it. The main reason being comparable features with high end Nokia 710/800 but price being very less. Lets just quickly check out this phone features.

    Nokia Lumia 610 Specifications | Features

    • Size : 119 x 62 x 12 mm
    • Weight : 131.5 gms
    • Display : TFT capacitive touchscreen, 256K colors
    • Display Resolution : 480 x 800 pixels, 3.7 inches (~252 ppi pixel density)
    • Protection : Gorilla Glass
    • Storage : 8 GB storage, 256 MB RAM
    • External Memory : No card slot
    • Primary Camera : 5 MP, 2592х1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
    • Secondary Camera : No
    • Operating System : Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Mango
    • Chip : Qualcomm MSM7227A Snapdragon
    • CPU : 800 MHz ARM Cortex-A5
    • GPU : Adreno 200
    Well as I can see that the phone has good internal memory of 8GB which is good for music, photos and all. But the lack of a card slot makes it difficult for people add movies and all!

    At the camera side, the primary camera is good at 5MP but again lack of secondary camera means NO Video Calls on Nokia Lumia 610! A big disappointment. But yeah what can you expect at such low price.

    No doubt the screen response of the phone is good. I saw a good user review on gsm arena and thought to share you with all.
    "I've been having this device since 22nd. May 2012 :
    User interface : very friendly and fast , intuitive (NOKIA's best ever idea )
    Speed : very fast download
    Display : clear , bright even on direct sunlight .
    The only thing is that I'm still not sure if it has Corning Gorilla Glass - so I wrote to Corning so that can make that clear once and for all.
    Sound : very good both on ear piece and head set
    Mobile Net connection : no problem what so ever
    Wireless connectivity : excellent as far as I'm concerned...the device lets you know instantly on a "top of the screen bar"
    Battery life : good so far !
    Applications : now , here We would need more applications for this device ! on screen weather for instance , something like Psiloc World Traveler or WorldMate .....I was very happy with those to applications on My previous phone ( Nokia E 63 ).
    Personalisation: Could be better !

    Overall experience : fun , fresh , could have not expected anything less than this from Nokia !"
    Coming to the phone's expected price in India.


    Nokia Lumia 610 Price in India

    Phone is not yet launched in India, however many people in the industry believe that the phone approximate cost will be around 10K. With Samsung and HTC low range android phone already in the market, it will be difficult for this phone to compete with them.

    My personal choice will be Nokia Lumia 610 as compared to low range samsung or htc mobiles. The reason being speed, processor, and user experience. No doubt that android mobiles are good but android works good only on high processor. I have used low range samsung galaxy mobile and a big NO from my side. These phones hangs, application crashes (facebook does not even open) and the lag in the devices. 
    So anyday Nokia Lumia 610 is better than these (below 10K range android mobiles) simple because of processing speed and the response. But yeah, if you are an Android fan then simple go with Android, Nokia ain't for you!

    Nokia Lumia 610 Release Date in India

    Few days back, Nokia announced in the Nokia Strategy Summit that the Nokia Lumia 900 and Lumia 610 would hit the India market in 3rd Quarter of 2012. That's again a long wait!

    Maaii for Android | Maaii Android App Download : Make Free Calls

    Few months back, Maaii (a mobile voip provider) launched its iPhone application. It was a great hit among all, as Maaii offered free 100 minutes daily. Soon the number of users grew in large number and people started asking for Maaii android application. Well now the wait is over, as Maaii has launched its android application as well. In this post, we will look at the latest launch : Maaii for Android! However as the number of users have increased a lot, Maaii is now offering free 100 minutes weekly instead of a daily offer.

    If you are having an android phone, then Maaii is a must have application as using the Maaii android application, one can make free calls and save money on phone bills. Please note that Maaii is a multi platform application, in simple terms : you can make free calls to other Maaii users using it on android or iPhone. And for calls on other mobile (non Maaii users), it is offering free 100 minutes weekly.

    With the launch of android application, Maaii now works on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android mobiles and tablets.

    Using Maaii on your android mobile is very simple, and all it requires is internet connection. Maaii works on wifi and 3G both for making calls and sending text messages. Please note that your data plan applies (check with your mobile carrier (3G) about the data charges. If you experience bad voice quality then check your internet connection. Slow internet connection can give problems.

    If you are having an iPhone, then please check our Maaii for iPhone post and start using Maaii on your iPhone. Its a must have app for iPhone as well. Please note that currently the Maaii application for android mobile is in beta phase. Lets check details about Maaii Android app!

    Maaii for Android | Maaii Android App Features

    • Free 100 Minutes Weekly : Make free international calls to mobiles and landlines in about 36 countries.
    • Make free calls to other Maaii users using it on iPhone or Android.
    • You can send free sms to other Maaii users.
    • Register maaii with your mobile number. It's that simple.
    • Great voice quality with Maaii. 
    • Use Maaii anywhere on the go. No roaming charges
    • Chat with your Facebook contacts.
    • Stay connected to anyone at any time by calling or messaging with the ultimate app for iPhone and Android.
    • Manage and sync your phone contacts and Facebook friends using a single app – super easy, super simple communications!
    • Ping service with Maaii : Get notified about calls and sms. 
    • Smart Keypad : Intelligent-dial keypad for easy contact search.
    Please note that all Maaii users will receive 100 free minutes to call landline and mobile numbers in selected destinations. It is basically free credit worth $1.9 (you will get free $1.9 credit weekly from Maaii). 

    Maaii Android App Download

    This is what mentioned on Maaii website : "We are now testing, but you can get involved! We've setup a closed community of beta testers and still have a few slots available. Request an invite to join our group and be one of the first to use maaii on Android".
    1. Download Maaii on your Android Mobile. Search it in the android market or Google Play!
    2. Install the voip application. 
    3. Create an account with Maaii. 
    4. Maaii asks for your phone number. It will send a verification sms. 
    5. Maaii account balance will be $1.9, which allows you to make up to 100 free international calls to the world.
    6. Please note that it can take few hours before the credit is reflected in your account. 
    7. Weekly update of balance will take place and your credit will again show it to $1.9!
    Free minutes can be used for calls to landlines located in Argentina (Buenos Aires), Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile (Santiago), China, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico (Mexico City), Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia (Moscow & St. Petersburg), Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom & USA and mobiles located in China, Guam, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Singapore and USA.

    US$1.90 (equivalent to 100 free minutes) will be credited to your maaii account for calling to the selected 36 destinations (“Free Minutes Promotion”).

    Please note that India is not included in this free calling countries lists. However you will still be able to make calls to India, its just that the call duration will be less. Calls to India will lasts about 10 minutes.

    Update 5th June : Maaii Android app is in beta phase. Are you eligible to use it :
    The provisioning app is a simple 3 step process to see if your device is eligible to be part of the maaii android beta test.
    1. Make sure you have a network connection available on your phone.
    2. After downloading and installing the provisioning app, upon opening the program click the “VALIDATE DEVICE” button. (The app will check your specs to see if your phone is supported)
    3. If confirmed, a message will appear congratulating you and a button will be available to “DOWNLOAD” the beta. (this will enable you to download and install the beta client)
    In order to properly install the .apk file pack and begin using the maaii android beta client there are few steps to remember.
    • After downloading the beta client go to your phones Settings > Application Settings > Unknown Sources (enable) – This will allow your phone to install third party non-market applications.
    • Then find the .apk file in your download folder and select “install”.
    • After installing and launching the application, follow the steps as prompted by the maaii beta client to setup your account and start making calls and chat!
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