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How to save text message (SMS) as draft in Nokia Lumia 710

Nokia Lumia is a great phone. It may not be having too many application in the app store, but it has all major applications and is quite a stable phone. Those who are using it really like this phone. But sometimes you discover such small things, which makes you think whether it is really such a good phone. I was doing something on my Nokia Lumia 710 and wanted to save one text message as a draft, which I can send it at a later time. Now what happened, I was not able to do this small and simple task.

I thought I am being such a dumb that I can't figure out such a small thing, but Nokia Lumia 710 does not support this simple feature. Are you kiddin me..Do they really test their device and operating system before they launch it to the market. I guess all of their focus was on stability and nothing else.

Anyways we had to find some workarounds for that. So we started exploring the phone more.
While saving text messages is not directly supported in Windows Phone at this time it is possible to store important messages.

Method 1 : Multi tasking

- Nokia Lumia 710 supports multi tasking. If you write a message down and just click home button.
Do some other task on the phone. When done, you can click back button (keep clicking) till you see the message window again (with the message you were writing).
- This method saves the message but for a short duration of time.
- Not a recommended method.

Method 2 : Save SMS in word

- Write the message down.
- Tap and hold the text, a popup menu appears where you select Copy.
- Now go to office app and click on create a new note (on the Note page tap the + icon to open a new note).
- Select the paste icon (at the top of the keyboard). You will see that the text is copied here.
- You can now exit and note will get saved.
- When you want to send this message, then go to note and select the text and copy again (tap and hole and click copy icon)
- Now go back to Message and paste it there and send the sms.
- Send the note as message. Do following : Menu -> Apps -> Notes -> Create a note and Select Options -> Send note -> Send as message.

Though it solved the task, but I guess this feature should have been there.

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