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Free 30 Minutes of Calls on Android Mobiles by SaviiPhone Android App

If you are having a smartphone (be it iPhone (iOS based) or Android mobile), and still paying heavy phone bills for international calls, then you are surely losing a lot of money. Its high time you should consider moving to voip for all your calling needs. With so many different voip application available for your mobile, making cheap calls is so easy. Every other voip provider is now offering its voip app for mobile. Today we will discuss another such voip provider offering a voip app for Android mobiles : SaviiPhone Android App!

free calls on android mobileThe best part about SaviiPhone android mobile application is that it is also offering free 30 minutes of international calls to try their service. If you are having a android mobile, then this app is a must have application as mainly because of the free calls! I would also prefer making free calls directly from my android mobile instead of using the traditional PC to Phone calling method. So, if you are in India, Pakistan, USA, Canada or Bangladesh or any other country, as long as you are connected to internet on your mobile (android), you can use SaviiPhone and make free calls.

Lets get into detail about this SaviiPhone application. With the SAViiPhone app, you can very easly make local and international calls through the Internet using your 3G/4G/LTE data plan or WiFi.

As claimed by SaviiPhone, they use some different technology to provide these calls. The calls are of great quality even on slow internet. So, you won't experience the difference between normal calls and voip calls by SaviiPhone. It will be just another call!

SaviiPhone Android Application Features
  • Cheaper then telecom provider : – You will soon experience the reduce in your monthly phone bills.
  • Easy to use – SAViiPhone integrates into your mobile’s existing phone so calls are effortless; no need to open an app or type in additional numbers
  • Highly flexible, high quality application customized for android mobiles.
  • Convenience – you talk when you want and where you want, without worrying about running out of minutes or long distance rates
  • Simple and affordable – inexpensive plans and great rates starting at $0/month
  • No Contract – you can change or cancel a plan anytime, no charge
  • Free 30 minutes of international calls anywhere in the world
What we can suggest you is to atleast try this voip application, consume the free minutes. Now if you like the service, then stay with it (buying credit), else just move to some other.

How SaviiPhone Works   
  1. Using your Android mobile device, go to Android Market.
  2. Download the free SAViiPhone app. 
  3. Register with SaviiPhone to activate the app.
  4. Once activated, enjoy 30 FREE Minutes of calling anywhere in North America*. 
The current version of SAViiPhone is in BETA. Not all devices are fully tested yet. Please note that free minutes are based on calls to Canada and the United States. Other locations are included but the duration of the free calls may vary depending on the rate/minute. So, in short : you will be able to place calls to other countries as well, however the free call duration will vary!

I have checked the calling rates to many countries, and found most of them expensive as compared to others. Like :
Calling Rate to India : 4.6 cents per min
Calling Rate to  Pakistan : 14.5 cents per min
Calling Rate to Bangladesh : 13.5 cents per min.

The interesting thing about SaviiPhone pricing was its monthly plans (postpaid plans). As this post is already very long, so we will discuss the SaviiPhone Monthly plans in some other post!

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