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India Telecom Call Rates Hike : Time to use Voip

Bad news for our Indian blog readers, Bharti Airtel and Idea have increased their call rates charges effective immediately. Infact they have hiked the call charges by almost 100%, that it double than what you are currently paying. And please note that Airtel and Idea are not the only ones, almost all other telecom providers aka Vodafone, Reliance are likely to follow and increase their call charges.

As per the information we have got so far, Bharti Airtel has doubled its call rates from Re 1 per minute to Rs 2 minute per minute, whereas Idea has hiked from 1.2 paise per second to 2 paise per second. Also you will no longer see those free minutes promotion by these telecom companies.
It is also expected that the promotional plans which are used to lower call charges (like Rs 100 to get it to 1 paisa per second etc etc..) will be discontinued or will also see significant hike.

Everything in India has seen price hike in recent three four years, however call charges were continuously dropping. This led to financial problems for this industry and thus the price hike. Please note that telecom companies have already increased the price for data usage. Airtel revised its 1GB 2G data plan from Rs 100 to Rs 125. Vodafone too has made changes to its data plans.

Please check with the customer care about the current call charges you are paying (as the prices are currently increased in some areas, but will be extended to other areas soon).

Now what does that means. An increase in phone bills ?
Well if you are following Free PC to Phone Calls Blog, then the answer is No. You will have to follow our posts regularly and you can use voip even for your local calls.

- Use Viber, WeChat and other applications for making calls and sending sms to other smartphone users.
- Use Voip application or calling cards (Phone to Phone Calls or PC to Phone Calls) even to call India locally.

It is well known that the voip call rates to India is about 1 cent per minute (or 2 cent per minute on higher side for almost all voip providers). This equals to 50 paisa per minutes (even less than 1 paisa per second). So, your normal telecom charges you four times of what you will get if you use voip.

Did you got a chance to look at the our posts where we have compared call charges to India for all the voip providers.

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