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Prepaid International Sim Cards in India : Rates Comparison and Reviews

If you are a frequent traveler and loves going abroad from India, then you must have atleast heard about International Prepaid Sim Cards. If you are planning a trip outside India, one thing should consider is about "how are you going to connect with friends and family back in India". If you are planning to get your international roaming activated then you should surely needs to check the rates. Don't worry we recently reviewed all telecom provider charges for international roaming.

You should read that post. Turns out that international roaming can prove to a very costly affair and you could end up paying 10K-30K for just 20-30 calls! What next, do I have an option. The answer is Yes. One of the most popular alternative to international roaming is getting yourself a international prepaid sim cards. We have already reviewed many of these cards (in the past), so this post is just to remind you about your options.

What exactly are International Sim Cards 

Let me explain in very simple terms. When you buy a sim card (locally in India), your sim card is functional only in your area (city/state). When you go out of your state, you end up paying roaming charges. Same applies for International Calls (roaming) as well. 

But, how about you can buy a SIM Card in India itself and when you go abroad (to a say USA), you don't have to pay any roaming charges. This Sim Card can work anywhere in the world (terms and conditions apply : some countries**) and you don't have to worry about roaming and all. Also, these are prepaid cards, so you will get some talktime which you can use while you are abroad. Rest you can reimburse after you return. You can avail for post paid option as well. 

Benefits :
  • No Roaming Charges.
  • Call Charges are lower as compared to normal telecom provider international roaming. 
  • Works great anywhere in world. No tension about buying cards when you visit multiple countries.
  • You can save about 80% as compared to international roaming rates.
  • You get to choose from variety of options : depends whether the card is for personal use, business use etc. For Business purpose this is the best option.
Cons :
  • You may require special phones (with some cards). The sim card provider will charge some rental. However for some sim cards, you can buy it one time and keep it yourself, for others its like return when you are back. Charges vary accordingly.
  • Rental may prove to be too high.
  • When you are back, it needs to be returned.
  • Some documents formality (though takes minutes). 

International Sim Card Calling Rates | International Call Charges

Before we go into detail about various prepaid sim cards provider. Lets talk about the calling and international sms rates in general. Offcouse the rates for specific card provider will vary (in rage of 10-20%), so do check the specific rates before actually buying a card.

Please note that these cards may not work in all countries. Though these cover most destinations in the world including USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Singapore etc work just fine.

Most of the time incoming Calls are Free (one of the main feature about these cards). If you are traveling to only one destination, then consider country specific sim cards.

Calls rates from USA to India are about 10-80 US Cents per minute. Approx Rs 4-40 per minute. Way cheaper than international roaming of Rs 150 per min. You need to buy these cards, which sot anywhere from Rs 500-Rs2000. Some offer cards worth Rs 3000 that includes data facility (internet on mobile). You can also try the sim cards which have rentals etc. No need to buy, just call a guy and get your card delivered at door step. When you are back, just return the card. 

International Prepaid and Post Sim Cards India 

There are large number of international sim card providers in India. We have already reviewed most of them. Below is a list :

Matrix Sim Cards

This is the most popular option for prepaid cards. I am sure you must have seen their advertisement. Matrix offers country specific cards, all in one card (use anywhere). Matrix also has both the options that is, prepaid and post paid sim cards.They have rental plans as well. The calling rates are quite cheap as compared to others. They have grown quite big in less amount of time. They mostly target corporate customers. Check Matrix Sim Card Details.

Airtel WorldSim Cards

Airtel apart from its international roaming offer these sim cards named WorldSim. You can get this card at as low as Rs 500. The calling rates are about Rs 35 per min (USA to India). If you are a airtel customer, then prefer this card instead of going for international roaming. You will save a lot. You will get to enjoy free incoming calls. Check for details about AirtelWorldSim.

Clay Telecom Sim Cards

Not sure how good they are doing (site not working as expected). Clay also offers postpaid and prepaid cards. Benefit is that they offer data plans for roaming as well.

Trikon International Sim Cards

Trikon is quite unusual. Trikon WorldWide Sim Cards actually pays you to receive calls on international roaming. You get UK number with free incoming in many countries. Trikon pay you US1c/minute to receive calls on many network. Check Details about this unusual Trikon Card

WowTel International Sim Cards

WowTel communication also offers such prepaid cards. The calling rates are way to cheap like 1-2 cents per minute to India. Only drawback, I see is that it is limited to few countries and they charge you for incoming calls as well.

