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Vonage Calling Cards for Cheap International Calls

Vonage needs no introduction, one of the biggest telecom provider. It has entered a new business and started a new dimension with launching its calling cards service in the name of "Vonage Digital Calling Card". I think Vonage understand that already large number of people prefer calling cards and voip services for international calls, and it will be better if that launch their own service offering cheap calls.

I guess Vonage is following the pattern what Indian Telecom Providers started. If you remember AirtelCallHome by Airtel, Reliance Global Call by Reliance Telecommunications etc. Lets see how many people actually start using Vonage.

Though this calling card service is a Vonage company but in order to use these digital calling cards, you need not to be an old vonage customer. Any one can sign up for this calling card service. It works like an old traditional calling card, where you have to register your phone number from which you will be making calls. Then you have to dial an local access number (its pinless service as you registered your phone), followed by your destination number.

Calling rates offered by Vonage are not bad but surely they are not the cheapest ones. Considering the pricing, they offer various plans (which we will talk below). Regarding the call quality, it is pretty decent.

We checked the calling rates for India, and below is the summary.
Bonus Rate with $25 Purchase : 1.7 cents per min
Bonus Rate with $15 Purchase : 1.8 cents per min
Standard Rate with $5 Purchase : 2.4 cents per min.

Mexico: 4.6 cents per minute (2.1 cents per minute for Guadalajara, Mexico city, and Monterrey)
United Kingdom: 1.4 cents per minute landlines and 10.8 cents per minute for cell phones.

Vonage India

How to Get Started

1. Create your account and add funds.
2. Vonage will call you to validate your phone number.
3. Start calling.

What's so special ?

Vonage has something special for its customers. Vonage is offering some extra credit (bonus) on purchase of $15 or $25 credit. The bonus for $15 purchase is $5 and for $25 purchase it is $10. What it means is, that if you purchase $15 credit you will get $20 worth of talk time. With $25 amount you spend, you will get $35 worth of talktime.The rates mentioned on the site are considering the plan you choose for, interesting marketing strategy I would say.

I guess this kind of strategy works only one time, soon people realize that they are not actually getting what they told. It would have been better if Vonage would have offered lowest rates in the industry and kept them consistently low.

Any hidden charges ?

There are no hidden charges as said by the company. But if you check the website again, you will see that they have a clause regarding inactive fee (what the hell is that ?)...
This is what they have to say about it :

Your Digital Calling Card purchases do not expire, but if your card is not used for six months, an Inactivity Fee of $2 is deducted each month you do not make a call per the Terms of Service. 

You will receive an email notification if an Inactivity Fee is placed against your account.  Once you resume making calls, the Inactivity Fee is no longer assessed.


Anything else I should know ?

Yup there's more. Though you can register any telephone number with your calling card, but please note that you may only have one phone number active on your account at a time. What that means is you can make calls from only one phone.

So if you and your spouse both want to use the same calling card at the same time, than its just not possible now. That's pretty bad!

At this time you can only register one phone number per account. If you would like to switch the phone number registered on your account you can always change it by signing into your Online Account.

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