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How to Make Free Video Calling on TV (Buy Nothing)

You have the experience of video calls on your mobile, tablet or your computer screen. Well all those are pretty small screen. Though it is exciting to make video calls but we all are used to it now and get very less fun in those calls. The experience of video calling on a bigger screen (say your television) is just amazing.

We have been discussing how you can enjoy skype calling on your TV with the method of buying Skype Ready TV or purchasing a TV Webcam (and/or Skype Blu Ray Player). Though all of these works pretty good, but thing is all of these methods requires you to spend some good amount of money.

What people have asked us is to provide a solution so that they don't have to buy any new special television, or any special webcam devices or those blu ray players. We decided to just post one of the simplest and easiest method to make video calls on your TV and without the need to buy anything extra. Lets see how.

Concept : Free Video Calls on Television

What you want is to see the other person on a bigger screen. In the methods we posted earlier (buying Skype Ready TV) also required that webcam and Mic to be separate and extra. So all the input devices are apart from TV. Skype was something which was played (installed in the TV) or blu ray player. Offcourse you could have also used your Playstation for video calling with Skype.

If we can just use our normal webcam and Skype (which is installed on your computer or smartphone) and use the TV screen to view the other person. For speakers (audio output), we can either use the TV speakers or your computer speakers.

PS : Though in the post we have been using Skype (as our video calling software), but the method works for any video calling software like ooVoo, Fring, Tango or any other which you normally use.


- Laptop where you have Skype (or any video calling software) Installed
- Webcam (Any webcam or laptop webcam also works)
- TV (with or without HDMI support works)
- HDMI cable if your TV and laptop have HDMI support, otherwise VGA cable also works.

If your TV/Laptop has HDMI support, then you will get audio from TV speakers. Otherwise the audio will still be from external or laptop speakers.

Setup and Instructions : Video Calling on TV

1. Make sure that Skype is installed and working properly on your laptop.
2. Connect your webcam to your laptop (skip this is webcam already in laptop)
3. Connect your computer to your TV using the HDMI Cable or VGA Cable.
4. Press suitable keys so that screen is shared with TV/projector.
5. You will now see the laptop screen on your TV.
6. Start Skype on your laptop (its output will be on TV only).
7. Mic is used of laptop only, so make sure it is not at very distance from you.
8. Speakers output is of TV or your laptop.

Facing any problems, just let us know in the comment section.

Skype-ready Blu-ray player to make video calls on TV

Continuing on the series of posts about enhancing your video calls experience, we decided to check out the third option for skype video calls on TV, that is "Skype Ready Blu Ray Player and TV Webcam". We have already covered about Skype ready TV and TelyHD Cam which are other two options for video calls on television using Skype.

This method is again for the people who do not have any Skype Ready TV and want to make video calls on their normal TV (offcourse there is no sense spending so much money to buy new television, just for one additional feature). So what we are suggesting is a Skype Ready Blu Ray Player and a TV Webcam which can be connected to your television and convert it to video calling device.

With Skype on your TV, you can enjoy high quality Skype calls with family and friends around the world right from your living room. No computer needed. No complicated equipment to set up and manage. All you have to do is plug in, gather the family and — hey presto — there’s always something great to watch.

The combination goes like
Blu Ray Player (Skype Ready) + TV Webcam + Broadband Internet + TV + Skype Account = Ultimate experience of video calls.

Skype BluRay Player Method

Lets see some of Skype Ready Bluray Players and compatible webcams.

Sony 3D Blu Ray Disc Player

Price in India : Rs 9971 with Free Delivery

  • Sony Internet TV – Get instant access to must-have entertainment, including thousands of hit movies, TV shows, music choices, online videos and games.
  • Share Personal Entertainment – Wirelessly connect to your PC to stream music, videos and photos to your Blu-ray Disc™ Player.
  • 16 Bit Video Processing
  • Dolby TrueHD and dts - HD internal decoding and bitstream output via HDMI™
  • Built-In WiFi – Easily connect to the Internet through your home's wireless broadband network.
  • iPhone/iPad and Android™ phone Remote Control - Download the free “Media Remote” app to your iPhone, iPad or compatible Android™ phone and turn it into a versatile remote control.
  • Quick Start/Quick Load – Begin enjoying your entertainment faster than ever.
  • I/P Noise Reduction – Improve the picture quality of internet entertainment and enjoy crisp, clear images on your HDTV.
  • 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Full HD 1080p playback with 2D to 3D conversion – Enjoy Blu-ray 3D™ movies in Full HD 1080p. Also supports standard Blu-ray Disc™ movies in high-definition and upscales DVDs to near HD quality.
  • The BDP-S780 allows your DVDs or standard Blu-ray Disc movies to be automatically converted into 3D for play back on your 3D TV.
  • Multi-room Music with Party Streaming™ Mode – Wirelessly stream music throughout the home to Sony HomeShare™ Network speakers.
  • USB Input – Share your videos or photos on the big screen or listen to your favorite music. Simply connect your digital camera, USB-enabled MP3 player, or USB storage device.