Comparing International Call Roaming Charges in India | Going Abroad

If you are going for business travel, honeymoon or a holiday, doesn't matter. If you are planning a international trip (going abroad from India), then this becomes one of the important considerations. That is "How am I going to communicate with my family back home". How much will I get charged if I use international roaming on my mobile phone. 

What if you don't use any international roaming on your mobile instead buy a calling card (in the country where you are going). Offcourse this will be a good option as calls to India are just 1-2 cents but now the concern is "what if I don't get a calling card to call back home". And may be it will not be very much feasible if I am traveling more than one country!

So what do most people do :
  • Get their international roaming activated and rely totally on international roaming for all calls. End result is that when they are back, a huge bill is waiting for them. If you are on prepaid then all your balance goes nil in just few calls.  
  • Buy international sim cards here in India itself like Matrix Cards. This is a better option than international roaming, but it is again not that cheap. You will end up paying in thousand's anyway (depending on the country you are visiting). 
  • Visit their destination and but a calling card there itself. Perhaps one of the best options as you pay about $5 for whole trip (one-two weeks).
Another option which very less people use is "Voip Calls on your SmartPhone". Guys this is the best option according to me. Offcourse terms and conditions apply here as well.

Huge Bills on International Roaming

As large number of people anyway get their international roaming activated (many use this as well), so we decided to evaluate the option one "International Roaming" in detail. And lets see our analysis result's.

Price Comparison : International Roaming India

This comparison can help you decide the service provider you should choose when planning for international roaming. Though most service provider's have more or less same rates, still you should consider evaluating all of them. Please also notice that many service providers don't offer international roaming to all countries. So make sure to check with the telecom customer care for exact details.

Vodafone International Roaming

  • Works in more than 200 countries to make and receive calls. Cochin or Kuwait, Amritsar or the America, you´ll always be just a phone call away.
  • Prepaid : Roaming is automatically activated. You’ll be charged a monthly rental of Rs 99 on making any action (call/sms).
  • Postpaid : Roaming needs to be activated. Call 111 for details. A standard roaming deposit of Rs 5000 is charged. On request from the user, deposit will be adjusted in the upcoming bills post the deactivation of International Roaming services.
  • Direct Dial : Works in 26 countries. Just dial the number you wish to call as you would in case of a regular outgoing call. i.e. + followed by ISD code, STD code and the number you want to call
  • Indirect Call or Callback : Works like a calling card in 177 countries. 
  • For details, please check : Following link
Call Rates (Calling India from following countries) :
  • USA to India : Rs 165 (oh my gawd!)
  • Uk to India : Rs 140 (are you kiddin me ?)
  • Sweden (Europe to India) : Rs 160
  • Singapore to India : Rs 95

Airtel International Roaming 

  • Prepaid : Monthly rental of Rs 99 as like Vodafone.
  • Postpaid : You need to get your international roaming activated. Call 121 for details. A monthly rental of Rs 149 will be charged on IR activation. Deactivate this when you are back.
Calling Rates :
  • USA to India (outgoing call) : Rs 150 (more than Vodafone)
  • Incoming Calls are charged at Rs 100.
  • SMS : Rs 25
  • Same rates for Singapore apply. Callbacks to India at Rs 150.
It seems Vodafone is a better than Airtel option considering the rates.

Aircel International Roaming Charges

  • Does not work everywhere. Check with customer care.
  • Check details here.
  • Call backs (outgoing calls to India) at Rs 80 - Rs 300.
  • Incoming calls at ~ Rs 100.
  • SMS : Rs 15. 

Idea International Roaming Charges

  • Prepaid : Not sure if it works. Website says "No information found". 
  • Postpaid : All details below are for post paid idea customers.
  • Callback to India (outgoing calls to India from USA) at Rs 135. 
  • Incoming calls are charged at Rs 75.
  • SMS : Rs 15
From the above analysis of international roaming calling rates, it seems that Idea and Vodafone are better options as compared to Airtel. SMS is a better option as compared to voice calls.

If you are planning a international trip, what I can suggest you is to get your international roaming activated. Use SMS for general communication. Try to a calling card locally at $5. Use international voice calls only when in emergency.

Another good option (which I will choose) is either get myself a international calling card like Matrix or go for voip calls from any voip provider.

For option 2 : International Roaming Calling Cards, Follow This Post.
For option 4 : Voip Calls on mobile or PC (with or without internet), we will be writing a post soon. This is the best option when going for international trip.

