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Tribair Voip Review | Another Skype Alternative with Cheap Rates

Voip industry has grown pretty big. Earlier it was just limited to calling cards and a few people used to make PC to Phone Calls (Voice and Video). Things have changed so much now and almost all smartphone users are using one or other voip application. These apps are now extensively used for making voice calls, video calls, or sending text sms. And why not, voip services are damn cheap and will help you save a lot of money as compared to your telecom provider.

The good thing about these mobile voip services, is that the calls between them (like Skype to Skype) are always free (voice, video or text) and you just have to pay for services like making calls to normal mobile (not using the same voip service). Now a lot of people have been using Skype for quite long, but does it mean that it is the cheapest and the best. Whatever be the answer to that question but it does make sense to check out other options as well. Today we will look at another such voip provider (mobile voip provider) named Tribair Voip!

Tribair Voip

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What is Tribair Voip ?

Tribair is a free mobile application available on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad devices. Once installed, you can start making calls directly from your contact list. Calls are routed over a WiFi or 3G network and can save your precious airtime minutes. You can even remove your SIM card and still use the service, which makes it a perfect solution if you travel and want to stay away from huge roaming bill charges.

How does does Tribair Voip work ?

- For Apple mobile devices, download Tribair from the Apple App store, and install it on your device.
- For Google Android phones, download Tribair from the Google Android Market, and install it on your Android device.
- You need to have internet on your mobile. Be it wifi or 3G, it all works. 

Does Tribair offer any free test calls ?

Make a few test calls for free and then buy some credits and make incredibly affordable calls to landline and mobile phones worldwide.

What are Tribair Calling Rates ?

- App is free to download.
- Calls are free to other Tribair users
- No connection fees, no hidden charges.
- Calls to mobiles (non tribair users) is paid.

Tribair International Calling Rates

- India : 3 cents per min
- Pakistan : 2 cents per min
- Bangladesh : 5 cents per min
- USA : 1 cent per min
- Mexico : 2 cents per min

When does Tribair Credit Expire ?

Your Tribair credits will expire 6 months after purchase. If you make a new purchase prior to the expiration date of the unused credits, the expiration date for all credits will be extended for another 6 months.

Anything else which can be done with Tribair

You can also chat, sent pictures and videos to other Tribair member always for free. It is a good alternative for SMS and MMS.

Tribair voip is just like any another mobile voip provider. No new feature which would attract new customers. The calling rates are also same like others (some even offer cheaper). However still, if you are fed up with your old voip provider, then Tribair can be a good alternative.

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