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How to send Free Sms from PC anywhere in world : List of Website

With the smartphone's all over the market, it ain't difficult or costly to talk or even text. There are large number of smartphone application like Whatsapp, Viber, Chaton etc which allows you to send free text message (chat) with other friends for free.

We are not talking about these in this post, as this is kinda new stuff and some people are not familiar with it. Today's post is dedicated to same old method of sending Free Text Message (Free SMS) from your computer!

Few years back many websites popped up and started offering free sms from website service. Some got really popular like 160by2 and are still working. Some website shut off the services, but the idea of sending free sms from mobile is still liked by many. Before we go into details about the site which allow you to send free international sms, lets see the reasons people actually use these services.

Reasons why Free SMS From PC is popular

  1. It is FREE. International SMS cost me too much.
  2. I find it easier to type on my pc keyboard than on mobile.
  3. I can easily organize contacts on my pc (create contact list).
  4. Organizing Parties/Functions and sending invite : Send Bulk SMS Invitation to all at one go.
  5. Sometimes its good to send anonymous message (your contact number does not show up).

List of websites : Send Free SMS from Computer

  • SMSTexter : This is one of the best sites which I came across for sending free international text message. It kind of works for any country you like sending sms to. I have tried India, Sweden, USA, Canada and it worked like charm. You just put in the recipient phone number (Including country code), type in the message and click send. SMS will be send instantly without any delay (within one minute). The number is not displayed on mobile, so it is kinda anonymous service. Please don't abuse this site.

  • SMSGratisan : Again one of the best sites to send free international text messages. It works for any country. You can send free sms anonymously from web to mobile phone. There is no limit on the number of sms that you can send. Just select the country, enter the mobile number, type in your message, fill the captcha and click send. 

  • EzFreeSMS : I also tried this service to send sms to my Indian mobile number and found it fastest of the lot. It worked like charm. All you need to do is visit the site, enter the mobile number, your message and click send. Message will get delivered to mobile instantly. 
If you google it or search the internet, you will find tons of website for sending sms to mobile. But trust me 90% of those don't even work. We don't want to confuse you with a big list of such sites (and you will end up wasting your time trying all of them). We have ourself above three services and these work.

If you are aware of any other service which also works for sending free international sms, then please let us know. We will first test it out and if it works, then we will include it in the above list.

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