- You may be interested in checking another way to connect your TV with Skype and make video calls. This method do not even require to buy anything and is quite simple to use.

- A Sony TV Camera / Microphone : This may cost you about Rs 2000
- A broadband Internet connection (to obtain High Quality Video calls on Skype we recommend a connection of at least 500 kbps).

TelyHD to Make Skype Video Calls on TV (Any HDTV) : Skype TV Cam

We have already discussed how amazing the experience of video calling on tv is. We also discussed some of the Skype ready television which you can buy (are available in India) and make video calls. Off course that is a very good option, but it make sense only when you are buying a new television.

What if you have an old HDTV (which is not Skype ready) and you still want to make video calls on it. It does make sense because even the Skype ready tv does not have any Camera and Microphone, what they have is just Skype installed on the TV. What if we can have a device which has wifi connectivity, has a camera and microphone and also has Skype installed in it. It is like a Skype Box which I just have to connect to television and I can make skype video calls.

The answer is Yes! We are talking about a smart skype box by Tele labs, named "TelyHD". It is a tely cam which you can connect to hdtv and enjoy the video calls on your sofa.

You require
- A TV Cam (Tely HD)
- Broadband connection (wifi)
- Skype Account

- Another Option : Use Skype Blu Ray Players on your TV

TelyHD by Tely Labs for Skype Video Calls on TV

Use this amazing device to turn any HD TV into a Skype enabled TV. It is WiFi ready with an HD camera and noise canceling microphones. A telyHD is the easiest way to make Skype calls from your living room. Even use your telyHD to instantly share photos and easily send or receive HD video mail.

Features :

- Works with any HD TV: telyHD works with any HD TV with an open HDMI port and mounts to any TV using an adjustable TV clamp / desk stand.
- High quality video and audio: Send a stunning high quality picture in 720p HD video. Four noise canceling microphones eliminate background noise and provide crystal clear audio.
- Easy to set up: telyHD is an all-in-one device that has everything you need including an HDMI cable. Set up takes less than 10 minutes.
- No computer required: telyHD is WiFi ready (802.11 b/g/n compatible).
- Video Mail: Send and receive HD Video Mail when both parties have a telyHD.
- Photo Sharing:  Insert an SD card or USB memory stick and instantly share photos with friends and family who have a telyHD.
- Pan, crop and zoom: Create a more intimate conversation by zooming, panning and cropping the camera angle in order to get the perfect shot.
- Built on Android: telyHD is an intelligent stand-alone device that runs on the Android operating system from Google. (Think of it as a tablet computer that uses your TV screen and home audio speakers when you’re on a video call). No monthly fees.

TelyHD Price in India

- Available for Rs 17000
- Free delivery
- Up to 60 min FREE Skype Credit

Tech Specs

  • HD camera with wide-angle lens and privacy shutter sends up to 720p HD at 30 frames per second.
  • Operating System: Runs on the Android operating system from Google.
  • Processing: NVIDIA’s powerful Tegra 2 with Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9, On-chip GPU with H.264 encoder/decoder; 512MB RAM; 2GB EMMC.
  • Networking: Connect via WiFi (802.11 b/g/n compatible) with WEP, WPA and WPA2 support for password encryption or via 10/100 Base-T wired Ethernet.
  • Audio: Four directional beam-forming microphones capture and isolate the conversation in both small and large rooms.Two built-in speakers ring when someone calls and the video call audio is routed through your TV or home AV system via HDMI.
  • Photo Sharing: Share photos from a SD card or USB memory stick (feature only available if both parties have a telyHD).
  • Power: External power supply. Input:100-240V AC, Output: 5V DCAC.
  • Size: 7.6 (H) x 27.3 (W) x 10.5 (D) cm.
Amazing product but the only concern is price. For Rs 17000 ($300) it is slightly expensive. But if you are willing to spend that much money, then it is a highly recommended product. 

If you already have a Sony Playstation, then you can use it on your TV to make video calls.