How to connect iPad to TV : Sony, Samsung, Apple, HDTV

We have discussed a lot of times about making video calls from iPad (iPad 2 or new iPad), using voip softwares like Facetime, Skype, ooVoo, FriendCaller or any other. We can assume that if you are having an iPad, then you are successfully placing video calls from it. However next step would be make video calls and see the other person on TV. Wouldn't it be awesome to view/talk to your friend on television.

Well, we are talking about Video Calls on iPad where your screen is shared on your HDTV. What it requires is that you connect your iPad to your tv first. Offcourse apart from video calls, you can do other tasks as well like playing games, watching movies, youtube videos etc. So lets see how you can connect your iPad to your television (both wired connection and wireless).

Please note that same tutorials works for connecting iPhone to your TV. So you can place video calls on iPhone, however share your screen on HDTV.

Connecting iPad to Apple TV : Wireless Solution

It is also known popularly as AirPlay Mirroring. You can use this feature to watch videos, stream online music, play games or make video calls.

Requirements :
  • iPhone 4S or iPad 2 (and later) with iOS 5 and later
  • Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation) with software version 5.0 or later
  • Wireless network : TV and iPad connected to same network
How it works :
  • Connect your TV and iPad to same wifi network.
  • Double press home button on iPad. Swipe left to right and select mirroring controls. 
  • Tap the button to see the mirroring devices. Select Apple TV. 
  • Enable AirPlay Mirroring from this menu by tapping the name of your Apple TV, then toggle the on/off slider to ON.
Video Explanation 

Connect iPad to HDTV (Sony, Samsung or any other) using HDMI Adapter

You can connect your iPad to your TV via a HDMI Cable. The audio and video works great. Possible only with Apple's Digital AV Adapter. The resolution possible with iPad 1 is 720p and with iPad 2 or New iPad : 1080p.

This is basically a display mirroring option which is just like Apple TV using a digital AV adapter. This is a great option for making video calls. You can also stream movies, and videos from your iPad to your Television. The Digital AV Adapter works great for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and 4th Generation iPod Touch.

Connect Apple iPad to your HDTV

Connect iPad to Normal TV (without HDMI Port)

What if your tv does not have a hdmi port (its a normal lcd tv, but not HD). You can also opt for connecting the iPad to your TV with composite or component cables. The composite adapters break the video into red, blue and green, while the component adapters break it convert it to the single 'yellow' cable compatible with older television sets. Composite cable doesn't do mirroring, but it will route video-enabled apps, photos, and music to your TV.

Connecting iPad to TV using VGA Adapter / Connecting iPad to Projector

Use the Apple's VGA adapter, to connect your iPad to your tv which must be having a VGA port. You can connect it to a monitor or projector using this method. The VGA adapter will also support the Display Mirroring mode. Please note that VGA does not support sound, so you can listen it to build in speakers of iPad or use headphone's.

I will check if we can find any other simple ways by which you can connect your iPad to TV. If you are aware of any new methods, please share with us.


How to Earn Free Credit with Maaii Application to make some Free Calls

Mobile voip has surely grown big. If you are using android mobile or an iPhone, then I am pretty sure that you must have atleast once used any voip application. If you still have not, then you can start by trying Maaii. Maaii is a multi platform mobile voip application. It offers its smartphone application for Android and iOS devices. It not only gives very cheap international calls, however it offers free calls to other users as well (just like Viber or Rebtel or other mobile voip apps).

But why exactly Maaii got into so much limelight. Well, the story is not so old. Maaii got into news just after its launch. Why not! It was offering free 100 minutes daily to large number of countries including India. Soon the offer made it to free 100 minutes weekly.

Credit was restored weekly $1.9. You could use this credit to call any country. The calling rates varied depending on the destination. For many countries this credit lasted for 100 minutes, for India it was about 15 minutes.

What next. Credit of just $1.9 ain't enough for me. I want more! Well, lets see how you can earn some more credit with Maaii Voip Application.

Earning Credit : Maaii App

Maaii offers a facebook application named "Maaii Tag". It is a innovative concept by Maaii by which you can earn some free credit. Yes, free credit via this app.
  • All it requires it that you tag your friends on this Maaii Tag. For every tag (that is accepted), you will get $0.10 worth of credit. 
  • You can earn a maximum of upto $25 maaiiout credit per month. Yes, next month again $25.That effectively means that you can tag a maximum of 2500 friends per month. 
  • It was launched last month in June and it has already distributed about 10000 minutes!
How to get started
Double or Nothing
For the ones who are willing for more, then you can enter the contest "Double or Nothing". You need to be the top scorer and beat the person with most accepted friends tags globally and Maaii will double the credit you earned in a game.

