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Evaphone doesn't work for you, try Call2Friends for making free internet calls

Free Pc to Phone Calls is something which is very popular for so many years now. All thanks to Voip that many people have been successfully making free calls over internet using their computer. Services like Evaphone are really very very popular which only requires your computer with microphone and speakers and you can call almost every mobile and landline (anywhere in the world).

The only thing is that these calls are of limited duration and the number of minutes varies from country to country. For India, calls lasts about 60 seconds. What next, if Evaphone stops working for you. Infact many people have complained that Evaphone does not work for them. Instead of finding a solution for your evaphone problems, why don't you move ahead and just try some of its alternatives. We have already posted one of its alternate solution (GlobFone).

Today we will be discussing another possible alternate for evaphone. We are talking about All you need for this easy-to-use system is a computer, a mic, speakers and decent Internet connection.

Call2Friends is a modern telecommunication service that uses the latest technologies and offers a free and high quality communications to people all over the world. Not only can you call your online friends for free, it also offers free calls to any regular landline in various destinations. For this unique calling service you need nothing but Flashplayer, microphone and headphones. Make free and cheap calls both locally and internationally.


How to make Free Calls with Call2Friends

- Visit
- You need to have flash player installed on your computer.
- You will see a dialog box with numbers on it (sort of phone)
- Accept for microphone and camera thing
- Dial the number you want to call. For India it is like 91989464xxxx
Calls to India are limited at 60 seconds per call.

Calls2Friends Features

- Limited number of free internet calls to anywhere per day
- Calls cheaper than those proposed by Skype. Please, register to perform paid call. Check out tariffs plan.
- Limited number of free SMS messages to family and friends per day.

Though Call2Friends also offers paid calls however the calling rates are higher than many other voip services. So I won't recommend Call2Friends for paid calls, however you should still consider using the free calling feature. You can also use it for sending free sms. It also works great!

If you have any questions or any doubts about using this new service, then please shoot them up in the comment section. If you still want to try Evaphone and use it on your mobile, then I would suggest you read our blogpost on it.

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