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Call Taiwan For Free by LocalPhone Weekly Promotion Offer

Localphone is back with another cool promotion offering free international calls for one whole week. Earlier this year, Localphone started with a series of promotional offers where it started offering free calls to one destination for one whole week. It has proved to be a great success with large number of people appreciating this type of offer. Many of our blog readers are also enjoying these offers.

Localphone has already launched successful promotions for Spain, Itlay, UK and many more countries and this time it has launched it for Taiwan. You can call on Taiwan Landline numbers from your Localphone account from anywhere in the world for free without paying even a single penny. Old customers keep on complaining that they don't get the benefits of offer, however with Localphone it is not so. The good thing about this promotion is that, it is available for both new and old customers.

And and and their is no fair usage policy, so you can talk for as long as you like and just talk to anyone you like residing in Taiwan. Localphone is proving to be one of the top most voip providers and we highly recommend this service. Lets look at the details of this promotion.

Call Taiwan for Free
- Unlimited Free International calls to Taiwan Landline numbers for a whole week.
- Free calls to anyone anywhere in the world to any other Localphone user.
- Offer valid for both old and new customers.
- Use Localphone from your PC or from your landline or from your mobile. It works from any phone and any computer. Softphone or mobile application or local access numbers, everything works great!
- The offer starts from 8th November 2012 12 pm GMT and on's till 15th November 2012 12 PM GMT.
- Localphone works fine over WiFi, 3G, 4G and 2G networks.

Call Taiwan Free

Is it any good for calling Taiwan, when the week's over ?

Voip Provider
Call Rates to Taiwan Mobile (US Cents)
LocalPhone 8.9
Rebtel 9.2
Pingo Calling Cards 9.0
Skype 10.1

I guess you know the answer now!

Coming to the point now, how should I get Free Calls to Taiwan

- Visit this Localphone's promotional page for Free Calls To Taiwan.
- Click the sign up button and create a free account with Localphone.
- You will get Free 5 minute call to test their service.
- Try either local access number or smartphone app to make calls from mobile.
- For PC, go to web dialer and dial the Taiwan landline number in international format to make the call.
- Make as many calls you want!

If somehow you liked the service and decided to buy any credit, then we would suggest you to make use of Localphone Voucher codes to get free discounts. Check out the page below.

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