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Calling Rate Comparison for India : Cheapest Calls to India

So many people have asked us this question and we have to point them to our various blog posts. There is no doubt that we have reviewed so many different voip providers and almost all of them now offer very cheap rates to India. But nowhere on internet you will find plain simple calling rate comparison for India. So we have decided to make a tabular comparison of calling rates to India.

We have tried our best to include all the calling cards provider and all the voip providers, but yeah we could have missed many (there are so many). So just let us know in the comment section and we will include them in our table. Though calling rate is a good factor in deciding over a calling card/voip provider, but please note that it should not be the only factor.

Many a times voip provider offer cheap rates but their customer support is bad, or they offer one method to make calls. So make a wise decision. Please note that incase of betamax providers, the prices of inclusive any taxes. We have also sorted them in increasing calling rates order.

It is very interesting to see the calling rate variation. I didn't realized that rates vary so much. I always thought it to be in 1-3 cents range, but! Also none is offering all inclusive (taxes) price of less than one cent per min. I am not taking into consideration any promotional offers which tend to lower the effective calling rate. We will soon try to update this post to include field for Android App or iPhone App or SIP Calling etc..

India Calling Rate Comparison

Voip ProviderCalling Rate to India (cents/min)
IndiaLD (Monthly Plan)1
IndiaLD (Pay as u go)1.5
Sunno Voip1.7
Keku Calling Cards1.89
Tribair Voip2.4
If you like any other voip provider to be added to this list, then please share its name in comment section. Also if you see any discrepancy in the rates or in any other information, then also please inform us. We would love to keep this page updated with the latest information. Its time you start making cheap calls to India.

How to configure SIP Settings in Nimbuzz Android App

Nimbuzz is a very popular instant messanger application, specially for PC. People have been successfully using Nimbuzz PC application to make SIP calls. Thanks to our tutorial "setting sip on nimbuzz Pc client". Its just few simple steps and voila you could enable sip calls on your Nimbuzz PC client.

People have asked us about how can they do the similar setup on their android mobile, because they want to make SIP Calls directly from their android mobile. And yes it is possible. Nimbuzz has a client, an application for android mobile phones. The app has many different features, infact it also offers cheap voip calls using Nimbuzz out (where you have to buy some credit).

But we are actually interested in setting up SIP settings of some other voip provider in Nimbuzz client and make calls. For example you can configure Pennytel SIP settings in Nimbuzz android app and start making voip calls.

In this tutorial we will explain how you can configure any SIP settings in Nimbuzz android app and make calls. Just as like our previous tutorials, we have included images as well.
Sometimes it is easy to understand looking at the images, then reading long textual lines!

Requirements : Get your SIP settings

1. You should know which SIP Provider you are using (viz.. Pennytel, Localphone etc).
2. You require SIP Username (it will be some number)
3. Your SIP Account Password
4. SIP Domain/Proxy (generally it is something like or

Step by Step tutorial

1. Visit Google Play (Android Market)
2. Search for "Nimbuzz"
3. Click Install and let the application install.
4. Once installed, start the Nimbuzz application.
5. If you don't have an account, create one. If you already have account with Nimbuzz, then just login to your account.

6. Click for Settings and select it.
7. Scroll down to select "Call Settings"
8. Select Set VoipProvider
9. Select Other Voip Provider 
10. Enter all the details like userName, passWord, Domain etc..
11. Click OK.
12. After everything is done, keep clicking on. (Pennytel in this case will show with green symbol).

13. Dial the phone number with country code. 
14. Your call will get connected.


We hope that this tutorial was helpful for you. You should now be able to configure SIP settings in Nimbuzz voip client (Android). Similar setup can be used for iPhone or any other phone. Its just few simple steps and you are through.

If you face any issues, then you can let us know in the comment. We will try our best to help you out.

