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New Year Promotion 2013 by Rebtel : Wish Family Free

Its the month of December, the time when we bye bye the old year and welcome the new year. Its the time to start celebrating the new year. Soon you will see the flood of new promotions, discount and sale and I am sure you will be shopping a lot. Why don't you atleast save some money on your phone bills and spend that money shopping somewhere else. Use voip and make cheap international calls.

This is the time of the year when people call most of their home countries. If you are in USA and your family is in India, then don't hesitate to call your relatives and friends back home.This is also the time period when most of the voip providers bring new offers and promotion for free and cheap calling. Just make full of them and wish all your loved a great new year ahead. Rebtel has also started one promotional offer giving 100% bonus to all new customers. Below are the details.

Rebtel New Year 2013 Offer

The New Year 2013 offer is a voucher code called NewYear2013 that gives new customers 100% bonus on their first deposit. Please note that this promotion is valid from December 26th 2012 until January 14th 2013.

Please note that the campaign will start from Dec 26 only, so you will have about 20 days to purchase this offer, but that does not mean that you will have to consume the purchased credit in that period of time.

You can join Rebtel during this period. Buy credit worth $10, you will get $20 credit (extra $10 as bonus free credit). You can use this credit at your own pace. Rebtel calling rates are already so low that it will take sometime to consume this much credit.

Now many of you must be thinking why you should join Rebtel.

Lets see why :
- Rebtel is one of the most widely used voip provider. Trusted by many.
- You are switching to voip for phone calls. That's like 80% cheaper than telecom calls, about 50-60% cheaper than Skype and your other calling cards.
- You are making use of one of the best offers. 100% bonus is a great deal. This means your effective calling rates gets halved or calls to India at less than one cent.
- Rebtel offers so many different ways to make calls. It has andorid, iPhone, Windows, Nokia all types of application.
- You can use Rebtel from any country in the world. What you require is just internet connection.
- You won't be getting such offers and promotion often. 

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