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Samsung Vs Apple : Which is better and Attracting more customers

If we think of buying a new smartphone, what comes to our mind are just two choices Apple or Samsung. Few years back when the smartphones were not popular, Nokia was the clear market leader and people just loved it. But now thing have changed so much, specially after the arrival of iPhone's and Android mobiles. There is no doubt that Apple has been the innovative leader and almost all of its devices have been revolutionary.

Apple iPhone's completely changed the way of using mobile phones. It was no longer a simple calling device but much much more. Apple Store (Application market) was soon filled with apps and people loved them. However it was only after the arrival of Android based mobiles, that smartphone's market share went high. Though there are so many mobile companies offering android based mobiles, but it is only Samsung (and galaxy range of mobiles) which has made quite a buzz. And now it is either iOS or Android (Apple or Samsung).

The question "Which is better : Is it Apple or is it Samsung" is now being asked by so many. After the arrival of iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 the question makes more sense. I am myself confused, whether I should buy an iPhone5 or the super cool Samsung Galaxy S4.

It was just the right time when we were contacted by Allison Morris from MbaOnline. She provided us an info graphic on Samsung Apple Competition. She has captured the information in quite a unique way and looked at the competition with a different perspective.

Samsung Vs Apple Competition

The facts in this image are quite interesting Amazingly Samsung revenue was more than Apple (in the year 2012). But because of more employees and expense, Samsung made less profit than Apple. The number of phones sold by Samsung is again quite higher than Apple iPhone's. I would say iPhone range is just basically a single phone (always the latest iPhone), however with Samsung it is complete range in galaxy mobiles (varying in features and price).

My vote also goes to Samsung!

madhur article :

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March 16, 2013 at 12:51 AM

Hi every one.

Why u don't think this way that apple don't sacrifice the quality of the products. Samsung have range of smartphones cheep, experience & mid ranges phones. If you think about quality then apple is best.

March 16, 2013 at 4:27 AM

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your views.
I agree that quality of Apple products is great, however Samsung also has good quality products.

Samsung high range phones, viz.. Galaxy S3, Note2 and S4 are of great quality. The hardware specs are amazing. If and if there is any issue, it is the software (android running on them).

But then again running an open source operating system vs running a propriety OS both have pros and cons.

And if we are talking about OS quality, then Nokia Lumia range is even better quality.

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