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Magicjack Error Fixes : Solutions to Magicjack Problems

Magicjack is one device which is just loved by so many people. It has been rated as product of year for past many years. Named as skype killer, it has been adopted by many people in USA and Canada. Infact people in India have also started using Magicjack and its updated device (Magicjack Plus). It allows you to make Free Calls to US and Canada (from any country where you are using this device).

As it also offers an application for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, so many of our blog readers are also this application for free calling. The good thing about the app is no credit card is required to use this app (its purely free, no strings attached) and allows to make free calls as well. But the bad part is that many people are facing problems in using this device or getting the application up and running.

We thought to help our readers and find them solutions to all the problems related to Magicjack. The common issues (error codes) have been discussed below. If you do not find the solution to your specific problem then just let us know in the comment section. We will help you out!

MagicJack Error and Problems

Q. If you hear error 1 while trying to place a call with your magicJack PLUS, it means that you are not connected to the Internet.
A. Make sure that one end of the ethernet cable is plugged into your modem/router/switch and the other end into your magicJack PLUS. You also need to make sure that your modem/router/switch is powered on and that the port you have connected the magicJack to is functioning correctly.

Step 1:  If your magic jack plus is plugged directly into computer then be sure to unplug it restart computer then plug the device back in.

Step 2: Only if you have it connected to a router and modem   first unplug the modem  then unplug your router ... leave both unplugged for about 15 seconds  then plug in the modem and wait for all the lights to come on then plug in the modem,   a lot of times this can solve conectivity issues.

Q. Getting MagicJack Error 404
A. - Open Control Panel (Start Menu - Control Panel
- Click Internet Options
- Click Lan Settings button
- Make sure the box under the Proxy Server section is UNSELECTED
- (Optional) SELECT Automatically Detect Settings

Q. How to solve this Error 23 Code problem with my Magicjack.
A. This problem is related to the router configuration. Making certain changes with your router configuration can work with your MJ plus.

Q. When I plug my MJ+ into the ports on my router, I get an Error 3002 message.
A. Some of the common solutions which worked for people.
What worked for me is unplugging both the modem and the router, wait about 20 seconds, then plug the modem in first and wait for most of the lights to come back on. Then plug in the router and wait for all the lights to come back on. 
- I added it to one of the ports of the BELKIN and plugged the Ethernet cable from the MAGICJACK PLUS Ddirectly to LINKSYS port. 
All I did was unplug my modem, router (D-Link DIR-615) and magicjack plus and re-plugged everything and now it works like a charm.  

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