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iPhone Features Wishlist : What do you want in an iPhone

Launch of iPhone 5 is just around the corner. Apple's iPhone is the leader is smartphone and the technology as well. It is the most sold smartphone (in last five years). The range of iPhone mobile (iPhone 1G, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S) is not as wide as what Samsung is offering, still it tops the list on user liking, the reason is simple iPhone Features.

iPhone 5 will soon get unveiled in a day, that is 12th Sep and its feature list will get disclosed. However it may not be having all the feature which user wants in his iPhone. We have captured below a list of feature (what we call a feature wishlist for iPhone) which we would like to be in iPhone. It will be nice to know which of these feature actually make it out to iPhone 5!

We are pretty sure many of the wishlist features will not make it to iPhone5, but we just hope these comes into iPhone6, or iPhone7!
iPhone Features Wishlist

iPhone Features Wishlist

  • Please increase the screen size : 3.5 inch is too old guys, 4.3 inch is sort of industry standard now. All high end mobiles are launched with this minimum size.
  • Higher Battery Life : I don't want to charge my iPhone daily! Please work on your power consumption. I want to charge it once a week ! Sunday to Sunday :)
  • Cordless Charging : I guess this technology is already out in the market. Apple, please get this into iPhone as well. 
  • Replaceable Batter : The iPhone doesn't have a replaceable battery. This sucks!
  • Projection Technology : Let me take the screen out and project it out on the wall. Intext Mobiles (India) have already launched such phones.
  • NFC : "Near field communication" is a short-range wireless technology that lets your smartphone do lots of cool things, from beaming content to other devices nearby to using your phone as a mobile wallet. This is expected in iPhone 5.
  • 4G - LTE : Expected in iPhone 5.
  • Camera : Nokia has better Camera Lens (and megapixels as well)...Please come out with some amazing camera.
  • Inbuilt Google Voice Integration : Just accept it, Google Voice is widely used voip service so please do some integration and give native google voice solution. 
  • Dual Core CPU : Better Processor : iPad 2 has certainly one good processor, so why not iPhone5.
  • Wireless iTunes Synchronization : I just hate to open iTunes on my laptop and then connect my phone to it. I rather prefer Oplayer for movies. But having wireless sync with iTunes will be really good feature.
  • FM/AM : I know this does not sound nice, but yeah I like radio.
  • Please give some good accessories with iPhone. I don't like your earphone. Please change this to some headphone or in ear (earphones).
  • External SD Card Slot : Why..why does it not have extendible memory.
  • Biometric Security : One of very nice to have feature. Fingerprint scan or Retina Scan... what say ?
  • Metallic Body or Some Shinny Body : Are we not bored of that old look...please upgrade!!
Do you want to add more ?
Just post in the comment section and we will include it here.

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