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Why should I buy a tablet : Reasons to buy tablet PC

So many people have asked me this question and off course its variants. "Why should I buy a tablet instead of a laptop", "Why should I buy a tablet when I already have a laptop", "Why should iPad when I already have a smartphone or an iPhone", blah blah blah the question is same.

The answer to this question may not be that straight forward, the reason may vary person to person depending upon their needs. You may be having an laptop but buying tablet for your mom (or even for yourself) can be an option.

I am myself having a smartphone, laptop and a tablet and I have no regrets. Infact I use them all for different purposes and it works for me. We thought to prepare a list of top reasons why you should consider buying a tablet (or a Phablet = Phone + Tablet). I just love writing these kinda articles or preparing a list of reasons.

Reasons to buy a Tablet

Video Calls
This is a voip blog, so quite obvious this reason comes to mind at first. You can though make video calls from your phone or laptop as well, but trust me the video calling experience (and the ease of making them) is just too smooth. Even my mom can operate my iPad!

Size and Weight
One of the biggest reason to go with a tablet PC compared to a laptop. Tablets have the size roughly of a small pad of paper and a weight that is under two pounds. Most laptops are far larger and heavier.

Portability and Handiness
Have you ever seen a person standing, moving and still operating his laptop. Tablet are just so much portable and handy. Carry them anywhere and operate with so much ease.

How much time does your laptop takes to open up (few minutes), well my tablet opens up in two seconds. Checking emails, surfing internet, reading books, small tasks like editing something... these are just too easy on tablet. An application is available for almost all things. Managing your finances was never so easy. For meetings you can jot down notes and download any relevant documents you may need to reference, into the tablet. That way, you won't have to shuffle through a pile of papers searching for a specific chart or diagram.

Battery Life
You always need a charger with a laptop, its battery life is so poor. On the other hand, tablets have great battery life. Charge it once and use it for a day (continuous usage).

Playing Games
Are you not just fed up of playing games on your phone (which is very small screen) or your laptop (which just gives you a 2d feeling). Try gaming on your tablet. Be it a racing game, shooting or strategy you will just love the experience.

Cheapest (and a decent one) laptop will cost you about 20-30K (INR). However you will get a tablet for very low price starting from 5K INR. You will get iPad for 25K!

Other reasons
- Music and Movies : better experience on tablet
- Entertainment
- Applications for almost everything

Well there are many things that you cannot do with your tablet (or are difficult to do with iPad) but if your purpose is just to play games, internet surfing and video calling, music, movies and simple stuff then answer is tablet !

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