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Buy Apple TV in India : Complete Review with Price and Features

Finally Apple TV is launched in India and it is the perfect timing. This post is dedicated to Apple TV, its features, installation procedure, price and availability in India. We all have been quite used to surfing internet on our computer (PC), laptop, mobile and tablet as well. You must have watched youtube videos on your mobile and tablet but how about watching youtube videos straight on your television set. How about making video calls from your television set. How about connecting your iPad with your TV (wireless connection).

Apple TV is a smart box and many people confuse this with an actual television set by Apple (which is yet to be launched). We will try to capture all the details about this smart box and by end of this post, you will know everything about Apply TV. Apple launched iPod in year 2001 (which was just a digital music player). Then came the iPod Touch devices which were soon followed by iPhone. All these were game changer and created some revolution in industry. iPad devices were also liked among the users and still has the highest share in tablet market. The question now is will Apple TV bring another revolution.

What is Apple TV ? Is this a real Televison ?

First thing first, Apple TV is not a television. Don't confuse this with iTV (which is still in rumors) which is supposed to be a television. Apple TV is a smart box which can be connected to any television.

Apple TV With Remote

Let me explain in simple words about this smart box. Your television always has been one way communication, nothing interactive. It is not intelligent. Apple TV (which is basically just a small box which connects to your television set) brings this intelligence in your tv. Apple TV allows you to access internet on your television set. It allows you to stream the videos/photos online (play the data uploaded on your iCloud account) or from websites like Youtube. You can directly play movies and songs from internet on your TV. That's not all you can directly stream your iPhone/iPod/iPad content on your TV using this Apple device. All these things becomes clear when you will read our section on its features.

Apple TV Specification India

- Processor : A5 Processor
- RAM : 512 MB
- Flash Memory : 8GN NAND Flash Memory
- Resolution : 1080p
- HDMI Port
- Micro USB Support
- Ethernet Port
- Built in IR Receiver
- Wifi
- Airplay Support

Apple TV Price in India : Where to buy ?

Apple Tv  is officially launched in India and it should be available in all the apple stores in our country. You can visit any official reseller and buy this product.
Apple TV official Price in India is Rs 7900
- You can also buy this device online. Many online shops have started offering this device. Here's one example : from Rediff.

If you buy this from USA
- Apple TV Price in Unites States of America is just $99. So if any of your friend or relative is traveling to India, just ask them to bring this along. Even if you take the dollar cost to be Rs 55, it will cost you Rs 5500. (That's almost 30% cheaper if you buy from India).

Apple TV : Requirements if you purchase in India

- You need a television set (Full HD/HD Ready). LCD or LED both works!
- High speed internet connection : 1080p HD movies require a recommended speed of 8 Mbps, 720p HD movies require a recommended speed of 6 Mbps, while SD movies require a recommended speed of 2.5 Mbps.
- Television should have HDMI port to take content from Apple TV.
- You will require either wired internet connection or a good wifi signal.
- HDMI Cable (not provided in the Apple TV Box). It costs anywhere between Rs 100-400 (depending upon your location).

Apple TV India Unbox

How to Install Apple TV in India

The below procedure is assuming you got purchased this in India. If you got it from USA, you need to buy a USA to India power adapter (because of 240V and 120V difference). Don't directly connect the USA adapter to India power plug (it can damage the adapter/device).
You must have got following items when you opened the box :
- Apple TV device (a small box)
- Remote Control
- Power Adapter
- Manuals

Installation Procedure
Step1 : Open the box, take the Apple TV device out. Connect the HDMI cable (one end into the Apple TV device and other end into your television).
Step2 : Connect the power cord (adapter) into Apple TV
Step3 : Turn it on.
Step4 : You may see some home setup screen (license and all).
Step5 : Home and Setting screen will appear on initial startup.
Step6 : If you are using wifi, then go to settings : general settings and select the wifi network. You will need to add the password and all (if its protected network). Apple TV also allows you to configure automatic DHCP network settings or Manual network settings.
Step7 : You can now login into your Apple Account with your Apple ID to see all the menu options. These allows you to watch movies on youtube, hulu, netflix etc...

Apple TV Movies India

Apple TV Back Side India

Please watch the video below for more detailed installation procedure of Apple TV. The same works for India as well.

Apple TV Features

This is the main section of this post. We will discuss all the major features of Apple TV Device. We will also list the features which may not work in India. Before you buy this device, analyze it fully and make an informed decision. 

Watch Videos Online [Works in India]
- Watch Youtube Videos Online
- Vimeo Videos
- Watch Photos from Flickr
- Wall Street Journal TV
- Podcasts with Video and Audio content
- You can buy movies/songs from iTunes store and watch the same on your Apple TV. 
- Watch Free Movie Trailers
- Free List of Streaming Radios from all over the world.
- Access many such radio stations and applications

Apple TV Apps India

Airplay : Stream Data from iPad/iPhone to TV
Apple TV supports a feature called Airplay which allows you to stream the contetent wireless from any iOS device (iPod/iPhone/iPad) or iTunes (Mac as well as Windows) to the Apple TV. It can also be used to wirelessly mirror the display of iOS devices as well as Macs. 

Watch content uploaded on iCloud
You have already logged on to your Apple TV using your Apple ID. That means, you can watch the content uploaded on your iCloud (which is also synced with your Apple ID) directly on your television set. 

You can watch movies/songs/pictures uploaded on your iCloud straight on your television set (using Apple TV).

Apple TV India : Ek Tha Tiger

Video Calls on Television
The thing is Apple TV does not bring any Camera. Moreover this also does not allow you to install Skype on your television. Please note that just buying this Apple TV does not mean that you will be able to make video calls on TV. We will do some more research on how Apple TV can allow to make voice/video calls on television and will update this section.

What does not work : Specifically for India
Following video content streaming apps will not work in India. All these are not supported in India. That means you cannot watch your favorite television shows as these are available on apps supported for Android. Many Bollywood movies are too costly on iTunes (which are cheap/free on Indian TV apps). Because of this its a tough choice between Apple TV or any other Smart Box based on Android.
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • MLB
  • NBA
I know many of you have already brought the Apple TV and are facing problems either in its installation or using its certain features. We will soon be writing another post, a FAQ (common problems) related to Apple TV. If you have are planning to buy Apple TV then also you should read that post, because you never know that any problem proves to be blocker for you (and you decide to buy any other smart box).

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February 25, 2013 at 8:06 AM

Its such a great review on Apple TV...
where can I buy this in Delhi..

March 9, 2013 at 6:43 PM

You can find this device in any Apple Store in Delhi.. for about Rs7k-8k...

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