If you are willing to spend slightly more than you should consider buying a Skype Ready TV only (Panasonic, Samsung or Sony), it is your choice. Consider ready the review.

Skype TV in India by Panasonic, Samsung, Sony (Skype Ready)

Video calling was never so interesting. We have experienced the video calling through our computer, then we tried face to face calls with our tablet and then last was smartphone (iPhone/Android/Nokia/Windows..). The pattern was that the device was getting smaller and so was the screen size.

I understand that since it is getting more portable, video calling was more convenient. But was it more enjoyable, was the experience getting better. The answer is No. So how could your video calling be enhanced, and many people said "Video Calls via Television or on projector screen". This is something not new (as we have already seen many companies having the facility at their offices for video conferencing), but it has been quite expensive and not a home solution.

As the technology is advancing, we have now smart television which are capable of offering you an amazing video calling experience. Conceptually what you require is just a camera, internet and some software code in your TV so that it can offer you video calls. Infact we already have this feature in the market, giving Skype Video calls on TV. Yes, in India as well.

Today we will explore some television's and their price in India, which offer the Skype Video Calling Facility. Off course buying the Skype ready TV is not the only solution for video calls. There are some other solutions as well like connecting iPad to TV, buying a Skype Box, connecting web cam and some devices to tv for video calls, connecting your PC to your television, etc etc..

Please note that though these TV's are Skype ready, but these may/may not have Webcam and Mic in them. These needs to be purchased separately. These cost approx Rs 5000 (for camera ad Mic), which should not hurt you much as it will be a great video calling experience.

Panasonic Skype TV in India : Viera TH-L42D25 LED TV

- Dynamic Contrast 2,000,000:1
- Wide Viewing Angle with IPS Panel
- VIERA CAST with Skype : Enjoy Internet content right on your TV. With VIERA CAST technology, you can enjoy online content such as videos, photos, weather and stock information through an easy-to-use Web interface that's built into the TV. Other services are also becoming available, one after another, such as "tweeting" web communications via Twitter and home video and audio conferencing with Skype. In addition, VIERA CAST provides USB terminals for a USB Keyboard and Communication Camera. No PC required.

The Viera television series can be remote controlled with iPad/iPhone/ iPod touch by installing the official “Viera remote” app. For making video calls and other internet features, you need to have wifi connected to your TV.

Price in India : Rs 39000 for 32inch television.

This tv is available at most shops in India and is available online as well. 

Samsung Skype Ready TV in India

Just like Panasonic television, you first require a Samsung Skype Ready Television and then you need to buy a separate Skype Camera (which is available with Samsung only). First lets look at Skype Ready TV.

Few Models :
UA40ES6800R (Rs 94000)
PS51E550D1R (Rs 82000)
UA46ES6800R (Rs 116000)UA32EH4500R (Rs 38500) which is 32 inch.

- FULL HD, Smart TV
- 3D TV,  Web Browser
- Wifi Built in

Samsung Camera for Skype : VG-STC2000 
- Firstly Certified by Skype with 2 Mics : Ideal for Skype video call
- Double-hinge-neck : Adjust lens position and find the perfect shooting angle
- 2 built-in Analogue MIC system can pick up sounds from a distance
- World-Smallest TV Camera Lens with innovative Mic. technology
- MRP Rs. 6,000/-*

Experience video calls at their absolute best with the Samsung TV Camera. Video calls via services like Skype take on new levels of sharpness and brilliance, especially with two built-in microphones that pick up on every word. And with high-quality video, the camera captures every detail with great clarity, so catching up with friends and family will be a far more immersive and rewarding experience – as if you are actually chatting in person. So now you can enjoy video calling and turn watching TV into a social event.

Sony Skype Ready TV in India

Staying in touch is more fun than ever with free Skype™-to-Skype video and voice calls from your TV (Internet connection required).

Bravia TV Products
- HX925
- EX720
- EX520
- EX420
- CX520 (Price 74000). 
- EX550 (32 inch at Rs 42000)

Features CX520
  • Full HD 1080 picture quality with CCFL backlight
  • Skype Ready (requires Skype camera CMU-BR100)
  • BRAVIA Internet Video & BRAVIA Internet Widgets
  • Wireless LAN Ready & Wi-Fi Direct (requires Wi-Fi adaptor UWA-BR100)
  • X-Reality picture engine
  • Live Colour Technology with Advanced Contrast Enhancer

Sony Skype Camera CMU-BR100

Sony's Skype™ camera and microphone for audio and video chat enables crisp and clear picture quality with HD signal. Four integrated microphones capture pristine audio, while the simple plug and play USB connection makes this one easy to use device.
  • Make free Skype™ voice and video calls over the Internet
  • Easy plug and play via USB
  • Browse contacts & history while watching TV
  • Full half screen video conferencing
  • VOIP call while watching TV
  • Friends online Status indicator
Price in India (MRP) : Rs 4990

If you are planning to buy a new television, then you should definitely buy a Skype ready tv. Video calling experience on tv is just amazing.

