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Rebtel Free SMS Voucher Code : How to send SMS using Rebtel

Rebtel is world's second largest voip provider and a very popular one on this blog. We have so many readers who only use Rebtel for all their calling needs, many just consider it way better Skype. Good thing about them is that they keep on bringing new promotions and offers for both old and new customers. Infact not only people use Rebtel for making cheap international calls, but also for sending international text message (sms). In this post, we will be discussing about a its latest promotion for sending free SMS, named "Free SMS Campaign by Rebtel".

Gone are the days when people used their telecom network for sending sms. Now a days prefer using instant messaging applications on their smartphones (which allows you to send free message to person also using the same app). Interestingly Rebtel also has that feature in its smartphone applications. But the problem is this works only if you want to send message to person also using the Rebtel app.

What if you want to send sms to a normal mobile (not a smartphone). You will be charged heavily if you use your normal telecom for sending international message. The only choice you have is to shift to voip and use services like Rebtel or Localphone.

All new customers have a chance to get free sms from rebtel. Lets see this in detail.

Rebtel Free 100 SMS Campaign [Expired]

If you check the text messaging prices for most voip providers and telecom companies, then SMS are way to costly and if you are sending international text message, then you have to shell out good amount of money. That is where Rebtel is handy. It offers very cheap international sms as compared to your telecom provider. SMS rates of Rebtel are cheap compared to other voip providers as well. And now they giving away free text messages as a first deposit bonus.

With Rebtel you can save up to 65% on your international texts , the only restriction is that their SMS service only works from the US. This may not entirely true (as we at FPPC have a solution for that : simply use Rebtel for PC or Rebtel for Smartphone application). If you are not looking for sms option and just want cheap calls, then you can also consider using Rebtel Double Money Promotion, where it is giving free $10 credit when purchasing $10 credit.

SMS Campaign Details
  • This offer is valid from now through July 25th 2012
  • It requires minimum deposit is $10.
  • The offer is valid one time and only for new customers.
  • The $10 deposit can of course be used not only for calling, but also for sending SMS.
  • This is indeed a great offer for people who prefer texting over phone call. 
  • Super clear quality calls.
  • Sign-up takes just few minutes
  • You get a 5 min free international call for testing their calling quality
  • Rebtel works fine on WiFi, 3G and 4G networks
How to Get Free 100 SMS from Rebtel
  1. Visit Rebtel
  2. Click "claim offer" and register with Rebtel, and fill your details.
  3. Buy credit worth $10.
  4. Use the voucher code called "100freesms"
  5. You will get $10 credit (what your purchased) and 100 sms in your account. 


How Rebtel SMS Works : How to send sms from Rebtel

Send SMS from Regular Phone : It works from US only. Simply add the number of your friend that you want to message. Rebtel will give a local number for you to use instead and send it to your phone in an SMS. To make it easily accessible in the future, you can save it to your address book. Sending an international text with Rebtel is just like sending any SMS. The only difference is that you send it to a cheap local number instead of an expensive international number. By giving you local numbers to SMS your friends, you can also start saving on your international texting, just like your friends with fancy smartphones. No internet connections or downloads are needed!

Send SMS from Computer Log into your account, click Web SMS, type the name of a Rebtel contact or enter an international number, start writing your text message and click send.

Send SMS from your Android, iPhone or Blackberry If you’re a smartphone user, rebtel mobile apps are sure to satisfy all your texting needs whenever you're on-the-go. Simply tap on the SMS tab and start sending sms.

Its time to signup with Rebtel and save money! If you have doubts on how rebtel works, then check the video below.

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