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Skype on browser : Make Skype Calls from Email Client (OutLook.Com)

Seems the takeover of Skype by Microsoft is showing its effects, offcourse the positive ones. Many of us use our gmail account and use it for sending emails, chatting with friends, talking (audio and video calls) with friends using the gtalk client. Such a audio video calling feature was lacking in the Microsoft email client ( It is a free personal email service from Microsoft and is quite widely used. Infact in just six months after its launch, it attracted 60 million new users.

Microsoft in an attempt to match the Google support and bring the audio/video calling support has coupled Skype with This is basically a preview version of Skype currently available for United Kingdom and will be made available in the United States and Germany in the coming weeks.

Obviously email is important and nothing can get rid of this, but sometimes it is much easier to talk then text or write long emails. And if you get the flexibility of video calling then its just awesome. So with (directly from your mail client) you have the option of sending email or instant messaging and now video or audio call.

How to get Skype on your browser ( Inbox

Inorder to setup skype for, you need to download a plugin for your browser (which is available for IE, Chrome and Firefox). Once you have downloaded the plugin you can connect Skype to (using your microsoft mail account). If you already have a skype account then you will be asked to link both of these. Just merge your Microsoft email account with the Skype account and you are ready for video calling. You also have the option to add all your Skype contacts to outlook.

Making calls with Skype is damn easy. Click on the Skype audio or video buttons in your IM conversation. To start a call while reading an email from a friend on, move your mouse over the friend’s picture and click on the Skype audio or video call buttons that appear above his or her contact details.

skype for email

Earlier we have seen the merger of Skype account with Facebook and it was a big hit. I mean life gets simple when you remove the complexities (in this case managing so many account) and this move by Microsoft is a great step going forward. I am hoping Skype roll out this feature worldwide, so that everyone can get benefited from such feature.

I am not wondering why voip softwares like Viber and Whatsapp not thinking in this direction and not rolling browser based calling or a PC app.

WeChat for PC : Web WeChat on Windows/Mac/Chrome OS

Smartphone have captured the mobile market with almost everyone using it. The most popular apps on smartphones are the ones related to social media or communication (the way you can connect to your loved ones). These includes applications like Viber (Voice Calling), Tango (Video Calling), Whatsapp (Instant Messaging), Hike (SMS Text Messaging) and WeChat (which combines all features). Most of these apps are supported for all mobile platforms be it Android, iPhone, Windows or Blackberry, however most of these apps do not have any support for usage on your laptop/computer/PC.

Today we will be discussing about using WeChat application on your personal computer (or for that matter any computer having internet connection). Interesting thing is that you do not require to download WeChat application on your Pc and still use the app features. We are referring to the app feature named "Web WeChat".

WeChat for PC : WebChat


1. You need to have a smartphone where you have already installed WeChat app. The app is linked to your mobile number (so unless you haveWeChat on your phone, you won't be able to use it on PC).
2. Computer with internet connection.
3. Internet browser (Firefox/IE/Chrome/Opera) all works.

How Web WeChat Works

1. Click the magic wand icon at upper right and select "Web WeChat".
2. Click "Start"
3. Open the browser and open
4. Scan the QR Code that shows up when you open your PC browser to, then select "OK".

Once you are on Web WeChat, you can continue chatting with friends on your browser. It is like accessing your phone WeChat account on your computer (simply assume that you have a phone on your screen). It works pretty great.

The main advantage of using this feature is ease of use. It is quite easy to chat with friends (type) on computer than your computer. We have seen in the past that people crave about using Whatsapp  on computer. They do not have any PC application nor do they support such a web chat feature. Only option for Whatsapp is to follow our tutorial (userguide on using app on PC using android emulator).

How to Cancel Skype Subscription and Get Refund

It is a well known fact that Skype is the leader in voip industry. It has probably maximum numbers of users (comparing to other voip services). But I believe a large part of those users stick to free Skype services like video calling to other skype users. If you want to make international calls to normal mobile or landline phone's, then you would have to shell out some money. For users looking for unlimited calls to a particular country (or a set of countries), Skype offers some unlimited subscription plans.

If you choose this subscription plan (any package), then you will be charged on monthly basis. You may consider it good or bad, but for your monthly subscription you can be charged automatically (from your registered credit card). Sometimes what happens is that you don't actually use the service, however you are still charged. Infact some people have complained about being charged for whole three months in advance.

Many people have asked us about cancelling your subscription plan and getting a refund from Skype. Today we will post a step by step tutorial (information guide), on how you can cancel your monthly subscription plan with Skype so that you are no longer charged by them.