LocalPhone Voucher Code for November 2012 : Working Coupon Codes

Localphone is one of the best voip providers specially if you want to make calls to asian countries. The unique thing about Localphone is actually none. It is one simple voip provider which offers very cheap international calling rates, keeps on running timely promotions for its old and new customers, has excellent customer support, offers just every way to make calls and still keeps giving discount coupons so that people have save on phone bills.

What Localphone does NOT offer is huge phone bills, bad call quality, always changing terms and conditions, always changing calling rates and headache and problems. Trust me the deciding factor when choosing a calling card or voip service should not always be calling rates. Off course calling rates has to be competitive and lower, but other things like call quality and customer support does matter. This is where Localphone comes, so if you have made a decision to go with it then you won't regret your decision.

And before you go into joining Localphone and buy some credit, read on. We have an voucher code and some good tips for you. It is offering free coupon code/voucher code, lets check details about it.


LocalPhone November 2012 Voucher Code

- Check out this localphone promotional page.
- Use the promo code : NOV2012
- You will get 10% extra bonus credit.

The code is valid till 30th November 2012. So if you buy credit worth $1, then you will get $1.1 on your first purchase.

- New users can make a free 5 minute test call
- Customers can add as little as $1 credit
- No hidden charges or monthly fees

One of good things about Localphone is that you can even try its service for free. This is before you buy any credit : first call is free!

So what I can suggest you is to try out Localphone and see if you like the service. If you like it, then just buy some credit (as low as just $1), also make sure to use above bonus code to get extra benefit.

If you want to check out other exciting localphone voucher codes (latest promotional codes), then check our consolidated list :

Vonage Calling Cards for Cheap International Calls

Vonage needs no introduction, one of the biggest telecom provider. It has entered a new business and started a new dimension with launching its calling cards service in the name of "Vonage Digital Calling Card". I think Vonage understand that already large number of people prefer calling cards and voip services for international calls, and it will be better if that launch their own service offering cheap calls.

I guess Vonage is following the pattern what Indian Telecom Providers started. If you remember AirtelCallHome by Airtel, Reliance Global Call by Reliance Telecommunications etc. Lets see how many people actually start using Vonage.

Though this calling card service is a Vonage company but in order to use these digital calling cards, you need not to be an old vonage customer. Any one can sign up for this calling card service. It works like an old traditional calling card, where you have to register your phone number from which you will be making calls. Then you have to dial an local access number (its pinless service as you registered your phone), followed by your destination number.

Calling rates offered by Vonage are not bad but surely they are not the cheapest ones. Considering the pricing, they offer various plans (which we will talk below). Regarding the call quality, it is pretty decent.

We checked the calling rates for India, and below is the summary.
Bonus Rate with $25 Purchase : 1.7 cents per min
Bonus Rate with $15 Purchase : 1.8 cents per min
Standard Rate with $5 Purchase : 2.4 cents per min.

Mexico: 4.6 cents per minute (2.1 cents per minute for Guadalajara, Mexico city, and Monterrey)
United Kingdom: 1.4 cents per minute landlines and 10.8 cents per minute for cell phones.

Vonage India

How to Get Started

1. Create your account and add funds.
2. Vonage will call you to validate your phone number.
3. Start calling.

What's so special ?

Vonage has something special for its customers. Vonage is offering some extra credit (bonus) on purchase of $15 or $25 credit. The bonus for $15 purchase is $5 and for $25 purchase it is $10. What it means is, that if you purchase $15 credit you will get $20 worth of talk time. With $25 amount you spend, you will get $35 worth of talktime.The rates mentioned on the site are considering the plan you choose for, interesting marketing strategy I would say.

I guess this kind of strategy works only one time, soon people realize that they are not actually getting what they told. It would have been better if Vonage would have offered lowest rates in the industry and kept them consistently low.

Any hidden charges ?

There are no hidden charges as said by the company. But if you check the website again, you will see that they have a clause regarding inactive fee (what the hell is that ?)...
This is what they have to say about it :

Your Digital Calling Card purchases do not expire, but if your card is not used for six months, an Inactivity Fee of $2 is deducted each month you do not make a call per the Terms of Service. 

