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Whatsapp Status Messages and Quotes : Discuss Everything About Them

Whatsapp is a very famous smartphone application, widely used for instant messaging. So many of FPPC readers use this application for sending free sms. What I really like about whatsapp is that it is not just a simple sms application, its much more. You can use this application to send picture, videos, share jokes, its full of so many different smiley (similar to Skype Emoticons). And just like Facebook, you can set status message on whatsapp (which actually reflects your mood).

Whatsapp has been rated as top IM application by many blogs and websites. It is is available for almost all the platforms, be it iPhone, Android Mobiles, Blackberry or Nokia Mobiles. Infact we also covered a post (tutorial) on how you can use Whatsapp on your computer. Any app comes with its complications and so is Whatsapp. Some people find it difficult to set customized status messages on this application. Some people find it hard to set animated status message on whatsapp.

We decided that we will dedicate this port to Whatsapp Status Messages and Quotes and we will discuss everything related to them. We will try to cover as much as possible, however if you have any doubt and query related to Whatsapp Status then please let us know, we will try to solve it asap.

How to set Customized Status Messages in Whatsapp

Step1 : Open the whatsapp application on your mobile
Step2 : Make sure "chat" windows is opened. If "select contacts" windows is opened, go back to chat window.
Step3 : Click the left button on your android mobile (the place for settings). You will see "Status"
Step4 : Either select the predefined status message
Step5 : In the Current Status, click the below button.
Step6 : Here you can add any status message.

Some other similar whatsapp tips and tricks
- How to take Whatsapp History Backup

You can view status messages by opening WhatsApp and going to the Favorites screen (the Select contact screen on Android). Your friend's status message will be displayed directly below their name. Please note that very long status messages may not display completely on the Favorites (Select contact) screen, but will display in its entirety in the Contact Info screen.

Hide your Online Status in Whatsapp

Whenever in a chat you will be able to see the status of your friend, whether he is available (or the time he was last online on this app). Similar your friends can see you online. For privacy reasons, you may like to hide your online status on WhatsApp and not attract the attention of people. The question is how do you set your online status or last seen status on WhatsApp. Just follow the below steps.
- Start WhatsApp.
- Go to Settings by tapping the tab that's located at the bottom right. (Left button incase of android).
- Go to Chat Settings, then tap Advanced.
- All you have to do is to toggle the "Last Seen Timestamp" option to OFF.

That's it and privacy is intact now. 

List of Top Whatsapp Status Quotes and Messages

- You don't have to like me, I'm not a Facebook status.
This is my personal favorite.

- Congratulation, you are the 100th person to view my status. Call me to get your price :P
- When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry show life you have a thousand reasons to smile.
- Girl will you be my teady bear, my honey bunny !
- That awkward moment when nobody likes your whatsapp status.
- My take home pay doesn't even take me home
- Out of my mind. Back in five minutes.
- Reason I joined IT: Everything in life has a reason; I wanted to prove it wrong.
- Love is going to bed early.Marriage is going to sleep early.
- If you are talking behind my back, you are in good position to kiss my ass.
- WTF ! 

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