How to configure Pennytel on Android Mobile or iPhone

Pennytel free calling offer is getting some attention. People have mailed us that they have successfully registered with Pennytel 10M million mins and have started using Pc to Phone calling service. You can always refer to our tutorial on configuring nimbuzz with Pennytel and start making Pc to Phone Calls. But if you have a smartphone specially Android Mobile or iPhone, then calling is more easy. You can directly make free calls from your android/iOS mobile following some simple steps.

One of our readers asked for a tutorial on confiruing Pennytel on Android Mobile, so we decided to go ahead with a step by step tutorial. Most part of the tutorial is similar to setting up on PC, where you have to create one account with Pennytel and save your SIP settings (userName and PassWord).

Please note that below tutorial is based on Android Mobile, but you can follow on similar lines for iPhone, or any other mobile (Nokia, Windows based etc..).

Step by Step Tutorial : Setting Pennytel on Android

- Visit
- Login to your account. 
- Visit Pennytel Portal.
- Click Personal Voip Tab and Select Settings. 

Pennytel SIP Settings Page

- Select SIP Settings (Click on Plus Sign)
- Keep a note of two things : "Your IP Phone Number is: xxxxxx" and "Voip Password : yyyyyy"

Pennytel SIP Password
- On your Android Mobile, go to Market
- Select the "SIPDroid" Application.

SIPDroid on Android 

- Install this app on your android mobile.
- Open this application.
- Select settings
- Select SIP Account
- Now enter the username (SRN Number in your Pennytel Account)
- Enter Password, which you saved in Pennytel.
- Domain/Proxy as ""
- Save this. You will be connected to Pennytel account.
- Please note all the above require that your account is connected to internet.
- Dial the number with country code.
- Your call will get connected shortly. Enjoy!

Well an image can sometimes say more than the words. Check the image tutorial below :

SIPDroid Pennytel Configuration

If the above client is giving you issues (or it didn't worked because of any reason), then you can try using Nimbuzz voip client for Android Mobiles. Just follow the few initial steps of above tutorial, in order to get the SIP settings of your Pennytel Account. After that, follow the tutorial to setup SIP on Nimbuzz Android Client.

Still having trouble connecting your mobile and making free calls. No issues, you can try making Pc to Phone Calls. Follow the below tutorial.

How to Configure Pennytel SIP in Nimbuzz to Make Free Calls

Pennytel is a world famous voip provider. It has a large customer base and it keeps on bringing new promotions to attract new customers. The best part is that it take care of old customers as well. One of the best promotions by Pennytel is that every year it offers Free 10 Million Minutes at the time of Christmas and New year. This offer is valid for both old and new customers. 

Pennytel offers so many different ways by which you can use their service to make free calls. One of the popular methods is web initiated calling. Another method which people widely use is Mobile Applications for iPhone or Android Mobiles. But trust me, the easiest method is Pc to Phone Calls.

In this post we will talk about how you can configure Pennytel SIP Settings in Nimbuzz and make free calls. Basically, Nimbuzz is SIP softphone where you can configure any SIP settings and make voip calls.

We have compiled two tutorials : Video tutorial and Picture Tutorial (follow the one which you find easiest).

Just watch the video below. You require to have an account with Pennytel (username & password), download Nimbuzz application.

Step by Step Tutorial : PC to Phone Using Pennytel 

- Visit
- Login to your account. 
- Visit Pennytel Portal.
- Click Personal Voip Tab and Select Settings. 

Pennytel SIP Settings Page

- Select SIP Settings (Click on Plus Sign)
- Keep a note of two things : "Your IP Phone Number is: xxxxxx" and "Voip Password : yyyyyy"

Pennytel SIP Password

- Download Nimbuzz Software from this link
- Install the above software. 
- Configure mic and speakers settings.
- Now click the settings button and select options. 
- Select "Call Service" as shown in the image below. 

- In the SIP Provider, Select "Other"
- In the username enter your IP Number (which you saved in Pennytel Account).
- Enter the Password (which you saved in Pennytel account)
- Enter "" in proxy and domain. 
- Click Connect. 

- It will show status as connected. 
- Click Ok.
- Select Dialer in the Nimbuzz software.
- Enter the number you want to call. 
- Click call.
- Talk as long as you lile. 