You will receive an email notification if an Inactivity Fee is placed against your account.  Once you resume making calls, the Inactivity Fee is no longer assessed.


Anything else I should know ?

Yup there's more. Though you can register any telephone number with your calling card, but please note that you may only have one phone number active on your account at a time. What that means is you can make calls from only one phone.

So if you and your spouse both want to use the same calling card at the same time, than its just not possible now. That's pretty bad!

At this time you can only register one phone number per account. If you would like to switch the phone number registered on your account you can always change it by signing into your Online Account.

Call Taiwan For Free by LocalPhone Weekly Promotion Offer

Localphone is back with another cool promotion offering free international calls for one whole week. Earlier this year, Localphone started with a series of promotional offers where it started offering free calls to one destination for one whole week. It has proved to be a great success with large number of people appreciating this type of offer. Many of our blog readers are also enjoying these offers.

Localphone has already launched successful promotions for Spain, Itlay, UK and many more countries and this time it has launched it for Taiwan. You can call on Taiwan Landline numbers from your Localphone account from anywhere in the world for free without paying even a single penny. Old customers keep on complaining that they don't get the benefits of offer, however with Localphone it is not so. The good thing about this promotion is that, it is available for both new and old customers.

And and and their is no fair usage policy, so you can talk for as long as you like and just talk to anyone you like residing in Taiwan. Localphone is proving to be one of the top most voip providers and we highly recommend this service. Lets look at the details of this promotion.

Call Taiwan for Free
- Unlimited Free International calls to Taiwan Landline numbers for a whole week.
- Free calls to anyone anywhere in the world to any other Localphone user.
- Offer valid for both old and new customers.
- Use Localphone from your PC or from your landline or from your mobile. It works from any phone and any computer. Softphone or mobile application or local access numbers, everything works great!
- The offer starts from 8th November 2012 12 pm GMT and on's till 15th November 2012 12 PM GMT.
- Localphone works fine over WiFi, 3G, 4G and 2G networks.

Call Taiwan Free

Is it any good for calling Taiwan, when the week's over ?

Voip Provider
Call Rates to Taiwan Mobile (US Cents)
LocalPhone 8.9
Rebtel 9.2
Pingo Calling Cards 9.0
Skype 10.1

I guess you know the answer now!

Coming to the point now, how should I get Free Calls to Taiwan

- Visit this Localphone's promotional page for Free Calls To Taiwan.
- Click the sign up button and create a free account with Localphone.
- You will get Free 5 minute call to test their service.
- Try either local access number or smartphone app to make calls from mobile.
- For PC, go to web dialer and dial the Taiwan landline number in international format to make the call.
- Make as many calls you want!

If somehow you liked the service and decided to buy any credit, then we would suggest you to make use of Localphone Voucher codes to get free discounts. Check out the page below.

Evaphone doesn't work for you, try Call2Friends for making free internet calls

Free Pc to Phone Calls is something which is very popular for so many years now. All thanks to Voip that many people have been successfully making free calls over internet using their computer. Services like Evaphone are really very very popular which only requires your computer with microphone and speakers and you can call almost every mobile and landline (anywhere in the world).

The only thing is that these calls are of limited duration and the number of minutes varies from country to country. For India, calls lasts about 60 seconds. What next, if Evaphone stops working for you. Infact many people have complained that Evaphone does not work for them. Instead of finding a solution for your evaphone problems, why don't you move ahead and just try some of its alternatives. We have already posted one of its alternate solution (GlobFone).

Today we will be discussing another possible alternate for evaphone. We are talking about All you need for this easy-to-use system is a computer, a mic, speakers and decent Internet connection.

Call2Friends is a modern telecommunication service that uses the latest technologies and offers a free and high quality communications to people all over the world. Not only can you call your online friends for free, it also offers free calls to any regular landline in various destinations. For this unique calling service you need nothing but Flashplayer, microphone and headphones. Make free and cheap calls both locally and internationally.


How to make Free Calls with Call2Friends

- Visit
- You need to have flash player installed on your computer.
- You will see a dialog box with numbers on it (sort of phone)
- Accept for microphone and camera thing
- Dial the number you want to call. For India it is like 91989464xxxx
Calls to India are limited at 60 seconds per call.

Calls2Friends Features

- Limited number of free internet calls to anywhere per day
- Calls cheaper than those proposed by Skype. Please, register to perform paid call. Check out tariffs plan.
- Limited number of free SMS messages to family and friends per day.

