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Keku Calling Cards : Keku Android, iPhone, PC App Review

You must have heard about the stanacard, the famous calling card service. They have now renamed their calling card service as Keku. The name is funny though, but the new service looks quite interesting. Not only it works as a calling card, but its a complete voip service offering application for smartphones and tablets as well (iPhone and Android).

Keku patent technology is used by over 13 million people. The service is absolutely free to sign up. It is very easy to use and simple to manage. If you have iPhone or Android Mobile, then you can use the app to make free calls to other KeKu app users.

You can use KeKu from anywhere in the world. In about 41 countries, Keku have 'Local Numbers' which means you can make KeKu calls from any phone (SmartPhone, Normal Mobile or even landline). In the other countries, you will need to get the KeKu app to use the service.

KeKu Android iPhone App

I am in KeKu Listed Country ....
They will give you a Local Number for each of your international contacts. When you call a Local Number, keku will automatically connect you to your friend at our great rates. Your phone company will treat this just like a local call, so you don't have to worry about expensive bills. These Local Numbers are yours to keep so you can save them in your phone and call them anytime. Plus, your friend will see your phone number as their caller ID, so they'll know it's you.

I am not in KeKu Listed Countr ...
Use Keku app for iPhone, Android. They will sync with your contacts, so calling is as simple as choosing the person you want to call. View app in App Store and Google Play.

Bonus Credit with Keku

Know other people that would benefit from KeKu’s cheap and easy international calling? Tell them about KeKu and you could both receive up to $10 bonus credit FREE!

KeKu Features

- High quality international calling at great rates.
- No connection fees.
- One-minute rounding.
- No contract.
- And no expiry on credit

Just Check The Feature Comparison Below : 
KeKu Comparison

KeKu Calling Rates

Calls to India from USA at 1.89 cents per min

KeKu Unlimited Monthly Plan

- Get 30 days of unlimited calls to India (mobiles and landlines) for only $19.99. You can make these calls from 2 Registered Phones.
- Terms and Condition says : Maximum of 3000 Minutes

Good thing is that they have monthly plan for each country (the cost of plan vary depending on country). For Pakistan it is about $35 per month (still a very good option).

KeKu SmartPhone Apps

- iPhone
- Android
- Plus, if you are in one of 41 countries that have Local Numbers, then you can use the app without Internet access!

Keku Group Call : Voice Conference on iPhone and Android

Make cheap group calls to your friends and family overseas - with the swipe of a finger. This app works directly from your iPhone contact list. Just "swipe" the contacts you want to call into a group, view the rates, and press call. The app does all of the work of connecting everyone. No connecting lines or entering pin codes.

And KeKu Andoird app : Latest User Reviews...
- I have been using keku since it was called stanacard. And I have bought so many credits over the years... But now that I try enjoying the call other keku users for free keku has let me down... I even contacted them and still they wouldn't fix it...
- Recently IM facing call and Bluetooth disconnect problem with Android 4.0.4..after I update to this version, it shows some error and call drops... And more over in normal situations also call drops frequently... Now rate also is increased for unlimited calling... The voice quality is very poor...
- Average Rating 4/5

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