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How to take Whatsapp History Backup on iPhone, Android, Blackberry : Recover Old Chats

If you have any smartphone be it iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows or Nokia Mobile, then you must be using Whatsapp on it. Its such a great application and has helped me save so much money on my phone bills (my text messages via mobile operator has almost reduced by 95%). Chatting with friends, sending jokes, or sharing pictures and videos, Whatsapp is so much fun.

I particularly like the group chat feature and message broadcast. Another good thing about whatsapp is that chat history remains as it is. I can see my previous messages as well. But what if you accidentally delete the chat history (what we call the whatsapp history) and it just disappears. That will be quite annoying, its like all my messages got deleted (I can't afford that). There has to be some way in order to get back those messages. The question is how can I backup/restore my whatsapp history.

If you are new to whatsapp, then its high time that you check out Whatsapp Messenger application for your smartphone. Its a must have app for every mobile. And if you don't have any smartphone, then you should start using this cool application on your computer.

Whatsapp Recover Old Chat History

But before we go into details of restoring the chat history. Lets first see, how it can get deleted.

1. Selectively deleting a particular message of a particular chat.
Go to the particular chat (where you want to delete a message). Tap and hold the message (one message), and delete will appear in popup. Select that.

2. Delete a particular chat (with one friend).
Go to the conversation (chat with that friend). Click more icon, and select "clear messages".

3. Delete Whatsapp (all chats with all friends).
Click more (adjacent to settings), and select "clear all messages". It will delete everything, every whatsapp chat.

Aahh...and now how to get this all back.

Backup of Whatsapp Chat on Android Mobile

WhatsApp automatically makes backups every 24 hours and stores them on the microSD memory card of your Android phone. To restore the most recent back up, you will need to delete and reinstall WhatsApp. If you need to restore older messages, check out "Restoring older (less recent) backups". During the installation process, you will be prompted to restore your message history. Choose yes to restore your missing chats. Now those chats that you once thought lost should be in your WhatsApp chats menu.
  • There are only up to 7 days worth of backup files 
  • Any new messages sent/received after a backup, and deleted before the next backup, cannot be restored.
  • If you run a manual backup, it will overwrite the most recent automatic backup file. 
  • If you do not want to lose your current history (newest messages), create a manual backup. 
  • This manual backup file will be saved as "msgstore.db.crypt" in your /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases folder. Save this file as "msgstore.db.crypt.current" so you do not get it confused with other backup files during the restoration process. 

Restoring Whatsapp Chat History on iPhone

Since your WhatsApp conversation history is not stored on the servers, they cannot retrieve any deleted messages for you. However, Apple does provide a process that allows you to retrieve deleted data. If you synced your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud, you may be able to retrieve your information. To prevent losing your chats, you can email yourself the chat history if you would like to save a conversation:
- Load WhatsApp
- Go to Settings Scroll to the bottom and select "Email Chat History"
- From the "Chat History" screen, select the conversation you would like to save.
- Select if you want to "Attach Media" or email the conversation "Without Media".
- Enter your email address and hit send!

Whatsapp History on Blackberry

- It automatically does not get stored. First of all you have to activate message history archiving in the settings menu. You can turn message history off or save it to the media card. And then history can be easily browsed in the chat window by scrolling to the top and click "View earlier messages". Please note that this only works if you have media card installed on your phone.

Retrieving Whatsapp History on Nokia

The best way to keep your chat history safe is to just select the email the conversation to yourself. This works on almost all mobiles (where whatsapp work) and will work for Nokia Mobiles as well.

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October 8, 2012 at 4:41 AM

hi are u sure to save it as msgstore.db.crypt.current? because when i saved it like that its showing like this msgstore.db.crypt.current.crypt

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