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Ultra Mobile : Test them and try Free International Calls

Yeah, everyone's talking about Ultra Mobile. Well atleast that's what their tag line says about. Ultra Mobile is a new telecom service (mobile operator) that is planned to be launched very soon in USA. Well their is something definitely unique about them, which is what they are promoting.

With UltraMobile, you bring your own sim to them, they will pop their sim to it and it becomes Ultra. Actually what's more interesting about them is their calling plans. These are somewhat very competitive and many people will get attracted to them. Ultra Mobile also claims that they will offer a very good service and the calling rates will be very competitive (better than many calling cards and voip services).

Currently they are in beta phase and are testing their service. Under this they are giving free international calls. We will be talking more about it in latter part of this post.

Ultra Mobile Calling Plans

- Talk and Text Plan for $29 per month
- Talk, Text and and unlimited data (which included $5 international talktime) for just $39
- Talk & Text, Unlimited Data with 1GB at 4G Speeds. $20 Int’l Credit : all this for just $49

With $49 plan, you’ll get 1000 minutes of calling to India, China, Mexico, Europe landlines, and many other destinations. Calling to the rest of the world is priced better than calling cards.

Ultra Mobile Features

  • Nationwide 4G
  • International Direct Dial
  • Free 411
  • 3 Way Calling
  • Caller ID

Free International Calls with Ultra Mobile

Currently Ultra Mobile is testing its service, under which you can make calls to many countries for free. Lets see how :
- Dial (626) 200-4136 ( 626 is a Southern California area code)
- When prompted, dial 011 + the country code and the number you want to call.
- Ultra Mobile will connect you for free. No strings attached. You are helping us test the service.

Terms and Conditions with Free Test Calls

- India, Cuba, Somalia, Nigeria – Mobile, Egypt – Mobile, and Philippines – Manila are all blocked already. You cannot make calls to these countries. You can try for rest of the countries.
- Quality to certain destinations might be poor, as it is in test phase right now.

With the launch of this service, things will get better with UltraMobile. Lets wait and watch to see how the actual thing comes up! Stay tuned for updates on UltraMobile.

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