If you are still facing any problem, then please share with us. We are here to help you make free international calls. 

If you are looking for a tutorial on using Pennytel on Android mobile, then follow the link below.

Please refer to below post on 10 Million Free Minute Promotion.

Get 10 Million Free Calling Minutes : Call Anywhere in India

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our blog readers. This festive season we have one very exciting offer for you using which you will be able to call many countries for free and yes unlimited number of calls. You will not have to worry about the talktime or about the money being spend calling your loved ones, just talk endlessly and as long as you like.

We are talking about the 10 Million Free Calling Minute promotion (just like old years) by Pennytel. They have about 25000 subscribers and counting. And to encourage more people join them, they every year bring this promotion. This year as well, they have launched this amazing promotion where they are giving away 10 million free international calling minute to all new and old users. I kinda love this promotion, because of which I just call almost all of my friends and family in this one month. They are sometimes like why is this guy talking for so long.. is his phone company sponsored or what .. 


This amazing offer is valid for only 30 days and starts from 20th December 2012 (already started) and will end on 20th January 2013. You can make calls to your friends and family living in :

Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, INDIA, New Zealand, Singapore, UK and USA

How to avail this promotional offer :

Click this link to join Pennytel (or avail this offer if you are already its customer).

If you are already a customer, then just enter the email id in the above link provided and check your account, you would have got 10M minutes in your account. If you are new customer, then simply register with them by filling out the form. You will be asked to submit your name and email ID. Your online form would further require you to enter details about your location and payment modes. Once you are verified you will be having a valid account with PennyTel services.

How to make calls : 

Pennytel offers so many different ways by which you can make calls. You can make calls to above destinations from your mobile phone, landline phone or voip phones. You can install any SIP software on your mobile and enter pennytel sip settings to make free calls. You can do this on your android, iPhone, Nokia or even windows based mobile phone.

Another interesting way is to make use of Web Initiated calling as explained in the images below. 

I hope you have successfully created your pennytel account. Do following :

- Visit
- Login to your account. Visit Portal.

- Personal Voip Tab will open up.
- Click Callback
- Enter your details and click submit.

- Pennytel will call you on your number (From field) and then connect you to your destination number (To field).
- Talk as long as you like.

Other ways to make calls would be making PC to Phone Calls using Nimbuzz software.

A few people have complained that the web callback method does not work for them. I tried it, and yes it worked for making calls from my India Number to India Number. However if it does not work for you, then you can try making PC to Phone Calls using Nimbuzz software.
Please check the post below on step by step tutorial on configuring Pennytel with Nimbuzz software to make Free PC to Phone Calls.


New Year Promotion 2013 by Rebtel : Wish Family Free

Its the month of December, the time when we bye bye the old year and welcome the new year. Its the time to start celebrating the new year. Soon you will see the flood of new promotions, discount and sale and I am sure you will be shopping a lot. Why don't you atleast save some money on your phone bills and spend that money shopping somewhere else. Use voip and make cheap international calls.

This is the time of the year when people call most of their home countries. If you are in USA and your family is in India, then don't hesitate to call your relatives and friends back home.This is also the time period when most of the voip providers bring new offers and promotion for free and cheap calling. Just make full of them and wish all your loved a great new year ahead. Rebtel has also started one promotional offer giving 100% bonus to all new customers. Below are the details.

Rebtel New Year 2013 Offer

The New Year 2013 offer is a voucher code called NewYear2013 that gives new customers 100% bonus on their first deposit. Please note that this promotion is valid from December 26th 2012 until January 14th 2013.

Please note that the campaign will start from Dec 26 only, so you will have about 20 days to purchase this offer, but that does not mean that you will have to consume the purchased credit in that period of time.

You can join Rebtel during this period. Buy credit worth $10, you will get $20 credit (extra $10 as bonus free credit). You can use this credit at your own pace. Rebtel calling rates are already so low that it will take sometime to consume this much credit.

Now many of you must be thinking why you should join Rebtel.

