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Nokia Lumia 900 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note : Windows Vs Android Mobile OS Comparison 1

The hunt for a stable, handy, amazing, full of features smartphone continues. If you are planning to move from Symbian Operating system, then obvious choices are either of iOS (iPhone), Android Mobile or Windows Phone (we ruled out blackberry). However choosing between the two (android or windows) can prove to a big task. We thought to compare the two so as to help our readers make a choice.

The most easiest way will be to compare between the two operating system or between android mobile phone vs windows mobile phone. However this cannot be just one comparison, it has to be a series of comparisons. The answer could be different for different segments, android may be best for high range devices but not that great for low range phones. So we will do a comparison between these two (android and windows) in different segment of phones.

Today we decided to take the top level (as of today) of both the categories. This is a windows mobile os Vs Android Mobile OS in high range device's. Or we can say : its Samsung Galaxy Note Vs Nokia Lumia 900. We will rate them on number of factors.

Samsung Galaxy Note (Android) Vs Nokia Lumia 900 (Windows)


Windows Mobile OS Vs Android

Look and Feel

Samsung Galaxy Note just looks like any other device and nothing special. Nokia Lumia 900 on the other hand gives a more premium feel. Galaxy is more kind of bulky and may be difficult to carry (that's my pov).
I guess girls won't even prefer this big phone. Nokia Lumia 900 has some classy touch and feels different.
But from durability point of view, Samsung Galaxy Note seems to be better.
Galaxy Note : 0, Nokia Lumia : 1


Samsung Galaxy Note is super amoled, whereas Lumia is amoled display. Resolution of galaxy is better than of Lumia. The screen size of note is also bigger than Lumia 900. Playing videos and movies on Note feels better than Lumia 900. Galaxy shines better. Samsung Galaxy Note definitely wins over Lumia 900 on this.
Galaxy Note : 1, Nokia Lumia : 1


Both have 8 Mp camera with autofocus and led flash. However Lumia has a carl ziess lens which is better than Galaxy Note. Both have secondary (front facing camera) as well for video calls.
Galaxy Note : 1, Nokia Lumia : 2


Samsung Galaxy Note has a external card slot, so the memory is extendible. However no such facility in Lumia 900.
Galaxy Note : 2, Nokia Lumia : 2

Personalization and Customization

Nokia Lumia 900 is based on Windows Mobile operating system. This operating system is basically the same for almost all the windows devices. The customization and personalization is not that great, whereas Samsung Galaxy Note based on android os has lots and lots of customization in terms of wallpapers, themes, screens, apps... Android OS is definitely a winner on this front.
Samsung Galaxy Note : 3, Nokia Lumia : 2

Hardware and Response Time : Which is faster ?

This is the most important feature (to me atleast). On the high range segment devices, the hardware is almost comparable and pretty same. The processing power is great and lag is not noticeable in this high range phones. Both Samsung Galaxy Note and Nokia Lumia 900 performs great and you won't feel any kind of delay or slowness in the phones. We have tried both the phones, and to some extent Samsung Galaxy Note feels a bit faster as compared to Lumia. Please note that this thing is limited to high range phones (for mid and budget segment phones, android is too slow).
Samsung Galaxy Note : 4, Nokia Lumia : 2

Music and Videos

Nokia Lumia has zune, but the sound quality of samsung galaxy note feels better when compared to nokia lumia. Video experience is almost same in both the device, but between the two we still have to give it to Galaxy note because of the larger display size.
Samsung Galaxy Note : 5, Nokia Lumia : 2

Battery Life

We have noticed that Galaxy Note lasts longer as compared to Lumia 900. So on battery, galaxy note wins over lumia 900.
Samsung Galaxy Note : 6, Nokia Lumia : 2

Ease of Use : User Interface

Windows Mobile are pretty easy to use when compared to complicated android operating system. Though android market place has larger number of applications compared to windows market. However you will find all necessary apps in windows market as well. If you are making switch from blackberry, symbian operating system then windows mobile os is the answer for you. Android is for geeks and tech enthusiasts.
Samsung Galaxy Note : 6, Nokia Lumia : 3


Nokia Lumia is way cheaper than Samsung Galaxy Note (in USA).
Samsung Galaxy Note : 6, Nokia Lumia : 4


There as many other features as well like Pen with Samsung Galaxy Note which makes it more superior to Nokia Lumia 900. So the answer is if you have money and can afford this phone, then buy Samsung Galaxy Note when compared to Nokia Lumia Range.

As expected Android Mobile Operating System wins over Windows Mobile Operating System in this high range mobile segment.

Stay tuned for a comparison between android and windows in mid range devices and budget segment phones. Android's not gonna win always!

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