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Paltalk Free Video Calls | Download Paltalk for Free Video Chat

Paltalk Video Chat Done RightMaking voice calls (or free voice calls) is getting old fashioned. People are switching to video calls rather than making voice calls. I also prefer video calls over voice calls. The good thing is that even these video calls are free. All thanks to Voip and voip software's like Skype, ooVoo etc. We have already discussed about Skype and ooVoo many a times on this blog. Skype is a good option for making video calls (to a single person). ooVoo is a great option for making group video calls, or free group video calls to 6 people. 

But if you want to have another option to make free group video calls, then you can consider using Paltalk. Palktalk is indeed a great option to make free group video calls to about 10 people! And yes Paltalk is Free! The experience of group video calls is just awesome! Unless you try it, you won't know. We won't be able to cover all details about Paltalk in a single post, so lets discuss some important features in this post.

What is Paltalk

Paltalk is a very old voip provider and has been awarded many prizes! Paltalk is a great option to make video calls from PC, or Video Calls from mobile. Paltalk become very popular because of it being offering free group video calls upto 10 people simultaneously. Not only offering free video calls, it has large number of interesting features like offering personal and public chat rooms.

Paltalk is a great option for website owners, small and large companies. You can create your own chat room and embed it on your website or blog. You can create a chat room for your company and your company employees can talk to each other (free live video conferencing), without any limits, restrictions!

PalTalk Features : Video Calling

  • Free Video and Audio Calls : Unlimited duration free calls to other Paltalk users. All you need is internet connection. 
  • Super quality video calls are offered by Paltalk. 
  • Install chat room on website, blog or for your company. 
  • Free download of Paltalk application on computer, or mobile. 
  • Paltalk works on windows, mac, iOS, Android and blackberry devices. 
  • Paltalk works equally good on Wifi, 3G!
  • Global Calling : Call from your computer to any normal mobile at cheap prices. 
  • Create your own chat rooms and share it with your friends. 
  • File transfer is also supported by Paltalk.
  • Voice chat, Video Chat, Group Instant Messaging! 

How to Register with PalTalk| Download PalTalk For Free

Making calls using Paltalk is very easy. Just follow the simple steps as described below and you will be easily able to make calls using Paltalk.
  1. Visit PalTalk page for downloading Paltalk IM
  2. You will be automatically directed to correct download page depending on the device (PC or Mobile) you are using. 
  3. Follow the instructions and register with Paltalk.
  4. You will get a social networking account with Paltalk! You can then add friends in Paltalk.
  5. Ask your friends to join Paltalk.
  6. You can now call your friends on Paltalk : voice call or video call.
  7. You can also try making free video conference calls (free group video calls) with your friends.
Paltalk is a great option for individual, small and medium businesses, companies!

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July 12, 2012 at 3:02 AM

there are lot of group calling apps out in the market but they all have different stories. skype charge to much for group calls. others don’t provide it for multiple users same time like oovoo and fring. just read about friendcaller who provide 7 way group video chat, is it true? here is the reference

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