Well this indeed a nice concept where you are basically playing games and earning credit which can be used to make free internet calls.

Terms and Conditions of this contest
Well everything has some twist and turns. Please check the terms and conditions of this contest here. Some important points are as follow :
  • In order to redeem credit, users must download the maaii smartphone application, connect through it to Facebook and must choose to submit their score to maaii.
  • Your score may be submitted at the end of each Competition and at any time thereafter up until the expiry of the relevant cookie, or 30 days, whichever period is shorter. 
  • It may take up to 3 days for credit to be attributed to their user account.
  • Credit for each game is capped at $5 of maaiiOut.
  • A Participant joining the game through a tag from another user is eligible for $1 of maaiiOut credit on their first Competition only. 
Enter the Contest :
Maaii Tag on Facebook

How to Use Maaii App

You can use Maaii voip application on your android mobile or any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). Simple download and install the Maaii application for your device (from app store). You will get free credit (trial credit) as well. Use this credit to place some calls, making calls is damn simple with a simple dialer. Confused ?

Visit this link to check on Maaii Android Application. I was using this Maaii app on my ipad for quite a time now, however they have upgraded this app and now it just does not work! New Maaii iPhone App crashes when trying it on iPad 2. Either launch it for iPad users or make this iPhone app work on iPad as well. However my Maaii on android is working good.

PS : If you are using old Maaii app on iPad then don't upgrade this app.

Rebtel Ramadan Bonus Offer : Call Home Cheap

Apart from festive celebrations and offcourse the holiday, another good thing about festivals is the new promotions and sales offers. On the festive occasion of Ramadan, you will not have to shell out too much money and still can wish and call your friends and family, all thanks to Rebtel. If you are stuck with your old telecom or calling card provider, then its time to move on and try other services.

Well, I am talking about the latest promotional offer by voip giant Rebtel. Its a well know voip brand in the market and is giving tough competition to Skype. Lets check Rebtel Ramadan Offer in detail. Rebtel has launched this new promotion in which it is offering Double Bonus Talktime to all new users on their first purchase. Its a limited time offer, so if you have not yet joined Rebtel then you have a good chance to avail some discounts.

Rebtel Ramadan Offer Details [Expired]

  • The offer is valid for new customers only
  • You need to use the Rebtel Ramadan Voucher Code : ramadan100%
  • Customers will receive 100% bonus on their first deposit. So, if you buy credit worth $10, you will get additional $10 credit from Rebtel absolutely free. 
  • This promotion is valid till August 30th 2012 (already started). Its not valid now.
You can make use of this promotion to call any country in the world (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or any other). The calling rates of Rebtel are way cheaper then your normal telecom provider or calling card provider, so you will save lot of money as well. 
Rebtel Double Bonus Offer

How to Register with Rebtel and Avail this Offer

    - Visit this special link for Rebtel Ramadan Offer.
    - Click on Claim Offer.
    - You will be redirected to signup page.
    - Enter your details. You will see that voucher code is already filled as ramadan100%
    - Enjoy your free call and make a purchase worth $10 to get additional $10 free.

    Even if you are satisfied with your old voip provider, doesn't matter you can still try out Rebtel with this offer. It has so amazing features that you will love it.

    Rebtel Voip Features

    • First Call is always free. So when you join this voip service, you can try it for free. 
    • Crystal clear voice quality : no delay, no disturbance in call. 
    • Rebtel offers so many different ways to make call : You can use Rebtel on PC, You can use make cheap international calls on your smartphone by using the WiFi, 3G, 4G and your gprs connection. Rebtel has apps for almost all smartphones. Or use it just like any other normal calling card. 
    • Good Customer Support. Ask them anything 24x7!
    • Rebtel brings new voucher codes time to time.
    • Make Free Calls to other Rebtel users. The best part is the smartphone app will automatically sync up with your contact list to check which of your friend is already using Rebtel.
    • Cheap International Calls : Calls to India, Pakistan, Dubai are really very cheap as compared to others.
    Its time you join Rebtel and try it out. Please share your feedback with us in the comment section (whether it is positive or negative, does not matter).

