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Calling Rate Comparison for India : Cheapest Calls to India

So many people have asked us this question and we have to point them to our various blog posts. There is no doubt that we have reviewed so many different voip providers and almost all of them now offer very cheap rates to India. But nowhere on internet you will find plain simple calling rate comparison for India. So we have decided to make a tabular comparison of calling rates to India.

We have tried our best to include all the calling cards provider and all the voip providers, but yeah we could have missed many (there are so many). So just let us know in the comment section and we will include them in our table. Though calling rate is a good factor in deciding over a calling card/voip provider, but please note that it should not be the only factor.

Many a times voip provider offer cheap rates but their customer support is bad, or they offer one method to make calls. So make a wise decision. Please note that incase of betamax providers, the prices of inclusive any taxes. We have also sorted them in increasing calling rates order.

It is very interesting to see the calling rate variation. I didn't realized that rates vary so much. I always thought it to be in 1-3 cents range, but! Also none is offering all inclusive (taxes) price of less than one cent per min. I am not taking into consideration any promotional offers which tend to lower the effective calling rate. We will soon try to update this post to include field for Android App or iPhone App or SIP Calling etc..

India Calling Rate Comparison

Voip ProviderCalling Rate to India (cents/min)
IndiaLD (Monthly Plan)1
IndiaLD (Pay as u go)1.5
Sunno Voip1.7
Keku Calling Cards1.89
Tribair Voip2.4
If you like any other voip provider to be added to this list, then please share its name in comment section. Also if you see any discrepancy in the rates or in any other information, then also please inform us. We would love to keep this page updated with the latest information. Its time you start making cheap calls to India.

madhur article :

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May 16, 2014 at 9:42 AM

VOX Mobile. Only App with an unlimited calling plan. I used it for 3 years till I moved to UAE, where VOIP is banned.

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