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New Features in upcoming Samsung Galaxy Phones

Bigger screens, better resolution or a better camera, are we really looking forward for this. Perhaps the answers is No. We have had enough phones which feature all these screens, resolution or camera. 8MP, 13MP or 43MP, I just don't care as all look same to me. What we are waiting for is something new and unique, something which we can say is that it will change our life or atleast have an impact on it.

Turns out that something revolutionary may not be possible in near future. But if you look at youtube videos or concept phones, then the whenever these features come to market they will surely have impact on our life's. These are supercool features. Today lets look at the new features planned for Samsung Galaxy Phones (or the list of feature's which we want in new upcoming mobile phones).

Samsung Flexible YOUM OLED Display

Is it Phone or Tablet, no its Phablet baby!
Now that's what I really call a phablet. This flexible screen stuff is just amazing. I can fold my tablet and it converts to phone. Flip it in your pocket and ready to move. The above video is commercial from CES 2013 keynote. This may not be coming in near future but surely something planned by Samsung (may be next year). 

Transparent Displays

We have had enough of those predefined colored screen. Why not we have colored screens or the one which can change colors dynamically. Check out the video below. This is again quite a unique feature.

Laser Keyboard and Laser Display

I saw this feature in one of the concept phones videos for iPhone5. Well this feature could not make it to iPhone 5, but I hope it should comes to reality soon. This is again one of the most awaited feature.
This gives completely new looks to mobile.

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