    FreePhoo App for iPad : How to Install FreePhoo Application on iPad

    Mobile voip apps have got very popular and lot of people have started using voip applications on their smartphones. If you are in India, USA, Canada, Pakistan or any part of the world, as long as you are connected to internet (using internet on mobile), you can use voip mobile apps and make free calls! FreePhoo voip application came into market just few months back, and it has been in news since then. Its a multi platform application to make phone calls. It is much similar to Viber application. Many people have heard about this application, many have seen this app in Top Charts of iPad.

    However many don't actually know about this cool application. We have already reviewed FreePhoo application for iPad, however we have not actually provided any tutorial for it. So, finally we decided to try FreePhoo application ourself and post user reviews and also post a tutorial about how to install this app on iPad.

    First a few words about FreePhoo Application
    • FreePhoo allows people to call other FreePhoo users for free. So, if you and your friend are both using FreePhoo application then you can talk to each other for free. 
    • FreePhoo is available for iPad as free download : Its in top applications of iPad.
    • Installing it on iPad can effectively convert your iPad to iPhone.
    • Free Calls only between FreePhoo users, if you want to call normal mobile then you have to shell out some money. 
    • FreePhoo works equally good on Wifi or 3G 
    FreePhoo Application on SmartPhones
     How to Install FreePhoo App on iPad :
    • You need to visit Apple Store and search for "FreePhoo" app in it. 
    • Simple install the app.
    • Registering with the app is simple. It will send SMS to your MOBILE for verification. 
    • Done!
    If you have still doubts about it, you can consider watching the video below :

    Pros of FreePhoo
    • Good voice quality.
    • Easy to install the application.
    • Free Calls!
    • If you are not using Viber, then you can consider using FreePhoo
    Cons of FreePhoo
    • I have more than 1000 contacts. The problem which I faced is "How do we know which of my friends are also having FreePhoo". 
    • It makes call to any mobile irrespective that person is online or not. Well, this is bad. I would like to call only friends which are using FreePhoo and not all my friends. I don't want preminum plan, as I am satisfied only with free calls.
    • How to know which friends are currently online. As like Skype!
    Overall, the application is a good one and must have for iPad users. 

    How to win an iPad by referring Friends to Zenofon : Prize Giveaway

    Remember the innovative voip provider Zenofon, which rocked the voip market few months back. Zenofon made great news when it launched its invitation voip service and offered some amazing trial credits. Zenofon started with offering free credit worth $6 to test their service. Many of our blog readers joined Zenofon and loved the service. Another great feature which Zenofon offered was referral based service. Initially, people were allowed to join only when they got some invite.

    Zenofon service works by offering forwarding numbers that you can use to call your friend’s international phone numbers at a much cheaper rate without being connected to the internet.

    Zenofon has launched a new offer by which its users have a chance to win an iPad!

    This promotion requires that you refer your friends to Zenofon.When you refer a friend, you will earn $1 (plus your friend will get free credit to test Zenofon). When your friends refer their friends, you again earn more credit. Its like a referral tree! If anyone joins ZenoFon because of your referral, even 50 people away, they will credit your account.

    How to Win an iPad
    • Join Zenofon : Visit
    • Register with the service and create a free account. Test with free credit.
    • You will get a referral link. Forward this referral link to your friends and earn some credit. 
    • The winner will get selected from first 3 customer to reach $2000 between July 1 2012 to September 30, 2012.
    Still Confused..about this Zenofon promotion ? Check this info-graphics.

    Zenofon Contest to win free iPad
    How to Refer Friends and Earn More Credit
    • Use Facebook to post your referral link. Just post it as your status!
    • Post the referral link on twitter!
    • Post your referral link as signature on various forums. 
    • Let us know your referral link and we will feature it here on this post. Post it in the comment section, with your name and link. 


    Install Viber on Computer using Youwave Android Emulator : Make Free Calls

    Large number of people have started using Smartphone. If you have a smartphone like iPhone or Android Mobile or Blackberry or Windows Mobile, then Viber is one app which you must be using. You and your friend can use voip application on your mobile to make free calls to each other. Viber is a famous multi platform application, which allows all viber users to talk to each other for free. However, you need to get disheartened if you don't have a smartphone. You can still enjoy free calls from your PC. That is possible with using Viber on your PC. We earlier posted one Step by Step tutorial to Install Viber on PC. The tutorial was a big hit and large number of people have successfully installed Viber on PC.

