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Skype Vs Oovoo : Skype Alternatives for Video Calls, Video Conference

I am pretty sure that you are aware of Skype. It's the world largest voip provider. Many people which includes many of our blog readers use Skype for making video calls. Skype is a very popular voip application for making voice and video calls. The good thing is that it is available for almost all devices like PC, Android Mobiles, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablets etc. However that does not mean, Skype is the only good video calling application. Oovoo is another very popular voip application used by many for making video calls. It also offers application for all the platforms. I am also a regular user of Oovoo.

Since ooVoo has gained so much popularity, it is giving tough competition to Skype. Many are calling it as Skype killer and it is being rated as best Skype Alternative for voice and video calling. So, we thought to have a one on one comparison of Skype Vs Oovoo. Though both of them are offering video and voice calls, still both of them have many different features. You will only know the difference when you try both : Skype and OoVoo. ooVoo is certainly one good Skype alternative.

Skype Vs ooVoo

  • Skype : Skype allows calls only to other Skype users. If you have Skype however your friend does not have Skype app then you won't be able to call him.
  • OoVoo : ooVoo allows to make calls to your friends who have not downloaded the Oovoo app. This is possible from their web browser with the Web Video Calling feature. This is one great feature, because many times you are traveling, or at a public place, using office laptop, friend's computer where you cannot download the application.

  • Skype : Skype allows video calls from Facebook as well. That is, you can make calls to all of your Skype or Facebook contacts. A great feature by Skype.
  • ooVoo : ooVoo does not have Facebook integration!

  • Skype :  If you are in US, then you must be aware of Skype hotspots, allowing you to get online anywhere there’s a hotspot using Skype credits, paying only what you use.
  • ooVoo : Does not offer such hotspots.

  • ooVoo : allows to embed video on your blog, websites or facebook. That is, it allows video recording which you can upload to youtube or any other site. 
  • Skype :  I guess Skype does not allow any video recording feature.

  • ooVoo : It is the best software for video conferencing. It allows twelve-way video chatting. This is a ideal software for business people.
  • Skype : Though Skype offers video conference with multiple people but the thing is that it is a premium service and you will have to shell out money to use it. However you can voice chat with upto 25 people for free.

  • Skype can be used on a PC, android, tablet. You can install Skype on your mobile phone, laptop or on TV as well. You can make video calls direct from contact list. For TVs, you can purchase a Skype-ready television (Samsung TV are also providing this feature). Skype-to-Skype calling is free, but you can call anywhere in the world on Skype and pay from 1.2 cents a minute (via credit or subscription).
  • ooVoo is also available for your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. The app is very easy to use, the best part being web based video calling. The only concern is calling plans which ooVoo offers. ooVoo also offers app for Mac.

  • Video Call Quality : I have tried both the software and video calling experience was equally great on both of them. It would be difficult to rate one higher on another based on call quality.
Skype and ooVoo are both equally great with many unique features. ooVoo is preferable only if you're using group video chat. If you plan to video chat one-on-one or group chat without video, Skype is superior.

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