Though Call2Friends also offers paid calls however the calling rates are higher than many other voip services. So I won't recommend Call2Friends for paid calls, however you should still consider using the free calling feature. You can also use it for sending free sms. It also works great!

If you have any questions or any doubts about using this new service, then please shoot them up in the comment section. If you still want to try Evaphone and use it on your mobile, then I would suggest you read our blogpost on it.

Call India at best rates using PhoneIndia : 1 cent per min

If you are using your normal telecom operator to make international calls, then you are losing too much money. It is high time you start using voip provider (or mobile voip) or calling cards for making international calls. These companies offer so much low rates that you will notice a huge change in yours phone bills.

I remember few years back calling India used to cost about 5-10 cents per minute, but now its as low as 1 cent per min (some even offering lower). Today we decided to review another such service which have their tagline "Call India at best rates". We are talking about! It is just like a normal calling card offering local access number dialing. The noticeable thing about them is their calling rates which are quite competitive.


PhoneIndia Features
- No hidden charges
- Pinless dialing
- Speed Dialing
- One Minutes Rounding
- Good Customer Service

Phone India Calling Rates
- Calls to India at 1 cent/min
- Calls to USA at 1 cent/min
- Calls to Canada at 1 cent/min
- Calls to UK at 1 cent/min
- Calls to New Zealand at 2.4 cent/min
- Calls to Australia at  1.4 cent/min

Phone India Calling Plans for India
- India 500 Plan : Pay $4.99 per month to get 500 calling minutes to India
- Pay as you go plan (Pay $2 to get 149 minutes to India), effective calling rate of 1.3 cents per min.

How to use PhoneIndia
- Sign up with
- Buy credit and pay with any major credit, debit card or PayPal.
- Dial the access number in your area and call India.

PhoneIndia offers local access number (and toll free numbers) in many countries. So you can easily make calls from USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden, UK.. the list is long.

Anything Special about PhoneIndia
- Refer your friend to PhoneIndia and get $5 as referral bonus.
- Refer 12 friends and get $60 bonus (that's like one year of free calls to India).

Why should I buy a tablet : Reasons to buy tablet PC

So many people have asked me this question and off course its variants. "Why should I buy a tablet instead of a laptop", "Why should I buy a tablet when I already have a laptop", "Why should iPad when I already have a smartphone or an iPhone", blah blah blah the question is same.

The answer to this question may not be that straight forward, the reason may vary person to person depending upon their needs. You may be having an laptop but buying tablet for your mom (or even for yourself) can be an option.

I am myself having a smartphone, laptop and a tablet and I have no regrets. Infact I use them all for different purposes and it works for me. We thought to prepare a list of top reasons why you should consider buying a tablet (or a Phablet = Phone + Tablet). I just love writing these kinda articles or preparing a list of reasons.

Reasons to buy a Tablet

Video Calls
This is a voip blog, so quite obvious this reason comes to mind at first. You can though make video calls from your phone or laptop as well, but trust me the video calling experience (and the ease of making them) is just too smooth. Even my mom can operate my iPad!

Size and Weight
One of the biggest reason to go with a tablet PC compared to a laptop. Tablets have the size roughly of a small pad of paper and a weight that is under two pounds. Most laptops are far larger and heavier.

Portability and Handiness
Have you ever seen a person standing, moving and still operating his laptop. Tablet are just so much portable and handy. Carry them anywhere and operate with so much ease.

How much time does your laptop takes to open up (few minutes), well my tablet opens up in two seconds. Checking emails, surfing internet, reading books, small tasks like editing something... these are just too easy on tablet. An application is available for almost all things. Managing your finances was never so easy. For meetings you can jot down notes and download any relevant documents you may need to reference, into the tablet. That way, you won't have to shuffle through a pile of papers searching for a specific chart or diagram.

Battery Life
You always need a charger with a laptop, its battery life is so poor. On the other hand, tablets have great battery life. Charge it once and use it for a day (continuous usage).

Playing Games
Are you not just fed up of playing games on your phone (which is very small screen) or your laptop (which just gives you a 2d feeling). Try gaming on your tablet. Be it a racing game, shooting or strategy you will just love the experience.

Cheapest (and a decent one) laptop will cost you about 20-30K (INR). However you will get a tablet for very low price starting from 5K INR. You will get iPad for 25K!