    The tutorial involved using android emulator on PC and then installing the viber application on it. However the tutorial was a bit complex and still lot of people faced difficulty. So, we found another simpler manner by which you can install Viber on Computer! It will take just few minutes to install the Viber application on your computer. Just make sure to follow the simple steps as listed below.

    We have personally tried the method and viber works great on PC. You will be able to make calls and send free sms from Viber installed on your PC.

    Lets again understand this in concept : Viber is already available for Android mobiles. Just like the previous method, if you emulate the Android Environment on your PC then you can install Viber application on your PC. Creating an android emulator on PC can be tedious, so if you download an Android Emulator directly on PC then it will be great! That is where YouWave comes into picture.

    We will create a Android Environment (Virtual Box) on your PC directly using Youwave. Then install Viber Application on YouWave and Make Free Calls. Simple ? Yeah it is....Just follow the steps below :

    Steps : Install Viber on YouWave to get working on PC
    • Download the YouWave Client using the link. Its a big file (100MB), so it may take time. Few Minutes!
    • Install YouWave on your PC. Simply accept everything! It will take one minute or so.
    • Start YouWave Emulator on PC. Click continue with trial version.
    • This should start your YouWave Emulator on PC. 
    • Click View (Online Content) --> Select Android Market. This will install Android Market app.
    • Click Menu and select Market App.
    • Add your Google Account.
    • Android Market will Open up.
    • Search for Viber in android market.
    • Install the App by clicking "Accept and Download"
    I hope you have installed the Viber on YouWave. Now to get it working, you need to verify your number with Viber. This is same method we posted in the last tutorial. So just follow the section "Verifying the Viber Application" as posted in previous tutorial.
    Only thing is YouWave is a paid version software. You may try the trial version of YouWave and if you like it then you can purchase the full version.

    If you face any difficulty then please let us know in the comment section. We will try our best to resolve all your queries. If you want us to create a video, then please let us know.

    Free Calls to Sweden Landline : Call Sweden Free with LocalPhone

    Localphone is leaving no stone unturned to attract new users. It has continued in the series of offering unlimited free calls to different countries. Localphone is back with a promotion to offer Free Calls to Sweden landline for whole week. This promotion by Localphone is valid to both old and new users. That is, if you have already joined Localphone and then you can call Sweden free, however even if you join it now then also you will be able to make Free Calls to Swedish Landline for whole one week. The good thing is that you can use Localphone from any part of the world and call Sweden Free! So, if you have friends or family living in Sweden then it is a great opportunity to call them for free and talk endlessly. 
    Localphone has been very user friendly and all their past promotions have been great success. Free Calls to Italy, Free Calls to Croatia have been big hit. 

    Details : LocalPhone Free Calls To Sweden Landline 
    • Valid for a whole week starting from 9th July 2012 12PM GMT till 16th July 2012 12 PM GMT
    • No limit on duration of calls : No fair usage policy. Just call as many times as you like and talk for as long as you like. 
    • This offer is valid for both new and old customers. 
    • No need to purchase anything to avail this promotional offer by Localphone. Just sign up and make free calls. 
    • Very clear voice quality.
    • Excellent customer support offered by Localphone. 
    We are pretty sure that this offer will also become a big hit. Many people use services like Rebtel for making calls to Sweden (from Sweden to Sweden). They will be more than happy to try Localphone and make unlimited free calls to Sweden!
    If you like to buy minimum credit of $1 then you can buy the credit as well (to make calls to other countries apart from free destination). Otherwise, if you want to call only Sweden Landline, then no need to spend even a single penny. Lets see how you can make Free Calls to Swedish Landline.
    Follow the Steps :
    1. Visit Localphone special page
    2. Click on "Sign up now and get first call free"
    3. Just fill all the details and register with Localphone.
    4. You will receive a verification email. Click link and verify your account.
    5. You will get a 5 min free calls. You can make this call to any country of your choice.
    6. Once you have verified your account, then you can easily make unlimited Free Calls to Sweden Landlines.
    Rate Comparison : Calls to Sweden

    Lets check the calling rates offered to Sweden by various voip providers..

    Calls to Sweden Landlines

    • Rebtel : 1.9 cents per min
    • Localphone : Free for now!
    • Jumblo : Free under superdeal.

    Calls to Sweden Mobiles

    • Rebtel : 13.9 cents per min
    • Localphone : 5.9 cents per min
    • Jumblo : 4 cents per min.
    So, its time to Register with Localphone and start making free calls to sweden landlines. 