Lets see why :
- Rebtel is one of the most widely used voip provider. Trusted by many.
- You are switching to voip for phone calls. That's like 80% cheaper than telecom calls, about 50-60% cheaper than Skype and your other calling cards.
- You are making use of one of the best offers. 100% bonus is a great deal. This means your effective calling rates gets halved or calls to India at less than one cent.
- Rebtel offers so many different ways to make calls. It has andorid, iPhone, Windows, Nokia all types of application.
- You can use Rebtel from any country in the world. What you require is just internet connection.
- You won't be getting such offers and promotion often. 

netTalk DUO Coupon : Get Free Talktime of credit worth $10

Voip has changed the way we make phone calls. These are no longer those costly and expensive and we have so many options to make cheap calls. You must have heard about Magicjack and netTalk Duo, which you can directly connect to router or computer and start making calls. If you use this, then you can make free calls within US and Canada for free. I am sure you must be paying quite a good some of money for national and international calls within US and Canada, but if you start using netTalk DUO then you can avoid paying such hefty charges and save a lot on your phone bills. 

Can you send free sms from your landline or even your mobile phone. The simple answer is sms or text messages are sometimes more costly then your phone calls. But with netTalk DUO you can send unlimited free text messages and this is available to both new and old customers. They offer one android based application which you can download for free and start sending free text message. 

This post ain't about praising netTalk DUO, but we are here to share coupon code for free credit. NetTalkDuo is offering one promotional code this Christmas in which it is giving free $10 credit. Offcourse you can make free calls within US and Canada but you can use this to make cheap international calls to other countries. 

nettalk duo

- Valid till Christmas season (till 12/25/2012) 
- You will get $10 credit for free international calls anywhere in the world. 
- Use coupon code INTL2012. 
-  This credit is good when you buy NetTalk duo from an authorized dealership such as Walmart, best buy, etc., or online dealerships such as Amazon.

So many people have asked us that what's different with netTalk DUO. What are its benefits. Should we really spend that much money to buy this device. 

Benefits of netTalk DUO

- Free Calls to US and Canada. 
- Android application will allow you to send and receive short messages even when you are traveling. 
- Use the Wi-Fi or 3G wireless connectivity options in order to keep you connected with your friends and family.  It does not matter where you are. If you are connected to internet and you can use netTalk DUO. 
- Gift this to your family in India and they can call you for free. 
- netTalk is planning to release an application for iOS based devices too in the near future.

Skype one month Free International Calling Offer

Its Christmas and new year time and soon we will see a flood of new promotions and amazing offers. This holiday season Skype (now owned by Microsoft) has started with one cool promotional offer, giving one month of free international calls. Trust me, if you are still stuck with your telecom provider to make calls, then you are losing quite a good sum of money. Join the long list of people using voip, mobile voip for phone calls and start saving on phone bills.

When we talk of voip, the first thing which comes to mind is Skype. If you have not tried Skype, then you need to get in touch with technology. You are missing on the cheap calls, video calling experience, desktop sharing and group video calls. Its time you join Skype and make use of this amazing offer.

Skype’s 1-Month Free International Calls Offer

Skype has mentioned on its website that it wants to give you the very best of Skype free for a month. It’s an offer you can only get through this free trial and includes an unprecedented amount of features that’ll make it easier to catch up with those you love. So don’t worry about how long you talk, running out of minutes or what it’ll cost — it’s our gift to you, and it’s only available for a limited time.

All you have to do is register for a premium account and pay a nominal charge of €7.99. Please note that this is a one time promotional offer valid for one entire month. You can cancel your subscription anytime during the trial period, and if you wish to continue your Skype premium account, then you may not cancel your account.

Skype One Free Month of International Calls

What you get: Features

- Free unlimited worldwide calling to keep in touch with people anywhere. Say ‘hello’ to anyone with a landline in over 40 countries or call mobile phones in 7 countries, including the United States and Canada.

- Group Video Calling : No matter where they are, get up to 10 people together on the same group video call. It’s a perfect way to gather the family for face-to-face catch ups or get together with friends anywhere in the world.