Other reasons
- Music and Movies : better experience on tablet
- Entertainment
- Applications for almost everything

Well there are many things that you cannot do with your tablet (or are difficult to do with iPad) but if your purpose is just to play games, internet surfing and video calling, music, movies and simple stuff then answer is tablet !

Diwali Mobile Recharge Bonus Offer by RechargeFreak

Prepaid mobile online recharge has become so much common these days. If you google about "online recharge" you will find more than 50 websites offering mobile recharge facility. The good part is that not only you can recharge your mobile but you will also get some additional benefits. These additional benefits vary like online discount coupons, food vouchers, some free gifts, free points to redeem them for mobile recharge itself etc..

Today we will be talking about one such limited time offer by (launched on the occasion of Diwali). Rechargefreak is offering a free gift if you recharge your mobile worth Rs 750 or more. The only condition is that this recharge needs to be done from same account (but can be as many transaction as you like). Please note that this is a limited time offer so you need to act fast (valid till 7th November only).

How to avail this offer
1. Click here to visit rechargefreak offer page.
2. Register with them (create an account)
3. Recharge your account with Rs 750 or more (using this single account). You can do as many transactions as you like.
4. Take away your free gift.

What's this Free Gift : 20 Tealight Absolutely Free.

Terms and Conditions of this offer (important ones marked red)
1. This offer start from 1st Nov to 7th Nov 2012. All recharge(s) done during this period will be consider in this offer.
2. To avail the offer person has to do successful Recharges (Mobile/DTH/Datacard) of total worth Rs 750/- or above from one RechargeFreak account.
3. Once recharge(s) for Rs 750 completes, you can buy product against wallet points till 7th Nov 2012. (We deduct 75 wallet points from your account if you buy product)
4. Old wallets points can’t be use in this offer. You can use old wallet points to buy any product from our Freak store.
5. Need to pay Rs 19 shipping charge only.
6. No other offer will be combined with this offer.
7. Rechargefreak has a right to make amendments in the offer.
8. Only 1 product can be redeem per account under this offer even if you have more wallet points in current month. 
9. Once you reach this offer then write an email at to avail this offer. Write subject line: Diwali Offer - (account email address).
10. Last Date to avail this offer is 7th Nov 2012.

How to earn Free Mobile Recharge : VodaFone, Airtel, Idea, Others..

Whatever we say, its still a fact that large number of people use mobile telecom services to make calls. Though voip is popular however it has not yet replaced the mobile operators and I guess it never will. Smartphones have in a way made people aware about Voip but it ain't so popular in India where people still rely upon mobile telecom service.

A lot of people have asked us about how they can earn some free mobile recharge (offcourse our Indian readers). We thought to check this out and find out about a few ways by which you can recharge your mobile for free. Offcourse, you won't be earning few thousands bucks mobile recharge straight away, but few hundreds won't be such a difficult task. Lets find out how..

Top 3 Methods for Free Recharge

1. EmbeePay : It is the best method avialable online to earn free recharge (yes Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 150...) and the method is simple as well. We will teach you how. It works through Facebook and reward points for completing small tasks. It works worldwide (even outside India).
How ...?
- Login to your facebook account.
- Click this link to install the EmbeePay App on Facebook.
- Install the application.
- Next, Enter your mobile number, Country & Network Provider.
- Click on validate now & EmbeePay will send Validation Code via SMS to your mobile & enter that code on the Screen to verify your mobile.
- Click on Earn tab to earn more credits.
- Click on Redeem Tab and Complete Offers for points.
- Invite friends so you can also have Invite Bonus which is like 50 credits per invite.

Please note that you have by now earned lots of free credit (just by registration and validation). You must have got Free 52 credits.

You will be earning these points and claim them in lieu of mobile recharge.
- 150 points = Rs 50 topup
- 300 points = Rs 100 topup
- 580 points = Rs 200 topup
- 850 points = Rs 500 topup

How to earn more...
- 50 points for register
- 2 for validating mobile, 2
- 2 points for registering email
- 20 points sharing reward and more points earn by watching videos and completing offers.

2. Ultoo : You must have heard about way2sms (using which you can send sms online for free). But this service is a step ahead, not only you will be able to send sms using Ultoo but you will earn some free credit as well.
- Get 2 paisa for every message you send.
- Get Rs. 1 for every friend you invite.
- Get Rs. 2 for creating a new account(Registration Bonus)
- Get free recharge for your mobile of a minimum Rs. 10 Balance.
- You need to have a minimum of 10 Rs balance to redeem your first recharge.
- Good thing is you can save contacts and send them message very easily.

Time to register with Ultoo and earn some free recharge.