    FooCall App offers Cheap Rates to Make International Calls

    If you are still searching for some cheap option to make international calls, then your search seems to be getting over. It is time you switch to voip for making all your calls : local and international calls. With so many voip providers around and with so much competition among them, every other voip provider is trying to reduce rates. Some voip providers even offer Free International Calls. Today we will look at another option to make cheap international calls from your computer or your mobile phone. We are talking about FooCall. We will review Foocall in this post!

    FooCall is rated (by many bloggers) as number one voip application for smartphone and mobiles for making phone calls. FooCall offers cheap rates and good thing is so many ways by which you can use FooCall. It has an application for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Nokia Mobile, Computer and even place calls from normal landline or mobile. Lets see some of its features, calling rates in details.

    FooCall Features

    • Cheap International calls straight from your mobile phone. 
    • Unlimited Free International calls to other FooCall users, call friends on foocall for free. 
    • No contracts, no hidden fees, no connection fees. 
    • It offers crystal clear voice clarity. 
    • FREE CALL CREDIT to try FooCall! Use this free credit to make calls to mobile and landline.
    • First call free.
    • Easy to use interface. 
    • FooCall also have a Mobile website for all those smartphone's which doesn't support FooCall's applications.
    We have said enough about it offering cheap rates. FooCall routes the call to a local number and then automatically to your international destination. The local numbers are just regular landline numbers, so if you have inclusive minutes to landlines, this part of the call is completely free. Lets actually check some of rates offered by Foocall.

    FooCall Rates : FooCall International Calling Rates

    • FooCall Montly Plan (FooPlan+) :  where you have to pay 2.75 GBP as monthly fees. This reduces the calling rates. This plan is useful only when you make lots of phone calls. 
    • FooCall Normal Plan (FooPlan) : No monthly charges. Call rates are slightly higher than monthly plan. 
    • Calls to India :  FooPlan (1.5 pence), FooPlan+ (0.9 pence) per min
    • Calls to Pakistan : FooPlan (1.5 pence), FooPlan+ (1 pence) per min
    • Calls to Bangladesh : FooPlan (3 pence), FooPlan+ (2 pence) per min


    How to Use FooCall : How to Register with FooCall 

    Using FooCall is really very easy. You just need to download the FooCall application for smartphone or for your computer, install the app and making calls is just at click of button.You will be also getting some free trial credit to test FooCall service. 

    Please note that currently because of lots of demand, sign-up via website is temporarily suspended.
    You can still sign up for FooCall by downloading our iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 apps as explained below. It's only website sign-up that is currently unavailable. Please note, existing users are still able to login to the service.

    FooCall offers app for :
    • FooCall for iPhone
    • FooCall for Windows Phone
    • FooCall for Android Mobiles
    • FooCall for Blackberry Phones
    • FooCall for Nokia Mobiles.
    • FooCall for PC 
    So, just install and Sign-up to FooCall via the app!

    EvaPhone Alternative : GlobFone to Make Free International Calls

    Thanks to voip and voip providers by which you can now make free international calls. With so much competition around many voip providers have started offering very cheap international calls, and many others have even started giving free calls. Earlier it was just limited to Evaphone for making Free PC to Phone Calls. But, now we have found some alternatives of evaphone as well. One of such evaphone alternative is GlobFone.

    GlobFone is offering free phone calls to almost every destination which includes countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. Well it is not just free calls, but it is unlimited free calls, and the best part is no app to download : you can straight away make calls from your computer to any mobile. Another cool feature is free sms to any country straight from GlobFone website. Yes, you heard it right you can send unlimited text messages from your computer to any mobile in the world.

    Note: Please note that GlobFone is currently in beta phase, so you may found some calls or sms not going through. But that does not mean that this not works. GlobFone is collecting such information (as on their facebook page) and trying every step to resolve the problem. So just inform Globfone about all the issues you are facing!
    - Call2Friends : Another EvaPhone Alternative

    What exactly is GlobFone : The EvaPhone Alternative

    GlobFone is a completely free service that allows you to send sms and make calls to anywhere in the world. It is basically advertisement powered. All you need to do is to dial the number. You don’t need to pay, register or install anything. You just need to watch a small ad. That's it! Calls and text messages are sponsored by by donors and advertisers.

