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IndiaMinutes Review : Wholesale Calling Rates to India, is it ?

So many calling cards, so many different voip services, so many voip applications, so much competition. Well this is all for good. With such competition around, the international calling rates have come to such low prices. Making calls to India from USA used to cost around 5-10 cents (just two three years back).. and now almost all the services are offering it to 1-2 cents per min (5 times lower), and some are even giving away for free. Today we will look at another cheap option for making calls to India : IndiaMinutes!

Though IndiaMinutes claim it to be a wholesale provider, but I guess prices ain't wholesale. IndiaMinutes calling rates are though low as compared to telecom providers, but these are almost same as to what other voip providers are offering. So lets see whether you should go for IndiaMinutes or not.

Also don't go by its name, Indiaminutes can be used to call just any country in the world (and not just India). I guess their customer base is mostly people calling India and that's the reason for this name.

India Minutes Review

IndiaMinutes - Calling Rates

  • Calls to India Mobiles : 1.5 cents per min
  • Calls to India Landline : 1.7 cents per min
  • Calls to Bangladesh : 4.5 cents per min
  • Calls to Pakistan : 4.7 cents per min
  • Calls to Saudi Arabia : 7.9 cents per min
  • You pay for what you call. 
  • No additional taxes are added to your calls. The call rates are all inclusive of taxes. 
  • No connection fees
  • No monthly charges, no maintenance fees.

How does IndiaMinute Work 

  • First you need to sign up for the service and purchase some credit.
  • Register (add) a phone number from which you will be making calls.
  • You need to dial a local access number from any registered phone. You can also make calls to toll free (1800 --) number.
  • Dial the international number and your call will get connected to your destination. 
  • No pin requires, complete pinless dialing. 

Why should you choose India Minutes

  • Cheap calling rates to about 200 countries
  • Pinless Dialing
  • No hidden costs
  • Speed Dial options- add the numbers you call most often on a speed dial
  • Register Multiple Phones
  • Customer Service in 11 languages
  • Your first call to India is free.
  • Rates include all taxes and fees
  • No expiration
  • Auto recharge (optional)
  • View call records and purchases
  • Good call quality

Anything Else about IndiaMinutes

Yes one more thing, its about IndiaMinutes Referral Bonus promotion. Every time someone enters your promo code at sign-up they will get $5.00 free and your account will also be credited $5.00. This is quite interesting as the person signing also has a benefit when signing up with a referral link.

Why not to go for India Minutes

  • There is nothing special about IndiaMinutes. Almost all the voip providers are offering the same rates.
  • Calling method is just dial around. No smartphone app, no PC application..
  • Its just like a calling card with lower rates....that's it!
  • If you are satisfied with your old voip provider, no need to make a switch to this one.

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