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Line Naver Application : Free Calls and Messaging App Review

Though I am writing this post, but I feel like "Why have we not discussed about Line Naver App before". Its one app which we were looking for so long and should have been shared on this blog long back. Better late than never. We are talking about the Line Naver Application (Free Calls and Messaging application available across multiple platforms). If I would have to explain in one line, then Line Naver App is perfect alternative to both Viber and Whatsapp.

Line is a multi platform messenger application by a Japanese company called Naver. This app is highly popular in Asian countries (specially in Japan). As per them, Line Messenger is most downloaded app in over 40 countries and has its presence in over 230 countries worldwide.

The app is currently available for iOS, Android, Mac, Blackberry, Windows 8 and PC. Viber not being on PC is highly disappointing and Line has done great job here (will be liked by many). Talking about its feature which are endless and combination of both Viber and Whatsapp. Something I would say much closer to WeChat messenger application.

Line Naver App

Line Naver App Feature Set

- Free Calls : LINE supports free calls on iPhone & Android. If you use other devices which are not supported  by LINE's voice call feature, you can use LINE from the PC to make those calls. If you want to make free calls from the PC version, please update both the PC and smartphone versions.
So yes Pc to Phone Calling is possible.

- Text, Voice and Video Messages : You can even send photos, videos, voice and location info (which is similar to whapstapp). 

- Online Stickers : Its not just emoticons but stickers as well. The Sticker Shop features everything
from original LINE characters to famous ones. With so many sticker-sets to choose from,
you won't know which one to pick! These say more than words.

- Games : This is something not in viber or whatsapp or WeChat. Play games together with your real LINE friends.

- Group Messaging, Friends Selection and Wallpapers are some of the other cool features.

- Availability : It may not be a feature for many but the thing is this factor is highly important. Most of the times what happens is that app is available only for iOS and Android so rest of your blackberry and non smartphone friends end up not using the app and stay disconnected from the group.
Line Naver is available for all the platforms (be it iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile or even PC0 which is indeed great.

Strange but many of my friends don't use this application so it may not be very useful for me. Or probably I will have to invite all my friends to this new app. Because at the end of the day if the app is popular in your social circle, you will use it otherwise you will have to say bye bye to this.

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