Good thing is that even though your subscription has been cancelled, you are allowed to use the remaining minutes until they expire.

Skype Refund : Cancel Subscription

Cancel Skype Subscription | Cancel Recurring Payments

- Login to your Skype account on your computer
- Click Skype above (at the top) and choose Account.
- Once the account window opens up on screen, choose the subscription feature (which you wish you cancel).
- Check your subscription plans and see if its correct. Now click settings there.
- Select Cancel Subscription
- Keep on confirming for cancellation of your subscription.
- You will receive a confirmation mail from Skype about the cancellation.

Though we not recommend that you stop your subscription with Skype (as it is a really a good service), but anyways the cancellation thing is also quite easy.

Getting Refund with Skype

You can ask for a refund of your Skype Credit within 15 days from its purchase, but only if you haven’t used it.  You can ask for a refund of your subscription if you haven’t used it and it hasn’t expired.
  1. Click this link, enter your Skype Name and password, then click Sign me in.
  2. Select the help topic Payments and the related problem Refund requests.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Continue support request.
  4. Select how you’d like to contact : Email support or Chat support.
  5. If you click Send an email, enter your details (include skype username and NOT password) and describe your problem, then click Send support request.
  6. If you click Start a chat, enter your Skype Name and email address, select the general topic you need help with, then choose the type of problem you have. Click Start Chat to talk to one of our support representatives.
If you wish to cancel your Skype account completely (delete your account), then you will have to contact the Skype customer support. However again it is not needed (as Skype to Skype are always free).

If you are facing problem and difficulty in getting a refund from Skype, then please let us know.
If you have already mailed Skype support asking for refund and have not yet got (and its been more than 15 days), then we would suggest that you contact them on their Facebook page as well.

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Hike Vs Whatsapp Application : Which is a better option ?

If you are having any smartphone, then you must have tried atleast one instant messaging (sms via internet) application. The most popular ones among a list of apps are Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat and now Hike as well (which is a recently launched app). Though Hike was launched recently but it has been most downloaded apps in past few months and it being considered as next big thing in field of voip.

Comparisons are done all over internet and Hike is being considered as perfect Whatsapp alternative. We have used both the application personally and then decided to compare the two evaluating them on various necessary (and useful add on features). Offcourse you can install and use both the application on your mobile, but with time one app will surely become your preferred choice (and other will get neglected). I mean we have so many social networking websites, but it is only Facebook which is a clear winner (twitter is also there but FB is way ahead).

Hike Vs Whatsapp


Whatsapp is available for Android, iPhone, Nokia S40, Symbian Phones, Windows phone and people can even use it on PC and iPad as well.. In short it is available for almost all the gadgets.

Hike App is quite new (launched just few months back). It is currently available for Apple iPhone, Android Mobiles, Windows based phones (Lumia series etc) and Nokia Symbian phones. It is currently not available for Blackberry phones.

Whatsapp : 1, Hike : 0

Installation and Ease of use

Whatsapp is quite easy to install. It does not require to create any usernames or select passwords and pins. It is simple app which couples with your mobile number. It simply checks the friends on your address book and shows list of people using whatsapp. It has a very clean and easy to use interface.

Hike probably understood that its good to keep things simple. Similar to whatsapp, it also does not require any username or password. It also couples with mobile number and scan your address book to search for Hike contacts. Good thing is it also shows other friends (non Hike) and allows you to send free sms to them as explained below. I will probably give both a plus one on this aspect.

Whatsapp : 2, Hike : 1

SMS : Instant Messaging

Whatsapp is no doubt most used application now for sending text message, pictures and videos. It has been used by almost all smartphone users. However that does not make it the best app. Though it allows you to send the message to other whatsapp users for free, however you cannot send message to non whatsapp users.

Hike on the other hand, not only allows people to send free text message, pictures and videos to other Hike users, but you can send the sms to other non hike users as well. It gives free 100 message (India only) per month which can be utilized to send message to non hike users. Good thing is you can include such users in group chat as well.

Whatsapp : 2, Hike :2

Innovation : Future Updates

Whatsapp has been in the market for quite a long time now and it has understood what market needs (And what market can except and enjoy). But the thing is they have been quite the same from day 1. They offer free text message to other whatsapp users and that's it! It has been same till now, nothing new. They need to bring something new every now and then, otherwise people will get bored.

Hike has been in the market for just few months and man they are full of new things and ideas. It seems they have surveyed the market very nicely and exactly understand whats customer needs. They keep bringing new offers which actually attract people to join them. Their free recharge program was a big hit! Keep up the good work guys. And now their Hike2Post thing is pretty amazing (it allows you to send free pictures, videos as post to anyone in India).

