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What's new in iPhone5 | Features, Price and Launch in India

The curtain over iPhone5 has been removed! The much awaited gadget will soon be seen in hands of many people. It has received mixed reviews with some people really liking and praising the its new look, new features and some just criticizing that it's just another smartphone with nothing revolutionary in it.

Apple has tried many new things with this iPhone like bigger screen, making it thinner, adding a better processor, but does that make it the best phone in the market. I am personally not very much satisfied with the new device, may be the reason is Apple itself. I mean with Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad and every time something new and unique, Apple just raised our expectations too much. I guess we were just over expecting from Apple (did you checked our iPhone Features Wishlist) ?

Another reason I believe for Apple not coming with something revolutionary is competition. Android, Windows Mobile have nothing new in them (not sure if anything is pipe lined for future). So may be Apple is still keeping the good cards with themselves and will reveal them only when they see any threat from competition.

I guess Apple has made quite a large base of loyal customers over period of time and there is no doubt that iPhone5 will be sold heavily (it is certainly a damn good device).

So if you are planning to buy iPhone 5, just check what's new in it and then decide.

iPhone 5 Feature Hands On

iPhone 5 : New Features

  • Larger 4-inch screen : This makes the iPhone look better than its previous versions.
  • Better Resolution : 1136x640 pixels : This effectively means that you will have a better viewing experience while watching videos, playing games etc.
  • The new iPhone 5 also sports 4G LTE connectivity : More fast browsing. 
  • A6 chip is twice as fast as previous versions : Its a quad core chip.
  • iPhone 5 has an improved battery life. 
  • New iSight camera : 8 Mp Camera
  • Lighter than previous versions : 112g weight
  • It has new iOS 6 with features like Map instructions : turn-by-turn navigation
"It is the thinnest and lightest iPhone we've ever made," said Apple marketing vice president Philip Schiller who presented the new model.

Features which I like most

Maps : With the new processor which is incredibly fast, the satellite experience of maps is just amazing. You can actually see the 3D image of a fly over, houses etc.

Full Screen Video/Movie Experience : With such great retina display and now so high resolution, you can watch HD movies and enjoy the experience. Its just amazing!

Small Connector : Connect it any side. This is damn good feature and very useful.

Panoramic Shot : Its just awesome, no words for this. The image looks just amazing.

Facetime Call : Right over the cellular network. Make the call from anywhere you are!


iPhone 5 Release Date

Well, the release date of iPhone 5 is 21st September (not in India).

iPhone 5 : Release Date in India

Apple seems to be not bother about the huge Indian market. I don't understand the reason.
Well it is no surprise that the release dates for iPhone 5 in India are not yet out. So if you want to buy iPhone5 in India, you will have to wait a bit longer (or may be ask any of your friend in US to get this gadget for you)!

iPhone 5 : Expected Price in India

Price of iPhone5 in India is again is mystery! Well, I am guessing that it will be around 45-50K INR when released in India. (Lets see if they come up with some contract plans and give this device under 15K).

Finally, just check the video below about the iPhone 5 Features and decide yourself, whether you really want this device or not.

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