- Desktop Sharing : Group screen sharing makes it easy to share pictures and videos with everyone at the same time. Or, play “tech support” for your entire family.

Skype will automatically set up a recurring payment after the trial has ended for €7.994 per month — that's more than 50% off the regular price. Want to cancel? That’s easy too. Simply visit your account within the first 27 days of your trial and you won't be charged a thing. Enjoy!

Calls to landlines in these countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg only), Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom and Venezuela.

Calls to landlines and mobiles in these countries: Canada, Guam, Hong Kong S.A.R., Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand and United States.

Using Skype
- Use Skype on Windows 8 Mobile
- Use Skype on Playstation
- Use Skype on Android Mobiles and Tablets 

Free Calls Fair Usage Policy
- Subject to this FUP, Skype’s unlimited subscriptions allow unlimited calls to landlines in the applicable subscription countries (excluding special, premium, service and non-geographic numbers). Unlimited calls to mobiles may also be included where stated at the time of purchase. All calls will be disconnected and require a re-dial after a 2-hour duration.

Group Video Calls Fair Usage Policy 
- Group video calls can be between three or more people (up to a maximum of 10), and at least one person on the call needs to have a Skype Premium account. Group video calls are subject to a fair usage limit of 100 hours per month with no more than 10 hours per day and a limit of 4 hours per individual video call. Once these limits have been reached, the video will switch off and the call will convert to an audio call.

Its a great chance and just the right time to start using Skype, experience voip and amazing video calling!

Voip calls on Blackberry Mobiles by Mobileiser With Free Credit

I know so many people who have switched from blackberry to iphone or android mobile, simply because of one reason that "there are no voip applications" for blackberry. If you check our post for viber app for blackberry then you will see so many disappointed customers, tired of waiting for the blackberry app.
Even if you somehow find any mobile voip app for blackberry then its calling rates are not cheap, forget about free calls. But today we will discuss about one mobile voip application only for blackberry mobiles, which not only offers very cheap international calls but is also offering free trial calls worth $10.

We are talking about MobileMiser by FroogleCall. It offers cheap and easy to use voip service for blackberry customers. They claim that you can save upto 80% on your phone bills, by switching to them for making both domestic and international calls. But the main attraction of MobileMiser is a promotional offer where they are offering free trial credit worth $10 for blackberry users.

If you have a blackberry mobile and want this free trial credit worth $10, then just follow the instructions below. Lets us know if you face any issue.

- Visit the following link : Enter all your details. After that simply click submit. With successful signup you will see $10 free trial in your account.
- Now is time to download the app to your mobile. Go to and download MobileMiser’s VoIP application, FroogleCall on your BlackBerry phone.
- Now from your address book, select a number to call.
- Press the menu button and select “Use FroogleCall” which displayed on the menu.
- You will see “MobileMiser is connecting your call. Please hold” on the screen.
- Your call will get connected within few seconds.

Terms and Conditions
- This 10$ free trial credit can be used to call anywhere in North America
- International destinations will be activated after identity verification! So its better to verify your identity and make international calls as well.

FroogleCall is a killer app downloaded directly to the BlackBerry® that seamlessly integrates with the address book. Make calls as usual and slash your cellular bill by up to 80%. Call anywhere in North America for as little as 1¢ per minute. Make international calls for as low as 1.9¢ per minute!

A person reviews the service :
I changed my Rogers plan to an unlimited incoming call plan ($25) and added My5 local ($10). I then made FroogleCall's access number one of my favourites and signed up for MobileMiser's Unlimited North America Plan ($29.95). That's $75* per month!

Below is a screenshot of MobileMiser (FroogleCall) Calling Plans. Choose the one that suits your need.

I checked their international calling rates. I guess these are competitive however not the best ones. Many voip services offer cheaper calls. They offer calls to India at 2.9 cents per min, Pakistan at 10.1 cents per min.

If you are using Blackberry mobile, then I would certainly recommend you to start using MobileMiser FroogleCall plan by choosing the free trial plan.
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