Whatsapp : 2, Hike : 3

Cost of Application

Whatsapp is a paid application on iPhone. On Android Mobile it was offered for free (for an year) and after that they were expected to charge some money. However for most people they extended the free service for one more year. Still, Whatsapp is being considered as a paid application (though cheap but still not free).

Hike is a FREE App till now and lets say it will remain so. Currently they do not have any plan to make this application a paid one (how are they earning money ??)

Whatsapp : 2, Hike : 4

Overall both the apps are good. Considering Whatsapp already has a good customer base, it will be difficult for Hike to reach that number of users (may it will take some time). However Hike is certainly a very good application and its a must try from our side. 

Hike2Post : Send Free Post, Pictures, Videos to Anywhere in India (From Mobile)

Few days back we discussed about Hike Messenger application, its a multi platform instant messaging application (though quite similar to Whatsapp but much better) available for lot of devices. Started with the aim to provide connectivity to people, Hike Messenger App created a lot of hype among smartphone users. It is very very popular among Indian smartphone users as lot of its features are dedicated for Indian mobile users.

Most other messaging apps like Viber, WeChat etc allow messages to be sent to friends who are using the same app. However Hike is a step ahead from them, it allows people to connect with just anyone (even with people not using Hike), via hike2SMS feature. With hike2SMS, they enabled users to connect with not only their friends who used smartphones with 3G data packs, but also with those who used a feature phone with SMS.

Good news is Hike has now gone two steps ahead with the launch of Hike2Post. This feature is one of its kind and (not fully sure), but they are the first ones to offer such a feature. It enables you to message your friends through yet another channel – Post.

Check : Hike Vs Whatsapp : Which is better ?

Hike Messenger

Hike has tied up with the Indian Postal Service to enable hike users to send free messages via post. Now message your friends even if they don’t have a phone! That simply means that you can connect with just any and every person for free, even those living in remote villages with no mobile connectivity.

Text Post or Letter Post

You can simply write the message and give the Hike messenger the name and address of the person you want to send this message. Hike will print the message and post it to your destination.

Sending Images and Videos by Post for Free

Sending post is not just limited to text messages but you can also send pictures, videos. You can also send images and videos, and Hike will print those out or create audio/video tapes or CDs and DVDs and mail it to your friends.

Hike even cares about the environment, so all messages will be printed on 98% bio-degradable paper made of cattle manure by the rural enterprise, so in a way.

Hike2Post Steps on Android

Inorder to send post from Hike Messenger (on android mobile), open Hike and click left button at top. Click Rewards section.. Select hike2post (Get started)..
Enter your message and other details. After that click Done.

Hike Messenger Application for Android Mobile : Free Download

If you have been using an android mobile, then I am sure you must be familiar with atleast some of the voip or instant messaging or social networking application. You must have used (or atleast heard about) applications like Whatsapp, Skype, Viber or Facebook. Well each of these have a common aim "let people connect with others for free". What if we tell you that their is another android application that has a similar purpose but still it is unique in its own way.

We are talking about "Hike Messenger Application" for android mobiles. It is being seen in the top charts of Google Play market. It is a free application to download, available in Google Play so lot of people have already tried it. It offers Fun, free messaging for life. With hike, messaging has never been simpler.

Hike is a new messenger that lets you send free messages to your friends and family. With hike you can message friends that are on hike and also those who aren't on hike too! You'll never have to use another messaging app again. It sounds similar to whatsapp application (check its comparison with Whatsapp), but first we need to look at all its features (and try the app ourself) before making a comparison.

Hike on Android

Hike Messenger for Android Features

- Connectivity : Hike uses your 2G, 3G or WiFi (when available) to message with friends and family.

- Chat for Free :  After you have downloaded the application, you chat with any of your friend (who is also using Hike Messenger) for free. No Plan to make this app Paid.

- Free Hike2SMS to India : This feature is something lacking in many of android application. You can send free message to non-hike friends. So if your friends aren't on hike you can still message them. And better yet, for free! Free SMS can only be sent to India. The number of Free SMS are limited (when I downloaded the app, I was offered 100 free sms).

-  Send Free SMS Invitation to anyone

- Group Chat : Create a group chat with friends and family on hike and also with those who aren't on hike via Free hike SMS. All in one group. Another very interesting feature.

- Send Videos or Photos : You can send photos videos and more to friends on hike and also those who aren't on hike via Free hike SMS.

- Easy to use application and nothing complicated. We have recently seen many other complex apps which are difficult to use, but this one's very easy.

