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Download VoipR : Make Cheap International Calls and Save Phone Bills

Its time for another voip provider by Dellmont sarl (the very old betamax voip provider), which is quite famous for offering very cheap calling rates. Many people have successfully used betamax, however many other complained about betamax increasing the rates without notice. If you remember Rynga, ActionVoip, WellCallDirect all these are services by betamax. Things may have changed in terms of their service and now we have a new service by dellmont sarl, named VoipR.

Lets just hope voipR will hold onto its calling rates and provide a good service. Using voipR is pretty simple and straight forward. You just need to download the voipR application on your smartphone, register with them, buy some voipR points and start making calls. Calling rates are also very competitive. But one thing to be noted is that the application is possible only for Android or iPhone. Also make sure to check with their customer support, as betamax has very bad reputation for its customer support.

VoipR Calling Rates
- 100 VoipR points for $0.99
- 200 VoipR points for $1.99
- 400 VoipR points for $3.99
- 700 VoipR points for $5.99
- 1500 VoipR points for $11.99

Calling Rates to :
- India at 2 points per min
- Pakistan at 18 voipr points per min
- Bangladesh at 5 voipr points per min
- USA at 1 voipr per min
- Mexico at 1 voipr per min

VoipR Application
- Download VoipR for Android
- Download VoipR for iPhone

Some other VoipR Features :
- Call any country and save on mobile calling charges
- Unlock secret achievements to earn free points
- Gather as much free VoipR points as possible

If you have an iPhone or android mobile, then voipR can prove to be a good choice for you. The call rates to India comes at about 2 cents per min (which is not the best rate but very competitive). 

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