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Free Calls to Croatia Landline : Call Croatia For Free by Localphone

Localphone is now back again with another round of free calls offer. Localphone is back with unlimited free calls offers to all its users, this being a weekly free calling offer. In the past, Localphone has already provided offers like Free International Calls to France, Portugal, Ireland. And the deal of the week by Localphone is unlimited free calls to Croatia. Yes, one whole week free calls to Croatia landlines. Croatia is one of the most called destinations, so if you also make calls to Croatia, then its just right time to make endless calls! This Localphone free calling offer is sure to be a big hit. Localphone unlimited free calls to landlines in Croatia is valid from 12pm GMT 15th June - 12pm GMT 22nd June. Customers can call for as long as they want to as many people as they want.

In order to make free calls to Croatia landlines, all it requires is to be just a localphone customer.

If you are not yet a localphone customer, then JOIN LOCALPHONE NOW!

The best part about this localphone offer is that it is valid for both new and old customer. If you are already a member of Localphone then head straight to making free calls. If you are not yet a localphone customer, then just follow the simple steps below before you actually make Unlimited Free Calls to Croatia. If you like to buy minimum credit of $1 then you can buy the credit as well (to make calls to other countries apart from free destination). Otherwise, if you want to call only Croatia, then no need to spend even a single penny. Lets see how you can make Free Calls to Croatia.

Steps to follow : Join Localphone and Make Free Calls

  1. Visit Localphone special page where it offers free calls to Croatia. 
  2. Click on "Sign up now and get first call free"
  3. Enter your details and simply register with Localphone.
  4. Verify your account and best part again : You will get a 5 min free calls. You can make this call to ay country of your choice (offcourse conditions apply).
  5. Once you have verified your account, then you can easily make unlimited free calls to Croatia landlines. Please note only landline phones.

Making Calls with Localphone

Localphone offers variety of ways to make calls. The customer care is also great. Lets see ways to make calls with Localphone
  • Make PC to Phone Calls using PC Application.
  • Use SmartPhone Apps : Use Localphone on iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc.
  • Use Local access number (if you don't have a smartphone)
  • Make calls from landline (using local access number)
  • Make SIP Calls : Localphone offer SIP settings as well.
  • Make Calls directly from web using website. 
Just use any of the method explained above and start making Free Calls to Croatia.

Calls to Croatia : Rate Comparison

Below are the calling rates of various voip providers to call Croatia.

Calls to Croatia Landlines

  • Rebtel : 5.0 cents per min
  • Localphone : Free for now!
  • Jumblo : Free under superdeal.

Calls to Croatia Mobiles

  • Rebtel : 21.9 cents per min
  • Localphone : 15.9 cents per min
  • Jumblo : Free under superdeal


Clearly, Localphone is a good choice for making calls to Croatia. Offcourse best option among above three voip providers is Jumblo. If you have any concerns please post in comment section, we will try answering asap!

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