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How to Make Free Video Calling on TV (Buy Nothing)

You have the experience of video calls on your mobile, tablet or your computer screen. Well all those are pretty small screen. Though it is exciting to make video calls but we all are used to it now and get very less fun in those calls. The experience of video calling on a bigger screen (say your television) is just amazing.

We have been discussing how you can enjoy skype calling on your TV with the method of buying Skype Ready TV or purchasing a TV Webcam (and/or Skype Blu Ray Player). Though all of these works pretty good, but thing is all of these methods requires you to spend some good amount of money.

What people have asked us is to provide a solution so that they don't have to buy any new special television, or any special webcam devices or those blu ray players. We decided to just post one of the simplest and easiest method to make video calls on your TV and without the need to buy anything extra. Lets see how.

Concept : Free Video Calls on Television

What you want is to see the other person on a bigger screen. In the methods we posted earlier (buying Skype Ready TV) also required that webcam and Mic to be separate and extra. So all the input devices are apart from TV. Skype was something which was played (installed in the TV) or blu ray player. Offcourse you could have also used your Playstation for video calling with Skype.

If we can just use our normal webcam and Skype (which is installed on your computer or smartphone) and use the TV screen to view the other person. For speakers (audio output), we can either use the TV speakers or your computer speakers.

PS : Though in the post we have been using Skype (as our video calling software), but the method works for any video calling software like ooVoo, Fring, Tango or any other which you normally use.


- Laptop where you have Skype (or any video calling software) Installed
- Webcam (Any webcam or laptop webcam also works)
- TV (with or without HDMI support works)
- HDMI cable if your TV and laptop have HDMI support, otherwise VGA cable also works.

If your TV/Laptop has HDMI support, then you will get audio from TV speakers. Otherwise the audio will still be from external or laptop speakers.

Setup and Instructions : Video Calling on TV

1. Make sure that Skype is installed and working properly on your laptop.
2. Connect your webcam to your laptop (skip this is webcam already in laptop)
3. Connect your computer to your TV using the HDMI Cable or VGA Cable.
4. Press suitable keys so that screen is shared with TV/projector.
5. You will now see the laptop screen on your TV.
6. Start Skype on your laptop (its output will be on TV only).
7. Mic is used of laptop only, so make sure it is not at very distance from you.
8. Speakers output is of TV or your laptop.

Facing any problems, just let us know in the comment section.

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