3. FreeTalkie : Yup another website which allows you to earn some free credit and recharge your phone. You need to fill some surveys, complete some offers and in lieu of it you will get some free recharge.
How.. ?
- Register with FreeTalkie.
- After login, click on "Fill Wallet" to participate in offers and earn FREE Recharge. Participation in offers takes 30-40 seconds only and will get you Rs. 2 to Rs. 10 per offer. While Participating in any promotion please make sure that you are entering correct information in the form. After successful participation amount for that promotion will be credited to your FreeTalkie's Wallet. You can check your earn amount by clicking on My Wallet.
- Recharge your phone once your balance reaches Rs 10. 

Download Skype for Windows 8 to make Video Calls

Windows 8 has been launched and devices (computer and smartphone) will soon be in the market (some are already in) featuring this new operating system. We just wanted to make sure and let our users new that you can safely switch to Windows 8 as video calling (and voip voice calls) won't be a problem in windows 8 as well. Your most favorite application for video calling "Skype" is already available for windows eight users.

Skype has been redesigned specially for windows 8 platform and it looks all new and more promising. The application has been made user friendly and is very easy to use. Everything is just at a click of a button. The things you love about Skype are still here – video calling, instant messages, calls to mobiles and landlines – but now it’s even easier to use. You’ll never miss a moment.

The best part is that Skype is that it is always on (yes you are always logged on) and it still does not hurt your battery life as well. You'll stay connected even when the app is closed, so you're always available and reachable to the people you talk to most. So whatever you are doing, you will keep on receiving new messages (and calls as well). And that's its tagline "Never miss a moment".

Release Note (Windows 8 Skype)

Once you sign in, the app is always on without draining your device's battery, so you can take calls any time. Exchange instant messages with all your Skype, Messenger and contacts. Call any phone quickly and easily from Skype.
- Skype for Android Mobiles and Tablets
- Skype for iPhone
- Skype for iPad

How to download Skype for windows 8

- Either open the store in your window 8 and search for "Skype"
- Visit this link to download the app.

Another good feature : Friends at fingertips 
Reach anyone you want – start a chat with your Skype contacts right from the People Hub. Want quick access to your Favorites? They're front and center in Skype.

The old features still remains and are available in Skype for windows 8 as well.
- Skype to Skype Calls.
- Group Chat
- Instant Messaging
- Video Calls
- Calls to normal mobiles and landlines
- Search for friends

What's not there
- Group Video Calls : If you work or collaborate over Skype, they will be soon adding features like group video calling and sending files to Skype for Windows 8.

So if you have a gadget with windows 8 installed in it, then don't wait just get Skype installed in it and start making video calls. Any questions, just shoot them up!

Starfone : Free International Calls of 60 Minutes (Trial Offer)

It is quite rightly said that every penny saved is money earned. People have spread all over the world. A lot of people travel from India to various countries and many have settled overseas. Calls and communication has becoming more and more common. But the only problem is that these telecom companies charge a lot for making international phone calls. The only rescue are these voip providers and calling card service.

So if you find any service which offers cheap or free calls, you should make full use of it. So today we thought to post one more method (one service) to make free calls. We are talking about StarFone (which is offering 60 minutes of toll free calls). Make full use of this offer and save some money on your phone bills.

Starfone is a calling card service offering cheap prepaid and postpaid calls. Starfone mentions on its site 
It’s amazing how you can make FREE long distance international calls with Starfone – Enjoy up to 60 totally FREE minutes of calls to anywhere in the world when you SIGN UP. Also get 100 FREE speed dial numbers when you use our Stardial service. Starfone gives you cheap international rates to call the world.
How to get free trial minutes with Starfone
- Visit starfone and then promotion page of starfone.
- Register with them
- Enter your “Personal Information” form and it will not take you much time.
- A verification mail will be sent your registered E-mail after submitting your order.
- Once the confirmation is done, you will receive a call from Starfone’s customer service agent to confirm your account and activate your service. If you are not available when the customer agent calls, you can contact (877) 782-7412-(PST) to finish the procedure.

Making Calls with Starfone
- Once you have signed up and activated the free service, you can register register your mobile phone or landline on Starfone’s website. This is the phone from which you will be making calls.
- Dial the toll-free number provided by Starfone, enter your destination number and keep talking.

The free minutes duration is 30 minutes (without auto refill). This actually depends on the country you are calling. Please note that this is available to new customers only and can be used once (per account per phone number). You can use these minutes to call India, Pakistan or any other country you like.
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