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How to configure Pennytel on Android Mobile or iPhone

Pennytel free calling offer is getting some attention. People have mailed us that they have successfully registered with Pennytel 10M million mins and have started using Pc to Phone calling service. You can always refer to our tutorial on configuring nimbuzz with Pennytel and start making Pc to Phone Calls. But if you have a smartphone specially Android Mobile or iPhone, then calling is more easy. You can directly make free calls from your android/iOS mobile following some simple steps.

One of our readers asked for a tutorial on confiruing Pennytel on Android Mobile, so we decided to go ahead with a step by step tutorial. Most part of the tutorial is similar to setting up on PC, where you have to create one account with Pennytel and save your SIP settings (userName and PassWord).

Please note that below tutorial is based on Android Mobile, but you can follow on similar lines for iPhone, or any other mobile (Nokia, Windows based etc..).

Step by Step Tutorial : Setting Pennytel on Android

- Visit
- Login to your account. 
- Visit Pennytel Portal.
- Click Personal Voip Tab and Select Settings. 

Pennytel SIP Settings Page

- Select SIP Settings (Click on Plus Sign)
- Keep a note of two things : "Your IP Phone Number is: xxxxxx" and "Voip Password : yyyyyy"

Pennytel SIP Password
- On your Android Mobile, go to Market
- Select the "SIPDroid" Application.

SIPDroid on Android 

- Install this app on your android mobile.
- Open this application.
- Select settings
- Select SIP Account
- Now enter the username (SRN Number in your Pennytel Account)
- Enter Password, which you saved in Pennytel.
- Domain/Proxy as ""
- Save this. You will be connected to Pennytel account.
- Please note all the above require that your account is connected to internet.
- Dial the number with country code.
- Your call will get connected shortly. Enjoy!

Well an image can sometimes say more than the words. Check the image tutorial below :

SIPDroid Pennytel Configuration

If the above client is giving you issues (or it didn't worked because of any reason), then you can try using Nimbuzz voip client for Android Mobiles. Just follow the few initial steps of above tutorial, in order to get the SIP settings of your Pennytel Account. After that, follow the tutorial to setup SIP on Nimbuzz Android Client.

Still having trouble connecting your mobile and making free calls. No issues, you can try making Pc to Phone Calls. Follow the below tutorial.

madhur article :

+ comments + 4 comments

December 25, 2012 at 7:20 PM

Sip have registered, but not working that is error interbal server

December 26, 2012 at 2:19 AM

I did as mentioned.

But I cannot hear and also the party cannot hear any voice.

Please help.

December 27, 2012 at 3:08 AM

My comment sent yesterday wasn't approved.

I setup everything. But I cannot hear and the party cannot hear any voice. Can you help ?

December 27, 2012 at 5:58 AM

Hi Anony,

I also faced similar issue sometime back.
But somehow it automatically got resolved for. What I can suggest is following :
1) First try that your webcall method works. Original post has a tutorial for that.

2. You can also try configuring some other voip provider with same (pennytel) sip settings. See if that works.

3. Make PC to Phone Calls with Nimbuzz. This will work for sure... Positive!

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