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Call India at best rates using PhoneIndia : 1 cent per min

If you are using your normal telecom operator to make international calls, then you are losing too much money. It is high time you start using voip provider (or mobile voip) or calling cards for making international calls. These companies offer so much low rates that you will notice a huge change in yours phone bills.

I remember few years back calling India used to cost about 5-10 cents per minute, but now its as low as 1 cent per min (some even offering lower). Today we decided to review another such service which have their tagline "Call India at best rates". We are talking about! It is just like a normal calling card offering local access number dialing. The noticeable thing about them is their calling rates which are quite competitive.


PhoneIndia Features
- No hidden charges
- Pinless dialing
- Speed Dialing
- One Minutes Rounding
- Good Customer Service

Phone India Calling Rates
- Calls to India at 1 cent/min
- Calls to USA at 1 cent/min
- Calls to Canada at 1 cent/min
- Calls to UK at 1 cent/min
- Calls to New Zealand at 2.4 cent/min
- Calls to Australia at  1.4 cent/min

Phone India Calling Plans for India
- India 500 Plan : Pay $4.99 per month to get 500 calling minutes to India
- Pay as you go plan (Pay $2 to get 149 minutes to India), effective calling rate of 1.3 cents per min.

How to use PhoneIndia
- Sign up with
- Buy credit and pay with any major credit, debit card or PayPal.
- Dial the access number in your area and call India.

PhoneIndia offers local access number (and toll free numbers) in many countries. So you can easily make calls from USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden, UK.. the list is long.

Anything Special about PhoneIndia
- Refer your friend to PhoneIndia and get $5 as referral bonus.
- Refer 12 friends and get $60 bonus (that's like one year of free calls to India).

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