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Whatsapp Emoticons Meaning : What do they say ?

Smileys or emoticons are a great way to express yourself. Sometime it is easy to convey message via a picture (or emoticon) than actually saying or writing the text. When it comes to whatsapp, this application has a whole bunch of smileys. These are much higher than what we are used to Skype or regular messages. Whether it is whatsapp application for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows or Nokia all of them have a huge list of emoticons. These are by default available and you need not to use any kind of trick (not like hidden skype smileys).

The only problems is that these are so high in number, that sometimes it is difficult to select a proper emoticon while chatting. Most of times, I am not aware of meaning of the emoticon sent to me. We have tried to explain these smileys for whatsapp. What we have done is captured the whole list of these emoticons in images and we have tried to explain the whole set (one image).

I hope you understand that it is not possible to explain all the smileys in a single post, simply because these are so high in numbers. Using these smiley is quite easy. In the chat whatsapp chat window, select the smiley image and these will get displayed. You can navigate to a particular category and select a particular emoticon.

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Whatsapp Emoticons Explained

1. These are the basic set of emoticons with tease, smile, sad, extra sad with tears, laugh, attraction etc.. These are common and can be found in other apps as well.

Sad Happy Emoticons

2. These are more or less same as above ones, just the extreme and uncommon version of these.  Sad, extra happy, frustrated etc..

3. Money, Girl, Village person, policemen : In short some special people.. I really like the second last one.

4. Money, ear, hand and other body parts..

5. Again some expressions, and it has some love smileys as well... wow.. biceps (gyming) is also there. 

6. Interested in fashion, these are for you!

7. In this we have some accessory like Purse, and few heart smilets.

8. Some animals.. like dog, cat, horse etc..

9. More animals, we have hen as well..

10. Trees, flowers and more animals including camel.

11. Aaah.. we have sun, earth and moon as well..

12. Christmas tree, love, santa, gifts, baloon, cd, camera ...

13. Telephone : landline, iPhone, Computer, speaker, lock keys...

14. Bulb, light, gun, gate, dollars and money!

15. Letter box, xls, graph, calender.. do people really use these ?

16. Scissors, Clip, Pencil, Notebook, Paint..

17. Piano, Balls and Cups

18. Cheers with Beer and some food items for you..

19. Cake, ice cream and more food items..

20. Fruits and vegetables..

21. House of so many types...

22. Mode of transport : Plane, Bus, Boat..

23. So many varieties of cars..

24. Red Light and flags.. India is not there.. BAD!

25. Numbers !

26. Arrow Keys and refresh buttons.

27. Some Chinese characters..

28. Some icons like plus, cross, tick etc..

29. Dollar, ATM and other special icons..

30. Clocks and timing..

31. More of timing!

32. Circle, diamond, square and other shapes..

Let us know if you require any further information on these.

madhur article :

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July 24, 2013 at 1:52 AM

I wanted a do I get one....

July 31, 2013 at 9:43 PM

what is the meaning of icon celphone with a heart sign on it on whatsapp ?

September 6, 2013 at 10:14 AM

please explain which smiley do express which emotion (sad, extra sad, etc...)

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