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Chat for Google Talk on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch : Messgaing App

Instant messaging will never loose its charm. We all spend a good amount of time chatting with friends. When we talk about chatting application, Gmail Chat or Google Talk is the one which comes to our mind. Google Talk is most used chatting application on computers. I mean gone are days of Yahoo Messenger, now we all use Google Talk (or gmail chat).

But what about chatting with friends from your mobiles or tablets (specially iPhone, iPad). Offcourse you can use applications like Whatsapp on your mobile for chatting with friends also using Whatsapp. But what we are looking for is a software for chatting with Google buddies. That is you can use Google Talk application on your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch and you can chat with your buddies using Gtalk on computer or mobile (android or iOS device).

Recently an app named "Chat for Google Talk" has made it to top list of apps for iPad. Though it is not the official application by Google (for chatting), but it is a similar application which can be used to chat with gtalk friends. Its an app by iLegendSoft.

You won't find any official Gtalk app for iPad, so many companies offer similar apps. Another similar application named "Vtok : Gtalk for iPad" is highly popular. Infact you can video chat using Vtok. Good thing is it Gmail Voice and video chat is available for android mobiles.

Coming back to this new application "Chat for Google Talk", I downloaded this app on my iPad. Well the download was smooth (its just 21 MB application).

Chat for Google Talk Features

It is a fast and easy to use messenger to chat with your Googlt Talk friends.
- Its the same app for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad
- Easy Chat switching : You can switch between two chats very easily. You can switch to previous chat and new chat with just a swipe.
- Chat Emoticons : Though very less but still emoticons are available.
- Send and Receive Photos but not videos
- Customizable chatting background
- Chat history : The app saves chat history in the app and you can view/remove the same at any time
- Auto sign in to the app
- Gestures 

I myself tried this app but found this app very simple. You can create groups and all but still all very basic and nothing extra ordinary. Moreover it does not support voice and video chat, plus emoticons (Smileys) are so less in number. Not sure why is this app in top charts in Social Messaging section.

Gmail Chat for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Chat for Google Talk Reviews

Interesting this is its ratings are at extreme peaks (so many poor and so many excellent). Recent ones are :
Terrible App
Useless App : Disconnets and logs out as u minimise or lock your phone
Nonesense App : keeps u connectiong and reconnecting
chat takes place in offline mood due to frequent disconnection
- no notification
- No push notification.. so useless as im app

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