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ooVoo does not work on my Mac : How do I fix this

Its good that you finally decided to get over with Skype and look at its alternatives. Since you are using a Mac computer, I am sure you must be using Facetime application on it. But thing is not many people use Facetime so you definitely need other video calling software. We have been telling people to try out ooVoo as its the best Skype Alternative. Infact it is better than Skype in many ways, specially the 12 way video conferencing is just awesome. ooVoo has its voip application for computer (PC), Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and what not. It has application for almost all kinds of devices. The video calling feature works great on all these devices.

We suggested one our reader about ooVoo (as he was looking for something other than Skype) and he tried "ooVoo" on his mac, but turns out that he faced lots of problem installing and using it on his Mac. So, we thought to look into the problems and let you know the solutions for them. Please go through the post, just incase you want to install and use ooVoo on your Mac, then you won't have to face such issues.

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Download for ooVoo on Mac

The latest version of ooVoo is and it requires Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6.x) or later.
ooVoo only works with Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6) and Lion (OSX 10.7)and Mountain Lion (OSX 10.8).  If you are on an earlier operating system you will have to upgrade to use ooVoo.

Send Video Message with ooVoo on Mac ....

Turns out that this feature is not present on ooVoo for Mac. The ability to send video message will be added in one of the future Mac releases.

Problems in loggin in ... every time is says "upgrade needed"...

Please try the following:
  1. Remove your current version of ooVoo
  2. Restart your Mac
  3. Download  and install the latest ooVoo application for Mac 
Also please note the following.

- If you recently signed up for ooVoo and you are trying to use your email address as your ID to sign in with, you cannot currently use your email address. Please let us know and we will give you a numeric ID to use to sign in.
- You cannot use special characters in your password - only letters and numbers (abc123). 
- If you are experiencing sign in problems on Lion and have had Chinese, Japanese or Korean selected as your default language, you will need to change the default to to English, restart your Mac and sign in.

Application keeps on crashing...and asks to send error report

Well this is something that should not happen. What we can suggest is to try removing the old version and install the latest app. You can also clean your system too see if it helps.
Otherwise you need to contact ooVoo Customer Support.

To Fix camera and audio issues

Please delete the file ooVoo.plist in order to solve the problem you are experiencing, following the
directions below:
- Quit from ooVoo select OOVOO/QUIT OOVOO from the grey bar at the top of the page.
- Open the Finder and click Command+Shift+G
- In the Go to the folder window that opens type: ~/library and press go.
- Locate and then open the Preferences folder
- Find the file called ooVoo.plist. Delete the file by dragging it to the trash
- Run ooVoo again (The create new ooVoo account window will be opened, please close it and login
with your existing account)

ooVoo Facebook and Mac ...

The answer is simple. Not yet there! (works only on windows and not Mac).

Some other Misc Questions

Q. I have set the default camera as manycam on my macbook. I have now learned that you cannot do that. It will not let me change back to my iSight camera. It says camera in use. Please fix this!
A. - Uninstall ManyCam and problem will get solved.
- Also make sure the camera is not being used by any other applications like photobooth and then check your oovoo settings

Please note that ultimate solution to many of your problems would be to try reinstalling the ooVoo software for Mac.

If you have any other problem with using Mac ooVoo application, then please let us know.

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