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How to make Free Phone Calls from iPod Touch : Use CrowdCall App

Few days back we posted about the crowdcall application for smartphone which allows you to make free phone calls from your mobile phone. The app has recently featured in top downloads (top free apps) in apple market and google play as well, which indicates that lot of people have been using this app. The good thing about crowdcall is that you just need internet connectivity to initiate the call and that's it, the actual call can be placed between any two mobile.

Many of you must have figured out that you can use crowdcall on your iPod touch as well and make phone calls. Making phone calls on iPod Touch is one of the most searched topics as lot of people are using iPod and want to use it as iPhone (add the feature of calling to it). In the past as well, we have discussed about some apps which allows to make calls from iPod Touch. Today we will discuss about using CrowdCall to make calls from iPod Touch.

CrowdCall Features

  • You just need iPod (with internet) to initiate the call. The actual call will be placed from your mobile phone. So you require : iPod Touch (or iPhone or iPad), Mobile Phone/Landline Phone to talk.
  • Calls can me made (to and from) more than 40 countries including India, China, France, Germany, Italy, Korea etc.. Check the full list here
  • Crowdcall allows upto 10 calls per day, each call lasts for about 30-45 minutes. The call duration depends on the country you are calling. 
  • You can make conference call as well : Up to 20 people able to participate in a call at one time.

How does it work

  • You download the crowdcall application on your iPod touch.
  • You add your own number (set up your number). Crowdcall will call you on this number and then connect to the destination.
  • Add the number which you want to call. Destination Number. 
  • Click Call.
  • It will call you and then ask to press "1". Your call will get connected.

Video Tutorial : How to make free calls from iPod Touch 

Some people have faced difficulties placing free calls with crowdcall, so we decided questions and answers here.

Q. CrowdCall asks for credit to make call.
A. There could be two reason : You have entered incorrect number. First set up your own number correctly like "011. Destination number format .
Other reason : country which you are calling from and to, is not included in free list.

Q. Call does not get through.
A. Make sure you are connected to internet on your iPod Touch. Try again.

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