    Remember AdPhone or Globe7 where you were asked to watch a small video advertisement and then your phone call went through. Well, GlobFone is similar to that, the difference being the ads are no longer video ads. You need not to watch those ads for minutes waiting for the call to get through. The Ads are simply picture ads.

    How to Make Calls with GlobFone

    You require a microphone and headphone or speakers to place your call. Just make sure that these things are plugged in and working correctly. Check the volume as well. Normally your laptops mic and speaker should do the task.

    1. Visit GlobFone Website.
    2. You will see a box with numbers on it.
    3. To call from the Globfone enter destination number i.e. 33 1 22334455 using computer keyboard or telephone pad. Then press the Green Handset Button.
    4. If your browser will ask you for permission to use the microphone you need to click "Allow".
    5. A new window appears asking you to fill RE-CAPTCHA. Fill out the Captcha, rewriting the text from the frame and press Enter. After successful completion Globfone will start to dial and you will see time information about remaining call time.
    6. To end a call click the Red Handset Button on the Globfone. On the end "Thank you window" appear for 20 sec, before you can place your next call.

    How to Send SMS from GlobFone

    1. To send the message, type the destination number on which you want us to send a message.
    2. Type your message in the larger Text Area, then click "Send".
    3. A new window appears asking you to fill RE-CAPTCHA. Fill out the Captcha, rewriting the text from the frame and press Enter. When properly completed your message will be send.
    4. On the end “Thank you window” appear for 20 sec.

    Facing Problems with GlobFone : GlobFone Customer Care

    If you have already tried GlobFone and experiencing problems with it, then I request you to contact GlobFone on their Facebook page. Just post a message on their wall, and they will get back to you with the solution. Quite amazing but a free service is also offering a support pages where they actually listen to your queries.

    Paltalk Free Video Calls | Download Paltalk for Free Video Chat

    Paltalk Video Chat Done RightMaking voice calls (or free voice calls) is getting old fashioned. People are switching to video calls rather than making voice calls. I also prefer video calls over voice calls. The good thing is that even these video calls are free. All thanks to Voip and voip software's like Skype, ooVoo etc. We have already discussed about Skype and ooVoo many a times on this blog. Skype is a good option for making video calls (to a single person). ooVoo is a great option for making group video calls, or free group video calls to 6 people. 

    But if you want to have another option to make free group video calls, then you can consider using Paltalk. Palktalk is indeed a great option to make free group video calls to about 10 people! And yes Paltalk is Free! The experience of group video calls is just awesome! Unless you try it, you won't know. We won't be able to cover all details about Paltalk in a single post, so lets discuss some important features in this post.

    What is Paltalk

    Paltalk is a very old voip provider and has been awarded many prizes! Paltalk is a great option to make video calls from PC, or Video Calls from mobile. Paltalk become very popular because of it being offering free group video calls upto 10 people simultaneously. Not only offering free video calls, it has large number of interesting features like offering personal and public chat rooms.

    Paltalk is a great option for website owners, small and large companies. You can create your own chat room and embed it on your website or blog. You can create a chat room for your company and your company employees can talk to each other (free live video conferencing), without any limits, restrictions!

    PalTalk Features : Video Calling

    • Free Video and Audio Calls : Unlimited duration free calls to other Paltalk users. All you need is internet connection. 
    • Super quality video calls are offered by Paltalk. 
    • Install chat room on website, blog or for your company. 
    • Free download of Paltalk application on computer, or mobile. 
    • Paltalk works on windows, mac, iOS, Android and blackberry devices. 
    • Paltalk works equally good on Wifi, 3G!
    • Global Calling : Call from your computer to any normal mobile at cheap prices. 
    • Create your own chat rooms and share it with your friends. 
    • File transfer is also supported by Paltalk.
    • Voice chat, Video Chat, Group Instant Messaging! 

    How to Register with PalTalk| Download PalTalk For Free

    Making calls using Paltalk is very easy. Just follow the simple steps as described below and you will be easily able to make calls using Paltalk.
    1. Visit PalTalk page for downloading Paltalk IM
    2. You will be automatically directed to correct download page depending on the device (PC or Mobile) you are using. 
    3. Follow the instructions and register with Paltalk.
    4. You will get a social networking account with Paltalk! You can then add friends in Paltalk.
    5. Ask your friends to join Paltalk.
    6. You can now call your friends on Paltalk : voice call or video call.
    7. You can also try making free video conference calls (free group video calls) with your friends.
    Paltalk is a great option for individual, small and medium businesses, companies!
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