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List of Unlimited Inernational Calling Plans to Egypt

If you have a friend or family member living in Egypt and you have to make lots of international calls to him, then you know how costly it can be. Calling Egypt from India easily cost more than Rs 15 per minutes and if you are calling from USA then it can cost you about 20 cents per minute. You end up paying huge phone bills and still do not get the satisfaction that you have had made enough calls.

Though we have posted about some offers about making free calls to Egypt but these are of limited duration and at some point you have to buy credit to make more calls. Even if you go with any voip provider for cheap calls and select any pay as you go option, you still have to pay lots of money (as call rates are high). So you have two options depending upon your calling needs (the number of calls you make to Egypt and the call duration).

1. If you make too many international calls to Egypt, then choose any unlimited package where you have to pay some money monthly.
2. If you make less calls to Egypt then choose Pay as You Go option for any voip provider and make calls. Check our calling rates comparison for Egypt.

List of Monthly Unlimited Calling Packages to Egypt

Geils Global Voip Monthly Plan


- $19.99 Per Month 
- Unlimited calls to the continental U.S., Hawaii, Canada and more than 50 countries
- 900 Free Minutes to Egypt included in this package
- The first 900 minutes used each month to 20 area code will be free. Calls above that limit will only cost $0.079 per minute.

Vonage V-Plan Africa for Calling Egypt

- Vonage now have a great plan with Inclusive calls to 9 African Countries. Take a look below at what V-Plan Africa has to offer from only £4.99/month.
-  £4.99/month is for first three months and it will be charged £6.99/month thereafter.
- You can use your existing broadband and telephone to call Egypt. Anyone who calls Egypt knows how expensive it can be.
- Also make unlimited calls to Angola, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Algeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia under the same plan.
- 100 minutes of calls to landlines in 9 African countries and mobiles in 6 of those countries
- Low pence per minute rates after the inclusive 100 minutes are used up.

Its an expensive plan considering you will only get 100 minutes of calls.

Skype Subscription for Egypt

- You could get a 400 minutes monthly plan for 28 Euros
- You can get 700 minutes for 45 Euros per month.
- You can choose a lower minutes plan (120 minutes) for 12 Euros per month (but that comes to an effective price of 10 Euro cents per minute).

I would say if you are choosing Skype then just don't. Even if you go with Pay as you go option of any other voip provider, it will be less than Skype monthly subscription.

We may have missed some of the unlimited calling options to Egypt. If you are aware of any such voip provider offering monthly packages then please let us know. We will surely include that in this list.

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