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How to install Nymgo for Blackberry Application : Use Mobile Voip

Nymgo is no doubt one of the best voip provider. It started its voip service back in 2008-2009 and that time was offering cheapest international calls to many destinations. Many of our blog readers were using it for calling India from US. Now the service has revamped itself and its new avatar offers lot more ways to make calls, specially the mobile voip applications. We have already posted about how you can use Nymgo on android mobiles and nymgo for iPhone/iPad. Today we thought to cover a post on how you can use Nymgo on blackberry mobiles.

If you check the blackbery app store or Nymgo website, you won't find any application listed for blackberry. I wonder why these voip providers don't want to cater to blackberry users. It was the same case with Viber as well (where it launched its blackberry application quite late and still does not offers lot of features on these phones). Anyhow this does not mean that our blackberry readers won't be able to use mobile voip and save on phone bills.

We figured out a way by which you can use Nymgo voip application on your blackberry mobile (blackberry curve, bold or any other).

Nymgo for Blackberry Mobiles

Just follow the simple steps 

- Please try to install the latest version of Nimbuzz voip client on your blackberry mobile.
- You can find it here.
- After that you will need to create a free account with nimbuzz. Select a free username and password. Login to Nimbuzz software.
- Select setting and go to voip provider. Choose Nymgo here.
- Enter the Username as "" and Password as your nymgo password.
- Then go to dial number and choose nymgo.
- When you make any call just make sure to prefix "00" before any number. Like 0091989......

If you face any issue in using Nymgo on your blackberry mobile, then just let us know in the comment section. Infact we have setup an area where you can share your nymgo problems and we will find a solution to them.

There are many reasons you should start using mobile voip on your blackberry mobiles. You are firstly paying too much on internet charges on your mobiles and then you pay on your phone calls as well. Does not make sense. Instead switch to voip (or may be Nymgo) for making national and international calls.

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