- No Username or Pins : Just like SMS, hike works with your phone number and integrates flawlessly with your existing phone address book. Its that simple.

- Always On App : It is always on and working. But lets hope it don't consume too much battery and bandwidth.

- Emoticons : Just like Whatsapp emoticons and Skype Emoticons, hike has some awesome emoticons that you can share with friends. You've never seen more emotional and funnier emoticons!

- Profile Picture, Status Messages, Sharing Location : Are just some of the features from long list of other cool features.

- Hike2Post : Use Hike Messenger to send Post cards (letters, pictures or videos) to anywhere in free. One of its kind service. 

- Use Gmail to Send Free SMS to Indian Mobiles
- JaxtrSMS to Send Free Text Message : Works on Any Phone

Hike Messenger Android App ScreenShots

My Review

I tried this application on my Galaxy and trust me I have started liking this application. The download procedure went pretty smooth and it was ready to use within few seconds (though I didn't like asking me to invite friends at the first time I started using it). Once logged in, I was surprised that many of my friends are already using Hike (it automatically shows list of friends using Hike).

It is just like using SMS messaging application built in your mobile. I found it pretty easy to use application and good thing is its very stable.

Making a group chat was so damn easy and it also shows (by varying colors) which friend are on Hike and which are not. But it does not matter because you can still include them on Group chat.

Hike Free SMS to Non Hike Members

Hike offers free 100 SMS per month (refills every 1st of month) which can be sent to mobile in India. This is a very useful feature and I kinda love this. I tried sending free sms to a friends mobile (who is not using Hike), good thing is these are also listed in friends list so sending message is easy (with the color you know they are not on Hike). Anyways I sent the SMS and it was received within seconds. It worked and it works pretty fast.

Hike included "Sent from Hike .. Download Hike from here .." in the message, but that's okay as long as it is free.

User Reviews (From Google Play)

Its an awesome indian networking app.....n really cool n funky emoticons.
I m glad i found this app. Its fun quick and easy to use. U can send sms even to non hike or non android users,sms gets delevered within a sec.i love this app.
FAST!!GREAT EMOJIS!! AMAZING UI!5 stars if you make tablet optimized ui...preferrably floating window option as well...
Overall its a great application and you must try it.

Chat for Google Talk on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch : Messgaing App

Instant messaging will never loose its charm. We all spend a good amount of time chatting with friends. When we talk about chatting application, Gmail Chat or Google Talk is the one which comes to our mind. Google Talk is most used chatting application on computers. I mean gone are days of Yahoo Messenger, now we all use Google Talk (or gmail chat).

But what about chatting with friends from your mobiles or tablets (specially iPhone, iPad). Offcourse you can use applications like Whatsapp on your mobile for chatting with friends also using Whatsapp. But what we are looking for is a software for chatting with Google buddies. That is you can use Google Talk application on your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch and you can chat with your buddies using Gtalk on computer or mobile (android or iOS device).

Recently an app named "Chat for Google Talk" has made it to top list of apps for iPad. Though it is not the official application by Google (for chatting), but it is a similar application which can be used to chat with gtalk friends. Its an app by iLegendSoft.

You won't find any official Gtalk app for iPad, so many companies offer similar apps. Another similar application named "Vtok : Gtalk for iPad" is highly popular. Infact you can video chat using Vtok. Good thing is it Gmail Voice and video chat is available for android mobiles.

Coming back to this new application "Chat for Google Talk", I downloaded this app on my iPad. Well the download was smooth (its just 21 MB application).

Chat for Google Talk Features

It is a fast and easy to use messenger to chat with your Googlt Talk friends.
- Its the same app for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad
- Easy Chat switching : You can switch between two chats very easily. You can switch to previous chat and new chat with just a swipe.
- Chat Emoticons : Though very less but still emoticons are available.
- Send and Receive Photos but not videos
- Customizable chatting background
- Chat history : The app saves chat history in the app and you can view/remove the same at any time
- Auto sign in to the app
- Gestures 

I myself tried this app but found this app very simple. You can create groups and all but still all very basic and nothing extra ordinary. Moreover it does not support voice and video chat, plus emoticons (Smileys) are so less in number. Not sure why is this app in top charts in Social Messaging section.

Gmail Chat for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Chat for Google Talk Reviews

Interesting this is its ratings are at extreme peaks (so many poor and so many excellent). Recent ones are :
Terrible App
Useless App : Disconnets and logs out as u minimise or lock your phone
Nonesense App : keeps u connectiong and reconnecting
chat takes place in offline mood due to frequent disconnection
- no notification
- No push notification.. so useless as im app
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