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Problems with Android : Why not to choose Android Mobiles

If you have been using a Symbian phone or a blackberry mobile and planning to switch to new operating system, then is Android the right choice for you. It could be the right choice however only if you are planning for a high range phone. For mid range phone, you may face some difficulties and issues with android mobiles. These issue's may not be of much concern to you but for some these could be real problems. If you are making a move from iPhone (iOS) to Android, then it could be a big move and may not prove to be wise decision, so think twice before you make this choice.

I have been using Android Mobile (Samsung Galaxy) for quite sometime now, and have faced lots of problems time to time, so I am not a big support for it. That said, I really like the app store associated with Android, like to customize my android I am still going to live with all these problems and issues!

Below is a list of problems that people face with Android Mobiles, or the reasons for which you should not buy a android mobile.

Android Phones are Slow

If you compare this with iPhone3G, iPhone4, blackberry mobiles or even windows mobile still you will find Android mobiles (in general and not any specific phone) slow. You can easily notice the slowness and the delay. Just try opening and closing apps on Android mobile and see the time it takes.
We can surely understand this and Android OS is maturing and it will take time to evolve and get better. But why should customer feel the pain.
Android Phone (specially with processor less than 1GHz are real slow).

Most Application are buggy

The app store is full of applications which are buggy and I wonder does Google (android) really care for it or not. Do they have any kind of quality assurance team.. I mean I can say for sure that almost all people using android mobile have atleast once faced the App crash problem.

Android Operating System itself Crashes : Unstable

How many times have you seen that the OS crashed down and you have to take out the battery or restart the phone. I have faced this plenty of times on my Samsung Galaxy with Android 2.2 (froyo). I guess Android 2.3 is more stable but I am sure it is not as good as iOS.

Android 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, ... How to upgrade ?

With iOS, the upgrade is like click of a button. I have an iPad and it is always in updated state. But how do we actually update the android mobile. These smartphone companies (like Samsung) release the update after so long. When the android 2.4 is launched, they release update for 2.2 for their mobiles.
Updating is also not click of a button. Do you think my mom or dad will care to update their mobile (if they are asked to connect it to pc and then update it).

Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola : Which phone should I chosse ?

All of them are running android operating system, so does that mean the ultimate thing that should matter is hardware. Well the answer is No. Each of these company have their modded version of android software.
The choice between the phone gets more tough.

Battery Life : Why should I charge it daily 

I have to charge my android mobile daily. And if I use wifi/videos/music continuously, then I have to charge twice a day. WHY?
Android requires lots of power. Guys please do some power optimization and reduce your power consumption.

Is your phone unique

I am sure the answer is No. New phones, new operating system are launched even before you actually got used to the old ones. Your mobile is the most common thing (though I can say this for iPhone as well now).

Its Complicated : Android is for Geeks

No, I am not talking about my relationship status. I am talking about my new android phone. Its really difficult for people to get used to this android device. I am sure my mom will not be able to use android mobile, and even I buy her one : all she will do with it is Make Phone Calls (Nothing Smart in that).

Incompatibility : Most Apps don't work on my Android Version

The time you bought your phone the trend was for Android 2.2 and you got lots of apps for it. It was just one year back. Now the android latest version is Android 2.3 or 4.0 and you noticed that lots of new apps are not developed for your device. So, only option for you is to upgrade your operating system. Please make apps which are compatible with all devices.

These mobile companies are asking for so much money (pricing) and what you are giving is a buggy, huge power consuming device which crashes atleast one a week.

If you have also faced problems with Android Phones, then please share it with us.

madhur article :

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August 5, 2012 at 8:10 PM

I believe ur article is tooo out-dated. If you had posted this article one or two years ago I would have accepted you. But you are wrong.

Android Icecream Sandwich is faster than IOS and they have proved it (check in internet). Also regarding choosing a phone or installing an App - its same like choosing a laptop/pc. If you want a gud one you need to do a bit of R&D before you buy it and ofcourse latest apps would only work with latest OS (same like windows).

In terms of Iphone, there are equally disadvantages. You cannot download an app outside a Mac Store (unless u jail break it). Also most of the apps are not free. And ofcourse u cannot install a latest app in an old iphone. Also Compare the price of a latest iphone with an android phone (without contract)??

I am not a fan of Android or Iphone, but all I want to say is your article is not fully correct. May be you need to a bit of R&D before you publish.


August 7, 2012 at 7:47 AM

Thanks Anonymous for dropping by and sharing your views.

Regarding Android IC Sandwich faster than iOS, Well I am currently using it in my galaxy ace.
What I have written is from my experience. Android works great (fast) till the time your phone memory is empty. After you have installed apps and start using many apps at same time, then it show its true colors. You can notice the speed. Those using it on Galaxy Note/S2/S3 or other high end mobiles, android works great (may be better than iOS).

I am not saying that iOS is better than Android, its just faster and more stable.

I may not have done too much RnD on this, but the article is inspired from my (and my friends) experience.

Regarding Apps, the app store is no match w.r.t apple store (in terms of ease of finding apps, installing and uninstalling apps). Even I would say windows market is more user friendly than android market (google play).

The thing which is too great about Google Play is you can install the app on your PC (account) and it will automatically sync to your phone.

Stability :
If you have been using Android (any version), then you can answer this question.
Have your Operating System (or any application) on it crashed atleast once ?
Crash is when the apps closes automatically, or your phone got hang or it got switched off automatically.

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