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Valentine Day 2013 Phone Calls Promotional Offers

Hug day, Kiss day and we have now Valentine Day's. It is the day when every husband/boyfriend just want to make her wife/girlfriend feel very special. But what option do you have if you are far away from your love (you being in USA and your gf is in India). Well atleast you can call her and talk to her for hours, that would somewhat make her feel better. The problem is international calls for such long duration can shoot up your phone bill. Don't worry you are following FPPC Blog and we will help you save a lot of money.

Infact if you properly follow this you will be able to talk endlessly for just few cents. Hey guys even if you don't have any girlfriend/unmarried, you can still use the follow and save some money on phone bills. In this post we will post all the on going promotional offers specially made available for this special day "Valentine Day 2013". We won't be going into the details on how to use the respective service, as we have already covered that so many times on this blog.

Also please note that all the below offers are promotional offers and won't last for long (infact some are valid for just one day). So you need to hurry and make use of them now, without wasting any further time.

Rebtel Triple Money Promotion : Valentine Day 2013

You will get 200% Bonus talktime on this Valentine's day. That is if you buy $10 calling credit, you will get $30 calling credit. This offer is valid with only the special link we have posted below.

[Valentine Day's Special Link]

- The best part of the offer is your calling credit never expires. So you can register now and use the credit at your own pace
- Valid for ONE DAY (14th Feb 2013)
-  Offer will start exactly at 00:00 hrs.
- Once you register yourself with Rebtel then you will get a 5 min free call, make a use of that call by calling anywhere in the world for testing their service.
- Use this credit to call any country in the world.
- Pay using any service like Credit card, Debit card, net banking and lots of other services.

Valid for only New Customers. For Old Customers, do following:
- Get yourself a new phone number (create a free account on Google Voice as they give free USA phone number).
- If you already have a new number then make use of that number for registration.
- Follow the above steps (register using valentine promotional special link), with the new number.

FriendCaller Brainy Valentine Day : Solve Puzzles

FriendCaller has started a puzzle game where they are offering free calling vouchers. As per them the idea behind this day is to show the other one how blessed you are with their presence in your life via words and actions both. This contest named "Valentine Tidbits" is a puzzle game which you can enter irrespective of your age group.

You can participate in this contest which is running on their facebook page. Each day they post a new game and participants with correct answers and max likes will get free calling minutes. 10 winners every day. The prizes vary from vouchers worth $3 to $5 (total about $50).
Seems very interesting to me. If you don't want to spend any money and still talk to your loved ones, then show us your talent and win these voucher codes. You better get started now.

LocalPhone Free Calls Offer on Valentine

If you are a localphone customer, then we have a deal for you. Infact we have many deals for you. Localphone is offering multiple promotions this valentine.
If you are already a localphone customer (or you can sign up)
- Free Calls to United Kingdom
- Free Calls to United States
- Free Calls to China

Yes you heard it right. Calls to above countries for free and you don't have to pay a single penny. Now if you want to sign up with Localphone (which you can do for as low as $1).
- Use Voucher Code "FEB2013" and you will get 10% bonus credit on first signup.

[Special Link for Localphone]

Many reasons to choose Localphone
- Buy as low as $1 credit.
- First call free
- My favorite voip provider because calling credit never expires
- Excellent voice quality and just so many ways to make calls.

Got information about another offer by Localphone. They mailed me that they wane to make sure you have enough credit in your Localphone account to talk to your loved ones this Valentine's Day, so they are giving 10% free credit when you top-up! Use code LOVE2013 at the checkout. Hurry, this code is only valid until 12pm GMT 15th February.

Localphone rates after topup

Rebtel Re:Beat on Valentine

Not exactly on offer but this is worth sharing with you all. Rebtel today announced the launch of a free Valentine’s Day app, called Re:Beat - a new way to declare your love on Valentine’s Day that’s far more personal than a card, a box of chocolates or even roses. It is available for iPhone, Android Mobiles and it lets you send a digital heartbeat to your love (does not matter where your love is).

It is quite interesting on how it works.

Here’s how Re:Beat works:
All you have to do is stick your finger on your phone’s camera, and the app will use the camera and flash in conjunction to detect your pulse by measuring the subtle changes of your fingers’ color.
The app then creates an animated representation of your heart with timed sounds and vibrations (only on Android), which you can then send to a loved one via text, Facebook or Twitter.
Check out the video below and you will love it.

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