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Trapcall : How does it actually work to reveal caller ID

Trapcall has made a big name in the industry. And why not, it is a one stop solution for unmasking the blocked calls and revealing caller ID. Ever wondered, how you can actually get to know who's calling even if the caller ID displayed shows "Private Number" or "Caller ID Blocked". If someone's bothering you by making those masked calls, Trapcall can help you.

That being said, people have always wondered about this service. As the service is not free, you must satisfy yourself (get answers to all your queries) before you jump on to buy the plans. Moreover its service is currently available only in USA and Canada. I am sure you must be having many questions in your mind about Trapcall like "How it works", "Will it work on my mobile", "Does it work on landline" etc etc...

We decided to dig deep into the common questions and have prepared a list of QnA about these. Yeah, and the part about its working is interesting. Lets find out! - Unmask Blocked Calls

Q. How does TrapCall works to unmask those blocked calls ?
A.  After signing up, TrapCall instructs new users to reprogram their cell phones to send all rejected, missed and unanswered calls to TrapCall's own number. When a blocked or restricted call shows up on a users cell phone, the user just presses the button on the phone that would normally send the call to voicemail. The call then loops through TrapCall's systems where it's unmasked, then sent back to the user's phone, with the caller's number displayed as the Caller ID. All the while the caller hears a normal ring tone, oblivious to the fact that you know exactly who they are.

But how can it get the caller ID. 
Well, it is based on the fact fact that toll-free numbers are not blocked, so it reroutes all calls through a TrapCall toll-free number. And why calls to toll-free numbers are not blocked, because those calls are paid for by the recipient.

So what TrapCall is doing is basically forwarding the call to their own network (Toll Free Number). As we said that calls to Toll Free are not blocked, so the caller id is revealed to them. They can then transfer the call to you with proper caller id. The whole process takes about 5 to 6 seconds !!

Q. Does it have any app ?
A. Yes you can use Trapcall on your iphone or trapcall for your android mobile. It even has an application for blackberry phones. That said, it can work on any phone without the need of any software. Its just that these apps being some additional features.

Q. Will TrapCall work on my mobile. I do not have those iPhone's and Android, its just a simple mobile.
A. Don't worry at all. Trapcall does not require any special software installation or download to be made, so it works on ALL phones and it works on most cell carriers. TrapCall even works with your landlines. TrapCall currently supports AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and MetroPCS in the US

Q. Is this some kind of SCAM ? Never heard of this kind of service before.
A. Trust us. It is not a Scam. Trapcall really works, infact they are very popular now with large base of satisfied customers.

Q. Can I record my incoming calls as well (for future use).
A. Yes, Trapcall has this feature of call recording as well. To enable call recording for your incoming calls please log in to your TrapCall account online and click the Phone Settings tab where you will see the Recording Settings link. On this Recordings Settings page you can enable or disable call recording.

Q. How to program my phone for this to work. Is this complex ?
A. The simple answer is No. All it requires is simple signup and just some codes to be pressed on your phone. Infact they have tutorials for that as well. It takes few seconds to program your phone. Even my grandmother can do it! Its basically simple call forwarding.

Q. How can I unprogram my phone (I no longer need this service).
A.  If you are an ATnT or a T-Mobile customer, just dial ##004# and then press send.
If you are a Verizon customer, dial *73 and then press send.
If you are a Sprint customer, dial *38 and then press send.

This resets your phone to its original settings. Additionally, you can find these instructions online in your account under the Need Help? link once you've logged in.

Please note that this alone does not cancel your account with TrapCall. If you wish to completely cancel your account with TrapCall, you must do so by logging in to the TrapCall website and visiting the Cancel Subscription page.

Q. What if I change my mobile number and still want to use Trapcall.
A. No issues, just change the number in the trapcall account. Simply log on with the old number and edit the number to change it to new one.

You can also check the Trapcall review for more information about this service.

Do you have anymore questions ? Just shoot on to us. Otherwise, its time to try TrapCall.

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