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Voip calls on Blackberry Mobiles by Mobileiser With Free Credit

I know so many people who have switched from blackberry to iphone or android mobile, simply because of one reason that "there are no voip applications" for blackberry. If you check our post for viber app for blackberry then you will see so many disappointed customers, tired of waiting for the blackberry app.
Even if you somehow find any mobile voip app for blackberry then its calling rates are not cheap, forget about free calls. But today we will discuss about one mobile voip application only for blackberry mobiles, which not only offers very cheap international calls but is also offering free trial calls worth $10.

We are talking about MobileMiser by FroogleCall. It offers cheap and easy to use voip service for blackberry customers. They claim that you can save upto 80% on your phone bills, by switching to them for making both domestic and international calls. But the main attraction of MobileMiser is a promotional offer where they are offering free trial credit worth $10 for blackberry users.

If you have a blackberry mobile and want this free trial credit worth $10, then just follow the instructions below. Lets us know if you face any issue.

- Visit the following link : Enter all your details. After that simply click submit. With successful signup you will see $10 free trial in your account.
- Now is time to download the app to your mobile. Go to and download MobileMiser’s VoIP application, FroogleCall on your BlackBerry phone.
- Now from your address book, select a number to call.
- Press the menu button and select “Use FroogleCall” which displayed on the menu.
- You will see “MobileMiser is connecting your call. Please hold” on the screen.
- Your call will get connected within few seconds.

Terms and Conditions
- This 10$ free trial credit can be used to call anywhere in North America
- International destinations will be activated after identity verification! So its better to verify your identity and make international calls as well.

FroogleCall is a killer app downloaded directly to the BlackBerry® that seamlessly integrates with the address book. Make calls as usual and slash your cellular bill by up to 80%. Call anywhere in North America for as little as 1¢ per minute. Make international calls for as low as 1.9¢ per minute!

A person reviews the service :
I changed my Rogers plan to an unlimited incoming call plan ($25) and added My5 local ($10). I then made FroogleCall's access number one of my favourites and signed up for MobileMiser's Unlimited North America Plan ($29.95). That's $75* per month!

Below is a screenshot of MobileMiser (FroogleCall) Calling Plans. Choose the one that suits your need.

I checked their international calling rates. I guess these are competitive however not the best ones. Many voip services offer cheaper calls. They offer calls to India at 2.9 cents per min, Pakistan at 10.1 cents per min.

If you are using Blackberry mobile, then I would certainly recommend you to start using MobileMiser FroogleCall plan by choosing the free trial plan.

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