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How to use Skype Coupon Code | Redeem Skype Voucher

This tutorial is all about using the skype coupon codes at the time when you are buying credit or redeeming the skype voucher code (which someone gifted you or you purchased from some local store). Skype has been always on the top of the list of voip providers. Large number of people use it daily for voice chat, video calling or international calls on mobiles using skype out credit.

Before we go into the details of the tutorial, there are two things. One is the Skype Voucher Code which are sold in various retail outlets (this may also be gifted to you by your friends and family). These are 25 digit codes (famously known as skype vouchers),  arranged into five groups of five characters. The first group is always “SKYPE”, for example “SKYPE-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX”. If your voucher has a different format, for example, it has an 8 digit PIN attached after the code, you’ll need to delete the last 8 digits (PIN code) and then redeem the voucher.

Another is Skype Coupon Codes (or the bonus codes). These coupon codes are some promotional bonus codes which you can use at the time you are buying skype credit. With these codes you will either get additional credit (or some discounts) or may be some free minutes. These are not necessarily of fixed length (and are varied depending upon promotion). Examples are "Skypegift" etc.. You can find more such Skype coupons at this page.

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How to Redeem Skype Voucher Code

Step1 : Login to your Skype account.
Step2 : On the left column of the page, click "Redeem Voucher.

Redeem Voucher

Step3 : Enter your voucher number. It can be found on the electronic voucher receipt you were given by the store. Other vouchers (like free promotional vouchers) may have a different voucher number format.
Step4 : Tick the box I agree to the Skype Terms of Service, then click Redeem voucher or prepaid card.

Skype Redeem Voucher

Step5 : You will need to the enter the value of the voucher code. It should be entered with a decimal point and without the currency symbol. For example, $10 should be entered as “10.00”.

Step6 :  Click "Redeem Voucher or Prepaid Code". Your credit will reflect in your account within 15 minutes.

Sometime when you enter the voucher code it shows that it is an invalid code. You need to make sure that the code is still valid (and not expired). If it is valid according to you, then please contact the customer care. They will be able to help you out.

How to Redeem Skype Coupon Code | Buy Skype Credit

If you normally go and buy skype credit, you wont see a place where you can avail discount coupons. So you would actually need to go to some skype shop (or other retail shops) which are offering coupon codes. 

Buying credit is simple
Step2 : Click the Credit Button (account balance) on left hand side of skype account
Step3 : On the next screen. Click Add Credit to your account. 

Step4 : Select your payment method. 
Step5 : Enter the amount you want to buy and proceed. 

How to use Skype Coupon in Skype Store
Step2 : Visit Skype Store
Step3 : Click on buy Skype Gift Card.

Step4 : Enter all details. Enter your mail address in where you want to send this gift card.
Step5 : In the next page, on right hand side you will see option to enter promo code. Just enter the coupon code or promo code there. Click Apply and make the payment. 

We hope this tutorial was helpful to you. If you have any question, please let us know in the comment section.

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