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Cheaper than Skype Calls : Voip App for Android and iPhone

I had been using Skype for quite a long time now, no doubt it is one of the best voip provider. Skype is still most widely used voip provider and quite famous for all those video calls. But what about making calls to non skype users (calls to normal mobile or landline phones). Well Skype charges a lot of money for that and I don't want spend so much on my phone bills.

To let you know I have both Android Mobile and iPhone so if I can get an app for either android or iphone or both, using which I can make cheap international calls then it will be just great. I straightaway started searching google play store for such applications. And no surprise, I found one app with named "Voip - Call Cheaper than Skype". Well the name is exactly what was I looking for, so is my search came to an end ?

First I need to check more details about this app. Some interesting things which I found (and are worth sharing).

- Rates are 67% cheaper than Skype
- Cheap VOIP calls over Wifi
- International calls has never been that cheap.
- Using Wifi, call directly from your cellphone / mobile phone without using your "minutes", without any roaming fee.
- No connection fees
- Cheap calling app #1 in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and many more countries.
- This app is very popular where calls are expensive like in arabic / middle east countries like Oman, Saudia Arabia, United Arab Emirates / UAE, Egypt, Kuwait.
- This App is based on CSipSimple and is licensed under GNU GPL v3.

So the things which are of interest was "it uses Wifi to make calls" and they claim rates to be very cheap. I still need to confirm the second point (about rates).

To check the rates I was asked to visit "" (the voip service who has developed this application). Well, I found that it has an application for iPhone users as well. And and and, it offers some free trial credit as well.

Cheaper than Skype

Calling Rates

- India at 2 cents per min
- Philippines at 10 cents per min

- Another Skype Alternative : Tribair Voip

Some other points which I found at roamaside

- Your RoamAside credits will expire 6 months after purchase. If you make a new purchase prior to the expiration date of the unused credits, the expiration date for all credits will be extended for another 6 months.
- You can make incredibly affordable calls to landline and mobile phones worldwide. Just make sure you formatted the number in an international format, e.g.12125551234 for US phone number.
- You can also make calls over 3G. On iphone, it is on by default and it is a phone general setting.
To deactivate the 3G network you must be in airplane mode or in General -> Network : Disable 3G.
-  On android, calls over 3G are not permitted by default. To allow them, go in RoamAside Menu and settings : Use data plan.

Well that is not all, I do not start using the any app without noticing its reviews. The reviews on android market are sort of good for this app. It is rated 4.3 with 755 people giving 5 star rating. Few bad ones are.
Doesn't work on my Samsung tab 7.7
How do you wanna me to buy credit before i try the service..10 cents is not enough anyway thank you
Bought a 20 USD subscription but did not credited. This application sucks!

Well people have given positive ratings and call rates are also cheap but that does not mean I can risk my money. I will try this service buying with minimum credit and will check if it works for me or not. If you were also looking for some solution offering cheaper calls then Skype, then you can also try this app.

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